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JSHB 4 - Formerly JS' Hunter Bar

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 9,992 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.3.0
  • 832,629 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/24/2014
  • Created 12/05/2010
  • 556 Favorites
  • Project Site
  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: v4.31
Support development! **

About JSHB 4 - Formerly JS' Hunter Bar

JSHB 4.0

Current beta for 6.0.2 is available from the project site. Support for other classes has been removed while JSHB is made ready for stable release

- Kaelyth @ Dath'Remar
- Original Author _JS_

JSHB is in need of translators and people to review translations.
If you can be of any assistance in translating to other languages, please go to the link below.

JSHB is extremely configurable.
There are so many different ways of changing the look and feel of the addon that the possibilities are limitless.


  • Focus bar with tick marks indicating how much energy is needed for your shots. You can configure up to five custom marks, one of those being the main shot for your spec (changes when you respec or swap talents!).
  • Crowd control timers for anything you have under Wyvern Sting and Freezing Trap.
  • Item / Spell Timers. You can track the cooldown of any item, as well as the duration of a debuff (Serpent Sting) on your target, plus much much more.
  • Alerts for buff, debuff or cast of a given spell. (Think mini-power auras).
  • Enrage module that will inform you when a mob is under an enrage effect that can be tranquilizing shot off. There is also a frame to show the magic buffs on a target that you can possible remove for pvp.
  • Indicator for current Aspect, with the option to only show in combat.
  • Aspect of the Fox raid cool down announcement on cast, expire.
  • Bar smoothing to alleviate the "blocky" fill in of your energy bar if you like looks and not responsiveness.
  • Energy bar can change colors based on configurable amounts of focus to give you color indication of how much focus you have available or lack-there-of.
  • Profiles for multiple configuration for different environments (PvE, PvP, etc.).
  • Extensive in-game options for those that like intricate configuration.
  • Auto-shot swing bar and timer.
  • Boss current health percentage on focus bar.
  • Support for LibSharedMedia3 for sharing textures with other addons.
  • Interrupt announcement.
  • Misdirection announcement on cast, expire, whisper target if mounted.
  • Tons of options that are Load on Demand to keep JSHB small in memory when actually in use. Reloading UI will free options from memory.
  • Tranquilizing Shot announcement.
  • Stationary icons for spell and item cooldowns, durations and internal cooldowns.
  • Logarithmic timer option for moving timer bars.

Kaelyth @ Dath'Remar - US/Oceanic - Alliance

Feel free to log in if you ever need to let me know about an issue or need help with something.

- is the official support site for JSHB.

- Fix for Tranq removal messages being reversed (again).
- Fix for tranq removables not showing.

- Updated for Patch 5.3.
- Added Warlock support for soul shards to stacks on Energy Bar.
    NOTE: If you get errors on Warlocks, pleas post the error at, I expect one or two (not enough testing).

- Taste for blood now goes to the full 5 and not 3 stacks. (energybar)
- Fix for localization issues reported by ruRU users.  (same-key-is-true=false now)

- Fix for reversed tranq / tranq'd aura reversal.

- Fix for missing timer numerics.
- Fix for enrage alert removables not showing.
- Added new trinkets and procs for importing.
- Fix for Warrior Rage Bar issues.

