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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 03/05/2015
  • Created 05/27/2007
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: InstanceTime_v6.0.1

About InstanceTime

About 'InstanceTime'

This AddOn records how long it took to complete an instance. The timer will not be interrupted by dying (and running back to the instance) oder by beeing reanimated. It will stop the timer and add an entry to the list, if you are alive and leave an instance or if you are using the "ghosthealer". By entering an instance, the timer will automatically start. By leaving the instance, the timer will automatically stop. There's nothing to be done by the player.

This AddOn is not intended to be used as stopwatch. Every zone-change resets the timer.

LibDataBroker (LDB)-Support

This AddOn has LDB support.


- no dependencies

Release Version 6.0.1 (03/05/2015)

  • changed toc 60100

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  • #540

    Oh^^, das ist ja nett. Danke :-)

    Ich bin aktuell dabei, noch ein, zwei Dinge zu korrigieren. Der Loot, der mitgeschrieben wird, wird beim Nicht-Entzaubern noch doppelt notiert:

    Stab der Bla => Stab der Bla

    Ist nicht hinderlich, aber unschön. Leider fehlt mir die Zeit, da etwas schneller zu sein, aber ich bin dran. :-)

    Grüssle, Dhana

  • #536

    Hi, gibts es ene einstellung woran man sehen kann wie lange der Bosskampf X gedauert hat? mit diesem zusatz addon libBabble-Boss 3.0 sehe ich nur zu welcher zeit der Boss bekämpft wurde aber nicht die dauer. Oder ist das nur ein fehler weil das sieht mir ein bisschen fehlerhaft aus und sollte ich das Addon neu istallieren? Hier ein auszug

    (normal) Ragnaros   getötet nach 25 |4Min.:Min.; 48 |4Sek.:Sek.;  (03:02) - Tode bis jetzt: 0

    LB Brainafk EU-Ulduar

  • #537


    es tut mir Leid. Das ist kein Fehler. InstanceTime war bisher nicht dafür bestimmt, die Zeit von Bosskämpfen zu messen. Das können andere AddOns viel besser.

    Grüssle Dhana

  • #538

    Okay danke dennoch für die Antwort =)

  • #535

    InstanceTime v4.3 is still very unreliable when selecting the "Let InstanceTime handle start/stop (of the timer) automatically" option, as it was when I first reported it months ago.

    Checkmark that option and uncheck "Timer starts with first pull" & "Timer stops after end boss was killed" options. For "Time Period:" choose the default 30.

    Enter the LFD finder and choose a specific dungeon (in this case, the new for WoW 4.3 Well of Eternity). Start from the beginning and finish it, then leave the party as is standard procedure. The timer appears to stop in the LDB display.

    Then choose a "random dungeon" in the LFD finder and wait. About 7 minutes after finishing the last one, the queue comes up. Enter the new dungeon through the LFD finder -- which is again Well of Eternity -- but with a different group. Enter it at a point after the first two bosses have been killed.

    Improperly, the timer restarts at "28:12..." as though I had not finished and left the last dungeon. It incorrectly seemed to be "on hold" waiting for the same dungeon to appear again. This despite leaving the finished last dungeon by leaving the party.

    I then CTRL-leftclicked the LDB feed to stop the timer, then started it again doing the same thing. The LDB feed showed "1 sec", etc. properly. But then after a few seconds the timer reverted to "29:12...". Did this a few times and the timer never reset.

    Here's hoping you can get the "Let InstanceTime handle start/stop (of the timer) automatically" option to work properly some day.

  • #533

    The russian translation is broken! I was think that localisation file saved not as UTF-8, but it really worst.

    INSTANCETIME_LOADED_TEXT = "загружен успешно"; this is not russian words.

  • #534


    Yes, I know. But I can't "undo" it. I need someone to translate these strings. Nevertheless: There are several more strings which need to be translated anyway. :-(

  • #549

    Hellow, I see that this problem for three years =) I decode the file in UTF-8, corrected some errors. If interested, I can continue.

  • #532
    Quote from painstorm »

    Yeah, that did the trick. The dialogues are now in the center of the screen.

    *whew* great Laughing

  • #527

    For some reason, I still can't see the time/xp/rep on my shaman.

    Tried the new /it resetxxx commands, but it didn't help.

    The addon seems to work fine otherwise and I can see the options and instance list dialogues. It's only the time/xp/rep info that wont show.

  • #528


    You can try this: Go to your "\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<YourAccountName>\<YourServer>\<YourCharacter>"  and edit the file called "layout-local.txt". There you will find "Frame: InstanceTimeFrame" and set the following:

    Anchor: CENTER
    X: 0
    Y: 0

    I tried it and this resets my InstanceTime dialogue to the center of the screen. Hope this helps.

  • #529

    Yeah, that did the trick. The dialogues are now in the center of the screen.

  • #525

    Is it possible to hide the instance time movable windows altogether?  I use the LDB option, and i cant seem to get rid of the additional movable window that shows the actual instance time, rep and xp were easy to turn off, but i cant find the option for time.

  • #526

    To hide just type:





    again and the dialogue will be shown again

    Last edited by Dhana on 11/9/2011 3:03:45 PM
  • #522

    On some chars, I simply can't move the time/xp/rep bars that are stuck in the middle of the screen.

    On other chars, the bars must be stuck somewhere outside the screen area, because no matter what I do, I can't get them to show.

    What is the correct way to move the bars?

    Can you reset position for all the bars?


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