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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 3,671 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/16/2014
  • Created 12/29/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: v5.8

About Cube

This add-on is coding based on the lib IGAS , so you need download it first.

A simple tools contained three parts:Script, Debug, BugCollect.

ShortCut for editor:

F5 : Run code

Ctrl+Z : Undo

Ctrl+Y : Redo

Ctrl+G : Go to line

Ctrl+F : Search some text

F3 : Continue search

Ctrl+S : Save the snippet

Ctrl+A then Tab : Select all text and then format all

About Select text:

Shift + Mouse Click | PageUp | PageDown | Home | End | Up | Down | Left | Right : to select multi-text

Double click : select a word.

How to open:

1. Type /cube to get the slash commands to open those forms. like "/cube code" would open the code editor.

2. Bind keys for those forms in the key binding.

2014/10/17: v5.8
    1. Update toc for wow 6.0

2014/10/14: v5.7
    1. WOW API added to auto complete list.
    2. Menu added to modify code editor settings.
    3. Fix some input error with "|" with IGAS v57.

2013/08/15: v5.6
    1. fix localization error

2013/08/15: v5.5
    1. Fix the addon system, now can be used.

2013/06/27: v5.4
    1. Update for IGAS v39


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  • #46

    I recode the IGAS's Timer, removed the queue system which is too complex to find the error, so download the IGAS v66 will fix the problem.

  • #42
    Lua Error

    Using v5.7 from curse client.
    Getting the following error when I click on the dropdown arror to change fonts, numbers, etc.

    2x IGAS\System\Widget\Common\Timer.lua:40: attempt to index global 'p_Work' (a nil value)
    IGAS\System\Task.lua:196: in function <IGAS\System\Task.lua:67>
    (tail call): ?


    That is the error as reported by buggrabber/bugsack.

  • #43

    I see it's happened in the 6.0, I played on TW server, so it'll be updated in the tomorrow, it'll be fixed ASAP.

  • #45

    Well, I test it in 6.0 version, all good, you can update igas and cube for wow 6.0 to see if the error still existed. 

  • #44

    Thank you.  Also, the addon is showing out of date.


    Last edited by s-conley on 10/15/2014 10:46:49 AM
  • #41

    Cube v5.7 is based on IGAS v57, it fixed "|" input error and line number not displayed well.

    A config menu is added on the editor, so you can change font and color settings of the editor now.

    WOW API is added to the auto complete list, a tip system is under developing to show the detail of the apis, will be released in the next version.

  • #36

    Enhancement request:  I would like to be able to turn off the autocompletion of quotes and parenthesis and brackets.  Most of my lua syntax errors are related to the auto completion of those:  ',",(,),{,}

  • #37

    Could you show a detail how it works badly, like input sequence, use | as mouse position.



    Don't see many disadvantage in it, I choose the style from sublime text, input the left part, the right part is auto-in, type the right part before a right part, just move the mouse to it's back, delete the left part, also delete the right part, delete the right part won't delete the left part.

    I'll see if there would be an improve or just a switch.

  • #39

    That's how it works, not by saving the key input, but keep safe, it works for multi (), maybe I should leave the single quote and double quote, it's not useful since the code is colored.

    After finished the new action system for IGAS lib, I'll make a review on the code editor.

  • #38

    Here's an example.  I start typing the following:

    if string1 == 'Hello Wor'

    Cube will put the completeing quote after the last character I type.  When I finish typing World, I still either have to press the single quote or use the arrow key to go past it, before I can type the keyword "then".  Cube trying to autocomplete the closing quote saved me no keystrokes.

  • #33

    If I copy a lot of lua code and paste it into Cube, the scrolling of the Cube window doesn't work well.  I copied the code from one of the lua files from an addon installed using the Curse client.

    Mouse wheel scrolling and scrolling with the scroll bar on the right, get very jumpy and skip back and forth in the window.

    As an example, I copied the DataBase.lua file contents from the addon "Buffet" and pasted it into Cube.

  • #35

    The error is happened when scroll to the top, and don't know why trigger the OnCursorChanged event for the editor( only supposed to be triggered when cursor position is changed or the editor is resizing )

    But, since I resize the editor and move it, can't repeat the problem. Exit the game, entering the game, still fine.

    I also faced some other problems caused by wow'e engine, treeview won't keep straight when move it to the center of the screen(back to WLK time). So, may you try to resize the editor, and see if the problem would be gone?

  • #29

    Sorry for all the questions.  I'm really enjoying using Cube and IGAS, but don't understand some things.

    When I'm in the Cube code editor, sometimes the left and right arrow keys don't move the curso in the editor, they change the direction my character is facing in the game.  If I press up or down arrow, then the left/right arrow, they work.

    Any ideas?

  • #31

    Ah, I see the problem, when the auto-complete list is show, and press the up and down arrow, the arrow keys are disabled to make sure you can choose items in the list, it'll be solved on a new version IGAS, I'll uplaod it after two hours.

    I only use the tab to recycle the auto-complete words, so don't know it before.

    Last edited by kurapica on 10/17/2013 11:14:34 PM
  • #32

    thank you

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