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About Hermes


Hermes tracks your raid's cooldowns, and displays them using configurable buttons or bars. What's unique about Hermes is it's ability to tell you who "does" and "does not" have a particular cooldown available. If you're a raid leader, healer, tank or anyone who has to coordinate cooldowns, you'll appreciate the approach Hermes takes.

Hermes also tracks cooldowns of non Hermes users using it's Spell Monitor feature.

Release v2.4.32 Notes

This release is a much more stable release for the 5.0 Mists of Pandaria. I've refactored a lot of the UI code so that managing the spell list requirements and adjustments can be done via the user interface.

Important: I would highly recommend that you start fresh with this addon by doing two things:

  1. Open the Hermes configuration and go to the "Maintenance" tab. Click both "Show >>" buttons and add in any new spells that are not in your inventory and also hit the "Full Reset" button for the Spell Monitor.
  2. Open the Hermes configuration and go to the "Profiles" tab. Click the "Reset Profile".

Keep in mind, that I'm aware neither of these options are required and certainly aren't the most efficient way to handle this, but it will help get your addon working with the latest code available.

Release v2.3 Notes

This release includes significant changes since v2.2.

  • If upgrading from v2.2 or earlier, you will lose your existing container setup.
  • Please visit the archived history page for full release notes.

Tutorial Videos (updated for v2.3)

Feature Chart


Other Pages

Translations Contributed By

  • deDE: gOOvER, Tonyleila
  • ruRU: D_Angel

Special Thanks To

  • Integrity (US-Stormrage) for their patience and support in helping test Hermes during progression content!
  • The WowAce community.
  • And anyone who has taken the time to provide feedback (good and bad!)

tag v2.6.8
Virtual <>
2015-03-17 20:00:59 -0500

Tagging for Talent Index fix.


    - This should hopefully fix the talent index issue! Finally. Sorry for the issues.


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  • #229

    Is there or can we get an option to change it from vertical to horizontal.  Or even better the option to create multiple columns i.e. 2x4  or 3x3 etc. instead of a static vertical list?

    Last edited by Pinnick on 10/7/2013 4:26:03 PM
  • #228

    how to disable the tooltips?

    Last edited by shigwegi on 10/4/2013 2:36:13 PM
  • #226

    i been doing LFR , Flex, and normal raid all week and have noticed hermes is not tracking my tranq nor other druids tranq in the raid. also there were others like healint stream totem not being counted as on CD. i dont know why =/ sad face love the addon, miss it.  ( i use it to call out CD's ALLLL the time =p )

  • #225

    In response to the question, what to do when you click a button:

    Would kill to have the function that if you click a cooldown it will raid warning telling that player to do it. For example, you click "Killerman"'s Rallying Cry and it /rw KILLERMAN: RALLYING!

  • #227

    Very interesting idea. I will look in to it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • #224

    two question:

    1. Is there an option to turn off the tooltip showing when you hover over a button for the GridButtons view type?

    2. Is there an option to auto hide the Hermes when out of combat?

    If there is not, would you add these features in the next release please, I have a small screen I really prefer to keep everything tidy and I believe there are quite few people like me.Thank you!

  • #219

    How do you make it not spam in the chat? Like hide the chat message since it's not very interesting.

  • #220

    As far as I'm aware Hermes does not message anything in chat. You must be confusing Hermes with another addon.

  • #223

    It's doing it when I join/leave a party. All I ask for; how do I turn it off?

  • #222

    Is it doing this over and over? Or are you saying that two lines of text is spam?

  • #221

    [21:31:18] Hermes: queuing requests for 10 seconds...

    [21:31:27] Hermes: now sending


    Pretty sure it's Hermes :)

  • #218

    Doesn't seem to be tracking Tranquility CD properly at all. Even after a full reset, if I cast Tranquility on my Resto Druid, Hermes thinks it never goes on cooldown.

  • #216

    There're new trinkets on PTR that reduces some major cooldowns for healers, such as Devotion Aura, Divine Hymn, etc. Any plans to add support for tracking players who wear this trinket?

  • #217

    I'll certainly do my best to support the trinkets. I will need some help from the community to identify which trinkets reduce the cooldowns of which spells by how much though. Any information you can provide on that would be extremely grateful. Thanks, Sen!

  • #214

    There a way to add Stormlash Totem? Having issues adding that one so far. Just get ID not found

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