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  • World of Warcraft
  • 193 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 73,952 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/16/2014
  • Created 05/27/2007
  • 435 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: InstanceTime_v6.0

About InstanceTime

About 'InstanceTime'

This AddOn records how long it took to complete an instance. The timer will not be interrupted by dying (and running back to the instance) oder by beeing reanimated. It will stop the timer and add an entry to the list, if you are alive and leave an instance or if you are using the "ghosthealer". By entering an instance, the timer will automatically start. By leaving the instance, the timer will automatically stop. There's nothing to be done by the player.

This AddOn is not intended to be used as stopwatch. Every zone-change resets the timer.

LibDataBroker (LDB)-Support

This AddOn has LDB support.


- no dependencies

Release Version 6.0 (12/16/2014)

  • changed toc 60000
  • fixed: group-member problem

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  • #553
    Track only personal best.

    Is there any way to make it show your personal best?

  • #552

    Hey again.
    It has a option to set the xx mins after leaving instanfce to cound repair, but i would love to have a option to se the xx mins after leaving instance for gold earned, cause when i leave a instance i go and sell teh stuff i looted, and your add-on dos not count the loot you sold in as gold earned duing the instance wich is kinda wrong :)

  • #551

    Hey, i really love this addon :)

    But i got a question / request.
    Is it possible to make the look of it more modern, with modern i meen get rid of the Grey border around everything, make it square, and the buttons make them more flatish, as you can see below it dos not fit in that well :) (Right click and view)

  • #550

    Uploaded a beta. See "Other Downloads".

    Generally I think it still works, but I haven't had time to check that in detail... :-(

  • #546

    Hello Dhana,

    Thanks for a great addon.  I thought I would share a small bug I found (and the fix) in case it is helpful to others.  I am using InstanceTime_v5.21.

    The issue I was having was that money was being acculmates across entries and therfore being artifically replated in the log entries.   When running the same instance multiple times (farming runs), the money counter was not being reset.  I turned on the debug mode and found it would show the money was zeroed out at the start of the instance but on first loot it would add the previous value to the money counters.  I have the "Force New Entry" option check to make sure each time I reset an instance I create a new entry.  I traced the cause of the issue to the money_gained variable which was not being reset on new entries  (it was reset on reloadui).  

    I added the line "money_gained=0;" to the "FreierGeist_IT_SetDefaults()" function and it appears to be working correcly now.  


  • #548

    Hi Kinash,

    thank you for your nice feedback.
    I'm currently not playing WoW (think, I will re-start with the next addon), so I'm very thankful that you looked into it.
    And I appreciate your effort and time for already fixing the bug.
    With your permission, I will add your fix into my current version making it version 5.22 to download for everyone.

    I'm also happy that the debug mode was helpful. :-)
    Again: Thank you very much.
    Best regards

  • #543

    Hi.. i just love the addon, but have a little request for it

    would it be possible to open for linking in "instance" or "say" channel in chat that would be awsome..  my friends are always asking me questions after a run

    thanks for a great addon

  • #544

    Hi Iomos
    This should be possible.

    Please try this:
    Open the instance-time list (/it list).
    If no entry is selected, select one.

    At the bottom right your should see two buttons named "Post to channel".
    In your chat-window: Switch to the channel you want to post to. The cursor has to blink and wait for you to type.
    Now, if you click "Post to channel" and select "whisper" (or any other option) it should be posted in the currently open channel. So, you should be able to post the information to /say or /instance.

    Hope this helps.

  • #545

    Yes that worked thank you very much

  • #541

    First of all, great Addon. Have two questions though 

    1) HOW do I disable it timing my arenas?

    2) Is there any way to combine the times across my toons? I have various 90s and I do the same instances on them, and I'd like to compare. 


  • #542


    1. I'm sorry. You only can stop the timer manually. I thought I have all PVP-regions disabled. But infact I don't play PVP, so I can't test it.
    Can you tell me the name of this arena which is recorded ? So I can add this arena to my list of PVP-regions to be excluded.

    2. I'm sorry again. This is indeed a feature which I would love, love, love to add. But it can't happen, because this is a mayor change in "how wow saves the data". And if I change this, all old data will be lost. :-(
    So I haven't changed the addon to save its data across all chars. The only way ist to write an export for the data to save it an then import it into the new version, but I don't have the time for this right now. :-(

  • #539

    Huhu ich möchte mich recht herzlich für das Super Addon bedanken :D

    Ich bin mit meinen Freunden momentan dabei eine Art Classic Raid Challenge Modes zu basteln und dein Addon is geradezu perfekt dafür genau das zu timen und zu loggen wie wir es beabsichtigt haben :)

    Du hast mir unendlich viel Zeit gespart die ich mit Timern und Tabellen hätte verbringen müssen. Noch dazu kann nun keiner mehr bescheissen ;)

    Liebe Grüße, CK

  • #540

    Oh^^, das ist ja nett. Danke :-)

    Ich bin aktuell dabei, noch ein, zwei Dinge zu korrigieren. Der Loot, der mitgeschrieben wird, wird beim Nicht-Entzaubern noch doppelt notiert:

    Stab der Bla => Stab der Bla

    Ist nicht hinderlich, aber unschön. Leider fehlt mir die Zeit, da etwas schneller zu sein, aber ich bin dran. :-)

    Grüssle, Dhana

  • #536

    Hi, gibts es ene einstellung woran man sehen kann wie lange der Bosskampf X gedauert hat? mit diesem zusatz addon libBabble-Boss 3.0 sehe ich nur zu welcher zeit der Boss bekämpft wurde aber nicht die dauer. Oder ist das nur ein fehler weil das sieht mir ein bisschen fehlerhaft aus und sollte ich das Addon neu istallieren? Hier ein auszug

    (normal) Ragnaros   getötet nach 25 |4Min.:Min.; 48 |4Sek.:Sek.;  (03:02) - Tode bis jetzt: 0

    LB Brainafk EU-Ulduar

  • #537


    es tut mir Leid. Das ist kein Fehler. InstanceTime war bisher nicht dafür bestimmt, die Zeit von Bosskämpfen zu messen. Das können andere AddOns viel besser.

    Grüssle Dhana

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