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Hokuto No Monk

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 105 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 8,701 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/14/2014
  • Created 11/14/2012
  • 8 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: express-open-source
  • Newest File: hokutonomonkv6.02

About Hokuto No Monk

This addon adds sounds effect for the monk class. All effects came from Hokuto No Ken. Currently the sound is added for the following abilities: - fists of fury - paralysis - tigereye brew - fortifying brew - spinning crane kick - rising sun kick - blackout kick - touch of death - tiger palm

Now it has a slash command: /hnm or /nomonk to use it in game. Options are:

/hnm volume /hnm channel /hnm move

volume settings: /hnm volume high /hnm volume low to change to a more louder version

channel: /hnm channel SFX /hnm channel Music /hnm channel ambience /hnm channel master to use a specific channel for sound effects

move: /hnm move off /hnm move on to enable or disable all sound at once

specific moves /hnm move off movename /hnm move on movename where movename can be: fof, tb and so on. refer to command line help to get full list of moves

If you wish additional sounds or want to provide suggestion you are welcome!

fix news:
    - support for new patch and new sounds
    - added new files
    - new version for patch 6.02 with hnm cmd command


  • #11

    I just thought it might be worth mentioning that the old lua version that was less than a hundred lines of code was easier to tweak with new (custom) sounds than the current version. Not all events are recognized in the new code. I tried adding a mario sound to Leg Sweep as before but after numerous attempts at duplicating the code (as I did before) it was unsucessful. All you need to do to is update the ui version in the toc file of the older Hokuto No Monk addon. Only thing that kept my old version from working was that I needed to convert my mp3's (which are no longer compatible) to ogg files via FreeMP3WMAOGGConverter. Google that one, it's the best I've come across that doesn't cause audio degradation.

    I'm by no means a developer or code guru but I was able to spot what the events were pointing to when they called upon an audio file. 

    The following is revamp of the sounds I changed... 

    Touch of Death is now Fatality from Mortal Combat. Paralysis is now Skadoosh from Kungfu panda. Fortifying Brew is now the Invincible music from Sonic the Hedgehog. Chi Wave is now Fireball from Super Mario. Tigereye Brew is now Super Mario Mushroom Powerup sound. Leg Sweep is now Super Mario Jumping on and killing enemy sound. Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger is now a snippet of mc hammer saying, "Hammah Time!"

    I could probably keep adding more sounds but the wife shoots me a look when she hears anything newer than what I added in the first place.

    Last edited by Splorzak on 10/18/2014 1:42:01 PM
  • #9

    You should add the "You are already dead" phrase when using  touch of death.

    Also, i dont know if this is as intended or not but when i channel fist of fury it plays the sound over itself several times, kind of anoying :(


  • #10
    Quote from Ryudamaru »

    You should add the "You are already dead" phrase when using  touch of death.

    This so much! And maybe some Hokuto technique soundbytes for other attacks as an option.

  • #8

    Thumbs up!

  • #7

    Need to make an addon that play's 'KUNG FU FIGHTING" , THAT WOULD BE AWSOME.

  • #6

    Could be great if you could work on localisation for others languages please :)


  • #5

    Please for the love of god give us a way to increase it's volume, I can't even hear it during a raid or when music is on.

  • #4

    This is a really cool addon. I need to see this anime or what ever but please make it a lot louder so we can hear it give it its own volume setting would be really nice thanks.


  • #3

    Nice idea for a addon, but can you please make it alot louder, maybe its own volume setting.

  • #2

    Don't work on the french version, needddddd pleasseeee !!!

  • #1

    very amusing addon,could rly use some more sounds the only issue i have with it is that its VERy quit and the lack of commands to adjust settings for it

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