- Removed Hunter's Mark indicator module in preparation for 5.2.
- Opened Energy Bar, Misdirection (Shiv), Enrage (Shiv), Aspect (Poisons) modules for Rogue class support.
- Sap and Blind are accounted for in Crowd Control for Rogues now.
- Added raw version info to the main options screen for people to add to any error reports.
- Made a change to enrage alert notifier to now check hostility and not UnitIsFriend.
- Changed to character specific default profile by default (new installs only, need to manually change any old installs to use the char specific one).
- Optimized all code to re-use frames.  Addon should be even better on ram and optimization for frame handling.
- Changed interrupt announce to use INSTANCE_CHAT instead of BATTLEGROUND.
- Fixed bug in return value for indexed timers of a set.
- Modified JSHB.MakeFrame wrapper function to allow re-using of frames.
- Added Warlock crowd control tracking (Fear, enslave, banish & seduction) - I do not have a Warlock, all these need testing...
- Fixed ICD text (the time value field) not showing in options.
- Added focus bar (powr bar) support for Warrior.
- Added stack support for Warrior (Tase for Blood, Blood Surge, Weakened Armor on target)
- Removed prediction of power for Warrior, no casts - it's all instant, so no point.
- Changed localization for "Energy Bar" -> "Power Bar"
- Added localization for "Stance Indicator"
- Opened Aspect Indicator module to Warriors (Stance Indicator).  Warriors in prot spec and not prot stance or DPS Warrior specs in prot stance will trigger sparkles.

- Fixed Virmen's Bite for default timers and imports.  You will need to re-import defaults or just edit the timer and change the Specialization to ALL.
- Thanks to Kaelyth, default timers have been added for WARRIOR class, plus imports.
- Started working out details of conditions for the timers too.  None are working yet, but soon will be.

- Version bump to open all class alerts/timers.
- Need priority lists for the defaults on other classes, to help!

- Minor fix for wizard not flipping timer types from stationary to moving.
- Opened JSHB up to all classes.  Currently in a raw state, you can manually add timers and alerts.  If you can contribute to default priority lists and imports for spells, please post on the class forum at - the more help, the faster things will be done.
- Removed class color variables, now using Blizzard default colors.
- Added specifications for class on selected functions (imports, new installs, etc.)

4.097 - 4.098
- Another interrupt fix.

- Fix for interrupts not being properly displayed.

- Fix for people with the options not loading issue.

- Change to update timers when spells are learned / unlearned. Fixes reported issue.

- Removed gap when using abbreviations for timer time (d/h/m/s).
- Fix for imported ICDs not working, basic issue was the OWNER, now fixed.
- Added option to disply (d)ay/(h)our/(m)inute/(s)econd abbreviation for timer's time text.
- More code changes and fixed (minor).

- Update for Hunter's Mark indicator issues.

- Update TOC to 50100 for patch 5.1.
- Remove extra code for Aspect compatibility with old/new game versions.

- Change to drag method to allow better positioning and retain anchors properly. (Thanks Galen!)
- Fix to resetting frames to default positions.
- Fix to type-o in Shared Media registration.
- Quick fix for missing timer size tab on timer bars.

- is the official support site for JSHB, JSIE and JSMD addons.
- JSHunterBar folder renamed to JSHB for future plans.
- Added Minimap configuration button to open options and unlock frames.
- JSHB now uses it's own options panels (separate from the Blizzard Interface Options - /JSHB to open or use the minimap button).
- Options structure was completely re-written to make it a little easier to understand.
- Cleaned up unused localization strings.
- Removed LibSharedMedia library (but will still properly use shared media).
- Removed more ACE3 libraries (more to come).
- Added the ability to move frames based on exact numbers.  Just click a frame!
- Fix for bugs reported and found during the course of the re-code.
- Added Timer Bar Wizard button to allow easier ordering of buttons, importing timers, and more!
- Added Priority setting for static timers.
- Changed default behavior of main bar to properly use the priority system by default.
- Updated defautl timers for bars so that they should work out of the box.
- Added timer switch for "Only if known" to allow timers to be added for conditional spells (talent spells, mainly).
- Modified all aspects of JSHB to use less memory and create almost not garbage. (Should be much better on ram).
- Closing options now cleans up garbage created by the ACE3 libs & other areas of the options panels.
- Split indicators to two separate modules for future plans.
- Re-structures the SavedVariables file to be more linear and easier to understand.
- Added imports for some of the alerts in HoF/MV/etc.
- Added PLAYER and PETHEALTH alert options (can be imported).
- Update to be ready for PTR 5.1 aspect change.  TOC updated still needs to be applied.

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