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I Hear You All

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 131 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.2.0
  • 20,750 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/18/2013
  • Created 12/19/2009
  • 86 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: I Hear You All 4.2
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About I Hear You All


I Hear You All plays a sound when you receive a private message, guild message, guild officer message, or messages while in a party. This is a light weight addon and no configuration is necessary, just install and forget about it. This addon is useful if you are constantly losing important messages in the often massively spammed general and trade chats, or if you are in battle and don't want to miss any messages.


There are several addons in the I Hear You family. You can pick and choose which combination of sounds you want played. Here is the list:


If you like my addons, please consider donating using the button marked donate in the box above. This will help keep me motivated to improve and create new addons, every dollar helps. If you are unable to donate, please let people know about my addons, the higher the download numbers are the happier I am, lol. Thank you to everyone that has already downloaded my addons I hope you enjoy them.

March 17, 2013
Updated for 5.2.0
January 04, 2013
Updated for 5.1.0
Thanks to Vaelyss for finding a few bugs.
September 05, 2012
Updated for 5.0.4
December 1, 2011
Updated for 4.3
June 29, 2011
Updated for 4.2
May 16, 2011
Updated for 4.1
Thanks to Luschie for code improvement
10-14-10: Version 2.0
Compatible with 4.0.1
Completely rewrote addon - Thanks go to Phanx and Dridzt for their help
Version 1.0
  First Release


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  • #19
    No problem. Give me a day or so to write it up (hectic holidays, lol)
  • #20
    I Hear You Raid is done and waiting for project approval. As soon as it is approved, you can will find a link on this page, as well as being typing I Hear You Raid in the addon search bar.
  • #21
    Thank you so very much I have not down loaded yet but I will as soon as finish typing this, "Thank You comment." THANK YOU =D
  • #16
    I normally run with the game sounds turned off, and ever since the 401 patch the sounds for this addon will only play when the game sounds are tuned on. b4 they would play even if the game sounds was not on. is there a way to make this work again?
  • #17
    Blizzard caused that problem either by accident or by design. Currently there is no work around yet. If anyone finds out how to make that happen please let me know so I can incorporate it in my addons.
  • #22
    heya love the mod, but having the same probs mentioned, where it used to play sounds even when other sounds were muted.

    found a mod that works, and it references
    -- Original mute/unmute code borrowed from NPCScan by Saiket

    the mods that seem to work are BG Bang
    if you could incorporate those, would be awesome
  • #23
    Thanks for finding that. After looking at that section of the code you referenced, it looks like it is muting all sounds by default. When the event fires, the sounds are unmuted, the sound is played, then all sounds are muted again. I may incorporate something like this into the raid addon, but I do not think I would put it in the others because that would limit the experience of the the majority of the players.
  • #14
    Any chance of an update, the sounds won't work.
  • #15
    Updates being released today
  • #13
    For those that don't know yet, the "Real ID" pack is included in the "All" pack :-)
  • #9
    Are you going to be updating this so that we hear when we get whispers from friends? That would be greatly appreciated.
  • #10
    I hopefully have a solution for you. Type in "I Hear You Real Id" (With out quotes) in the search box and please report any errors on that page :)
  • #11
    Thanks for the addon, will you be adding that into this addon as well though?
  • #12
    If it works as well as I hope it does i will include it with this addon. Until then I dont want to mess with a working addon.
  • #7
    I love this add-on, but I would like one small change, the ability to turn off sound on sending a message, as this bi is a bit annoying, and thank you for building it in such a way that we can change the sound file if we wish. Otherwise Great add-on
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