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  • Updated 10/20/2012
  • Created 11/27/2008
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About Junkit

Provides a quick way to junk the lowest vendor buy back priced  grey item in your bags.

If you want to have it learn new items prices you may find while playing, you should also install ItemDataCache ( ).

This requires a LDB display addon to work.  If you don't know what that is, or don't have one yet,  I have been using ButtonBin, so you may want to try that out as well.

( )

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  • #8

    It's been about a week now since WoW4.3 was released and this addon hasn't worked since with Chocolate Bar or any other LDB display I've tried. PLEASE update this soon because it is near the top of my list of "can't live without" addons. I've tried a few alternatives but none really seem to be as simple and easy to learn as this one. Most others only give the option of dropping grey items or don't display the value of the item/stack and several don't even take the item's vendor value into consideration when dropping and for me that's a definite deal breaker. I founded my first guild back in BC and bought all 6 bank tabs primarily by sorting through the greys everyone else left on corpses.

    If you update this and get it working 100% again, I PROMISE to make a donation. This thing easily saves me 30 minutes a day from not having to manually sort and delete things in my bags while farming or doing dungeons. Well worth a donation if you get it going again.

  • #10

    It is working for me with Button Bin.    Do you get an error message with the other ones you have tried?  What is it doing if anything?


  • #7
    I wish this still worked with Titan Panel. :(
  • #9

    I use Button Bin, and it is working fine for me with that.  Can you provide an error message or some details that may help get it working with TitanPanel?

  • #12

    I had made a change that I think may have gotten it to work with more LDB DIsplays.    Let me know if it has been working for you now.


  • #11

    I just got back to playing wow. I don't remember seeing an error message (I use swatter) for Junkit. I just was unable to find it in titan panel to place it.

  • #6
    Missing this soooooo much.
  • #1
    Does this addon need ItemDataCache specifically, or does it just need support for the GetSellValue() API? In other words, can it get price info from other addons like Auctioneer/Informant or SellFish?
  • #2
    It has a built in db of prices... ItemDataCache just lets prices be learned that are not already present. It does currently use the GetSellValue API. It supplies the function and while doing so will also hook into anyone else that also does. Not sure if/how I may change this in the future.
  • #4
    Could this use the info provided by addons like Informant and/or Sellfish?
  • #5
    Nevermind! This works with Sellfish just fine. Also for the button enabling, Titan Panel is a perfect fit! Thank you!!
  • #3
    Thanks. Just wanted to know if I needed to install ItemDataCache for it to learn new prices, or if it would take the pricing info from the addons I already have - sounds like my current addons should be fine. :)
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