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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
  • 29,432 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/03/2010
  • Created 01/17/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 1.4 Beta 1
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About HigherLearning


Tired of updating a macro for posting book spawn timers for the Higher Learning achievement? HigherLearning simplifies the process of updating and announcing timers for the spawning of those oh-so-annoying books!


Sugested 2nd addon and more information for this Achievement : Dalaran University

List of commands

For a list of commands in game, type /hl help

  • /du show : shows DalaranUniversity frame (when installed)
  • /hl toggle : Toggle display of the HigherLearning timer frame
  • /hl ann : Announce the timers to the specified channel
  • /hl chan <channel> : Specify the channel!
  • /hl set <book> <time> : Sets the timer for a specific books.
    <book> must be one of:
    UVC - Upper Violet Citadel (near the portal to Caverns of Time)
    LVC - Lower Violet Citadel (bookshelf to the right as you enter)
    DVC - Dalaran Visitor's Center (on the floor to the right as you enter)
    ULL - Upper Legerdemain Lounge (bookshelf in the room across from the stairway)
    LLL - Lower Legerdemain Lounge (bookshelf across from the 'bar')
    ToF - Threads of Fate (2nd Floor Balcony)
    VG - Violet Gate (1st Floor, by the Teleport)
    VH - Violet Hold (by the Normal Dungeon Daily Questgiver)
    If <time> is not specified, the timer will be set for (current time + 3 hours).
  • /hl reset <book> : Resets the timer for a specific book. <book> can also be "ALL" to reset all books.
  • /hl list : Lists the timers to your chat window
  • /hl whisper : Toggles allowing other players to whisper you with "!time". If enabled, when whispered, you will reply with your timers.
  • /hl parse : Enables parsing of the chat channel specified with "/hl chan". Your timers will be updated with other times posted to that channel.

    - Initial commit, should be functional at this time.


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