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  • Updated 12/03/2010
  • Created 01/17/2009
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  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 1.4 Beta 1
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About HigherLearning


Tired of updating a macro for posting book spawn timers for the Higher Learning achievement? HigherLearning simplifies the process of updating and announcing timers for the spawning of those oh-so-annoying books!


Sugested 2nd addon and more information for this Achievement : Dalaran University

List of commands

For a list of commands in game, type /hl help

  • /du show : shows DalaranUniversity frame (when installed)
  • /hl toggle : Toggle display of the HigherLearning timer frame
  • /hl ann : Announce the timers to the specified channel
  • /hl chan <channel> : Specify the channel!
  • /hl set <book> <time> : Sets the timer for a specific books.
    <book> must be one of:
    UVC - Upper Violet Citadel (near the portal to Caverns of Time)
    LVC - Lower Violet Citadel (bookshelf to the right as you enter)
    DVC - Dalaran Visitor's Center (on the floor to the right as you enter)
    ULL - Upper Legerdemain Lounge (bookshelf in the room across from the stairway)
    LLL - Lower Legerdemain Lounge (bookshelf across from the 'bar')
    ToF - Threads of Fate (2nd Floor Balcony)
    VG - Violet Gate (1st Floor, by the Teleport)
    VH - Violet Hold (by the Normal Dungeon Daily Questgiver)
    If <time> is not specified, the timer will be set for (current time + 3 hours).
  • /hl reset <book> : Resets the timer for a specific book. <book> can also be "ALL" to reset all books.
  • /hl list : Lists the timers to your chat window
  • /hl whisper : Toggles allowing other players to whisper you with "!time". If enabled, when whispered, you will reply with your timers.
  • /hl parse : Enables parsing of the chat channel specified with "/hl chan". Your timers will be updated with other times posted to that channel.

    - Initial commit, should be functional at this time.


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  • #19

    If you whisper someone who has the addon,

    Time for a new Guild Message of the Day!

    it will make their character auto whisper a list that says

     Books go OTC at:

    ****Lists all of the books with a time (that currently doesn't seem to work)****


    You have to type it just as I did including ! mark.

    What a weird egg :)


  • #20

    There are two whisper commands, as you can see, when you take a look in the code:

    time!          answers with OTC Times

    info! DVC    answers with info about DVC book spawn

    The position and case of the keywords and "!" are irrelevant, so even a whisper like "sf!djklb!fkljghInfOsal" should do it. Only the book spawns need whitespaces.

    Last edited by EmForAce on 5/1/2013 10:42:37 AM
  • #18

    This addon would be much more useful if it had automatic channel coordination.  The addon should auto-join a channel called HigherLearning or something like that, and auto-parse that channel.

  • #17


  • #16
    Just noticed that when the day flips (i.e., from 23:59 to 00:00), anything still OTC gets moved to the bottom of the list and no longer shows OTC.
  • #15
    The book: "To do today" spawns both up and downstairs in the legerdemain lounge, so when you read one, they both reset on HL.
  • #14
    Here is a website that has lots of help for using the addon and DalaranUniversity
  • #12
    Yep, I now /join bookclub on Eitrigg and set HL to use it /hl chan 7
    I set HL to parse the chat /hl parse
    And then announced this info in Trade and a bunch of people joined and followed the instructions and its working great. You should have rt-click instructions indicating to do the steps I've said above so people can more easily get involved on a server.

    I use it with Dalaran University but that addon is incomplete - if you click the addon it disappears and you can't get it to display again unless you delete the saved variables lua.
  • #13
    Type /du show to display Dalaran University ;)
  • #11
    Oddible, this addon does not auto update, however you can use this addon with dalaran university to make it auto update, but only with other users of these addons. you should also be in a channel dedicated to the higher learning achievement, I use bookclub on eonar server. You may have to start this 'club' on your own.
  • #10
    OK i've read all the info about this addon but I don't get it. Unless you are in the same channel as someone else who has this addon it doesn't work right? So how in the world are different people supposed to know which channel people are in? Mine just always lists **:** and nothing ever happens. This addon seriously needs a step-by-step on what to do once you install it to make it functional.

    And there is a comment at the top 'OTC means "on the clock"' but where do I ever see that? how do I set it? when I'm standing at a book spawn how do I identify that I'm doing so?
  • #9
    Apologies for issues with parsing from chat.

    Please run the command /hl parse. That will enable parsing :) The latest version (1.3) will confirm that parsing is enabled. (Previously, there was no way of knowing if you'd turned on or off the parsing, oops).
  • #8
    I too have the problem that my addon will not pick up times for other people's post and vice versa
  • #7
    I have set up a channel called book, typed in /hl chan book, but no one is able to refresh their timers off of mine... I have tried to ann and list but still not updating other ppls mod. Any help?
  • #6
    Would be nice to be able to turn off the books you have already collected. Otherwise, super awesome addon. I'm trying to promote it in the bookclub channel on Doomhammer.

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