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  • Supports: 4.0.3
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  • Updated 12/12/2010
  • Created 12/06/2010
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  • License: Public Domain
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About Henna

These unitframes are designed to be very like Blizzard's Player Frame and Target Frame, but with a few more features. You can reskin, resize and reposition them. The borders are intended to match with Tattoo and TattooMinimap, completing the entire UI set, which are all skinnable. The alignments are percent based, so they'll resize and realign properly when screen is resized. You will need OUF to use these unitframes. This is a first release and you will need to reload your UI often to show changes made in the layout or when switching profiles. ---------------------- Features -- In-game configuration with profiles. -- Round portraits. -- Custom icons for pvp, resting, group leader and masterlooter, placed around portraits. -- Graphics for elite and silver elite, placed around portraits. -- Raid target icons. -- Animated display for in-combat. -- Custom icon colors match custom border colors. -- Custom border chooser with color picker. -- Custom statusbar chooser. -- Custom health/power ratios per frame. -- Custom buff/debuff layout on top or bottom of target. -- Left-click buffs to toggle between "show all" and "show only mine". -- Drag player and target by portraits. Drag other frames from left or right side of frames. -- Positions align from center of screen so resizing screen will not hurt your layout. -- Percent display for health. -- Middle-click on health or mana bars to show full number value of health or mana. -- Subframes automatically adjust size and font size to a percentage of player and target frames. -- Portrait background shows reaction (reg green yellow) -- Level number colors by difficulty (green yellow red) -- No cast bars. (Because Quartz does it so well.) -- No party or raid frames. (Because Grid does it so well.) -- Toggle to hide Blizzard's party and raid frames. Note: In blizzard's config, you may need to uncheck "Unitframes: Use raid Style party frames." -- Custom class colors and support for overriding my choices, with the addon !ClassColors. -- Custom colors for pets. -- Pet frame shows pet-target name. ---------------------- !Not done yet High priority: Combopoints, HolyPower, Eclipse, SoulShards, Runes Agro warning, and toggle for tanks to disable. Low Priority: Menus for focus and targettarget Improve on location of name of pet's target Improve on location of level More animated flash when combat starts Buff textures Buff toggle is hidden when no buffs are present. Portrait resizing and relocating options Debuffs support for ButtonFacade ---------------------- My Bugs! -- Portraits zoom out to Setcamera(1) when worldmap is opened. -- Using the addon !ClassColors will require /reload to update portrait background color. -- Resizing buffs in config requires /reload. -- Switching profiles requires /reload. -- Overlay (popup) of extended mana numbers for focus and ToT may disappear on /reload. Relog required to save settings. -- Clique and/or left-clicking the unitframes does not change your target. -- Garbage collection is slow. -- If you do not use UI Scaling, you may have to reload when you drag and then resize screen. Recommended to turn UI Scaling on, since 4.0 changes.
Dec 12 2010: Added raid target icons.


  • #12
    ..Added to my blog and linked - cause its the best unit frame addon i have found !

  • #13
    Very cool :)

    Noted about the no-buff options; simple enough to do once I finish this huge project for my boss. A bit behind!
  • #11
    Just wanted to say - awesome addon - very lightweight - perfect with Tattoo which i adore ! Would love a 'show no buff at all' option though.
  • #8
    If you´r going to look over this addon soon. Could you consider adding Totem times to the portrait?
    simple ones will do! :) Thanks
  • #9
    I suggest Inline Auras for the simplest implementation of this. It puts numbers directly on your buttons:
    I found it rather useful while taking up my pally healer too, shows stacks of Holy Power etc. Pretty sure it works on the totem buttons.

    When I can get back to this, I'll be doing bug fixes first and then the Eclipse bars, and other type power bars.
  • #7
    I absorlutley love this. Only problem Im having is the addon resets after every relog. Fix this and its purfect!
    Job well done
  • #10
    I don't have this issue, but I saved a couple profiles. Try that as a temporary fix until I can do this properly?
  • #6
    There are some issues I still want to fix, but I can't get back to this until mid February, sadly. Time crunch. :)
  • #5
    Well, they are the best looking frames i have seen. Unfortunately, for me they reset every time I log off and on. I removed & reinstalled, deleted cache & wtf, still no luck.
  • #4
    Any word on an update?
    I'm in love with these unitframes, but a bit more customization would be wonderful.
  • #3
    Gorgeous unitframes. Just absolutely beautiful.
  • #1
    Nice work for first release. Have been wanting a Unitframes mod that is more similar to the blizzard UF but with more customization.

    **Some suggestions/ideas**
    -!ClassColors is nice to implement with this but would like a feature where I can change the HP bar color globally or at least for the player...just like you have implemented the border colors, and then have class colors instead for the name text.

    -implementing a class icon

    -Some formatting options for text that appears in the bars would be nice. I'd like to set full number value of HP/Mana/energy visible on the bar itself instead of above/below the frame.

    -In the player frame, anyway to move char lvl to left side and have a percent on the right?

    -In the screenshot you have uploaded, you have set different colors for the energy/mana bar and character portrait background (Player not target). How would I be able to change that?
  • #2
    ah nvm about the char portrait. When your using the !ClassColors, portrait highlight changes to the set class color. Still would be nice to set it manually for the player separate from classColors.
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