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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,129 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 474,062 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/03/2014
  • Created 04/08/2009
  • 561 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 2.0.9

About InspectEquip

InspectEquip attaches a panel to the inspect window that shows a list of the character's equipment sorted by source (i.e. Raid: Dragon Soul, Vendor, Crafted...). This gives you a quick overview of a character's equipment.

InspectEquip also adds detailed item source information (including boss names, item prices for vendor items etc) to all item tooltips.

Currently supported items include (no green items):

  • All raid items with detailed boss information, including Mists of Pandaria raids
  • Dungeon drops for all instances
  • Quest rewards for dungeon/raid quests, including legendary items
  • Justice/Valor Point items
  • Honor/Conquest Point items
  • Reputation items sold by faction vendors
  • Crafted items
  • Darkmoon Faire items, including the cards and the new rewards
  • The Kirin Tor rings sold in Dalaran
  • World Event items
  • The Argent Tournament rewards
  • Guild Vendor items

InspectEquip also works with Examiner and includes support for cached Examiner characters.

Please report bugs and missing items in the ticket system or leave a comment on this page. If you want to contribute a translation, please visit the Localization page. Thank you!

WoW 6.x/Warlords of Draenor support:

The latest version of this addon is compatible with WoW 6.0. Please note that the dungeon and raid drops are updated automatically via the Encounter Journal (i.e. they should be available immediately when a new WoW patch is released). Other data, such as vendor or crafted items, still require an addon update.

tag 2.0.9
emelio <>
2014-11-03 22:31:28 +0100

InspectEquip 2.0.9:
- Improved Warlods of Draenor support
- Local database updated to support WoD instances
- Fix T16 items
- Remove reforging support (was removed in patch 6.0)
- Update libraries (fixes item levels)


    - Update local database, support for WoD instances
    - Fix T16 items
    - Remove reforging support (removed from the game)


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  • #108

    I love this addon! It's the best addon in the world - couldn't live without it!

  • #107

    Thank you very much for updating it to 5.2 =)

  • #105

    Hi guy,

    so first at all, thanks for this great addon. Sadly, it has not been upgraded for 5.1, so there are some features missing just like

    * Removed Head-enchant
    * Showing the correct itemlevel per item line
    * Calculation the Avg. item lvl

    So, after seeing novaeye's post, I fixed the bugs and uploaded my core.lua to pastebin, you can get it here:

    Enjoy. :)

    Last edited by weR-muh on 12/23/2012 6:54:37 AM
  • #106

    Works fine, thank you.

  • #104

    for 5.1 item upgrade feature:

    put this into Core.lua

    function IE:GetActualItemLevel(link)
        local levelAdjust={ -- 11th item:id field and level adjustment
        local baseLevel = select(4,GetItemInfo(link))
        local upgrade = link:match(":(%d+)\124h%[")
        if baseLevel and upgrade then
            return baseLevel + levelAdjust[upgrade]
            return baseLevel

    then modify the line 496:

    iLevelSum = iLevelSum + lvl


    iLevelSum = iLevelSum + self:GetActualItemLevel(itemLink)



  • #102

    I think itemlevel upgraded items (5.1 feature) like 1/1 aren't counted correctly?

    Last edited by fratzi on 11/29/2012 4:05:59 PM
  • #103

    and still shows helms as missing enchants

  • #101

    How can I open Inspectequip in wow?


    Last edited by elvis12315 on 11/8/2012 8:24:18 PM
  • #100

    2x InspectEquip-2.0.2-3-g014e7d6\Core.lua:677: script ran too long
    InspectEquip-2.0.2-3-g014e7d6\Core.lua:677: in function <InspectEquip\Core.lua:671>


  • #98

    Still a great addon! Love it.

    Showing missing head enchant. (Head entchants were removed from game)


    Last edited by fratzi on 10/4/2012 1:42:37 AM
  • #99


    I'll remove the check for head enchants.

  • #97

    This needs an update badly, been throwing errors left and right since the last maintenance.

  • #95 Looks like someone copied InspectEquip 1to1 o.O

  • #96

    Thanks for the advertising and download hits ;) I wrote it out of curiosity, interest and boredom rather than any spiteful copying.

  • #94

    This addon is still missing 4.2 Valor Point items.

    They are showing as Unknown



    Hood of the Cleansing Flame

    Shoulderwraps of the Cleansing Flame

    Vestment of the Cleansing Flame

    Gloves of the Cleansing Flame

    Firesoul Wristguards

    Crystalline Brimstone Ring

    Trail of Embers


    As well as the Legendary Stalves:

    Branch of Nordrassil

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