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  • World of Warcraft
  • 118 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 18,433 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/24/2014
  • Created 08/11/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: KeepFollowing v01.14.02.24
Support development! **

About KeepFollowing

Updated for 5.0.5

KeepFollowing is an addon that will force you to keep following if you stop following and get back in range of the person you are following.

I made it for multiboxing, but will still work for a single character as well.

Basic Commands

-- will keep following the person you are targeting

/kfw stop
/kfollow stop
-- will stop keep following (will not stop regular follow)

/kfw <playername>
/kfollow tell grab,<playername>
-- will make <playername> keep following you (great for dual boxers)

/kfw (while targetting)
/kfollow tell forcefollow
-- will make the person you are targetting regular follow you. (great for afk'ers)

/kfw stopall
/kfollow tell stopall
/kfollow tell stop,<playername>
-- will make everyone or the person you specify stop auto following
-- blizzard will not let a macro stop you from following your current person
-- but once they move or get out of range, they will not keep following

Anyone can whisper "!kfollowme" to you, and you will attempt to keep following them if they are in your group.

(still confused?, just try it out! it's easy)
*note* "/kfollow tell" will only work if the other people in the group have the addon also.

Other Commands

-- for help with mount support go to

/kfollow help - displays help menu
/kfollow leader - follow the leader
/kfollow player <name> - follow a character by name
/kfollow target - follow your target
/kfollow focus - follow your focus (added
/kfollow stopmessage - debug on/off
/kfollow stopwhisper - stop following whisper on/off
/kfollow partyalert - alert the party of follow status on/off (added
/kfollow allow - enable/disable following
/kfollow tell <allow,who,followme,followleader>,<on,off>
/kfollow allowtell - allow party commands for your character

/kfw help                   - list simple help menu
/kfw                          - you stop following and all other will follow
/kfw (while targetting) - will cause the <target> to follow
/kfw <playername>     - will cause <playername> to follow
/kfw all                      - all party members will follow you dispite your target
/kfw stopall                - stop all followers
/kfw stop                   - stop you from following


follows current active kfollow target, or the target you are currently looking at

/kfollow stop
stops you from following anything

/kfollow leader
automatically starts following the leader of the party

/kfollow player <name>
/kfollow player Necrosniper
automatically look for Necrosniper, and start following them

/kfollow target
same as /kfollow

/kfollow stopmessage
this will toggle debug/messages

/kfollow stopwhisper
this will toggle having the followee whisper the person its following

/kfollow allow
this will toggle the the following capability of /kfollow

(For Multiboxers, or Partygoers that want people to follow them)
(As long as the party member has this addon installed you can tell them to follow you)

/kfollow tell <allow,who,followme,followleader>,<on,off> -- <grab,playername>
/kfollow allowtell


/kfw Necrolight
/kfollow tell grab,Necrolight
This will make Necrolight follow your character

/kfollow tell allow,yes
Allows all party players with the addon to listen to follow commands

/kfollow tell allow,no
Dis-Allows all party players with the addon to listen to follow commands

/kfollow tell who,Necrosniper
This will make all party members follow Necrosniper

/kfw all
/kfollow tell followme
This will make all party members follow the person who uses this command

/kfollow tell followleader
This will make all party members follow the leader of the party

/kfollow allowtell
Toggles the tell to be used on your character

/kfollow allowtell no
Disables anyone from controlling your character with party commands

-- Macros I use for my Multibox --

Macro 1 (On the leader) - My Main Follow Command:
/kfollow tell grab,necrolight

Macro 2 (On the leader) - My Stop Following Command:
/kfollow tell stop,necrolight

On character one I have Macro 2 bound to a key.
On character two I have "Move Backwords" set to the same key as char one.

In combination, its like having a hunter stay button and follow button.


Thank You for your suggestions: Tizer & skipmayfield

I'll be sure to implement whatever suggestions I get.

Thanks, and have fun.

Update v01.14.02.24
Bug: Fixed sender name issue where the servername was causing issues.

Update v01.05.10.13
Updated to Wow version: 5.4

Update v01.04.10.12
Bug: Fixed a few mount errors
Added: If you assign a partial mount name e.g. "Bear" it will randomly choose a mount with the name "Bear" in it. Keep in mind finding a mount "Red" will randomly choose from both flying and non flying mounts.

Update v01.29.09.12
Updated to Wow version: 5.0.5
Bug: Fixed party leader lua error
Bug: Fixed invalid mount wintergrasp lua error

Update v01.11.29.12
Bug: Fixed addon communication such as tell/grab/etc.
Added the following commands:
/kfw help                   - list simple help menu
/kfw                          - you stop following and all other will follow
/kfw (while targetting) - will cause the <target> to follow
/kfw <playername>     - will cause <playername> to follow
/kfw all                      - all party members will follow you dispite your target
/kfw stopall                - stop all followers
/kfw stop                   - stop you from following

Update v01.10.12.05
Updated to Wow version: 4.0.3a
Bug: Fixed following self in vehicle glitch

Update v01.10.11.11
Updated to Wow version: 4.0.1
Bug: Fixed Mount Support--- It should be working again

Update v01.10.03.15
Updated to Wow version: 3.3

Update v01.09.10.19
Added mount support
Added the following commands:
/kfollow ground -- /kfollow ground <mount name> -- to assign ground mount -- you can also use the spell link or partial name
/kfollow flyer -- /kfollow flyer <mount name> -- to assign flying mount -- you can also use the spell link or partial name
/kfollow swimmer -- /kfollow swimmer <mount name> -- to assign swimming mount -- you can also use the spell link or partial name
/kfollow mount -- toggle mount/dismount
/kfollow mountup -- get on mount only
/kfollow dismount -- dismount only
/kfollow forcedismount -- dismount even while flying
/kfollow tell mount -- tell others to toggle mount
/kfollow tell mountup -- tell others to mount up
/kfollow tell dismount -- tell others to dismount if not flying
/kfollow tell forcedismount -- tell others to dismount
/kfollow tell mount,<playername> -- tell <playername> to toggle mount
/kfollow tell mountup,<playername> -- tell <playername> to mount up
/kfollow tell dismount,<playername> -- tell <playername> to dismount if not flying
/kfollow tell forcedismount,<playername> -- tell <playername> to dismount
Added the ability to save your settings/mounts between sessions

Update v01.09.08.05
Updated to Wow version: 3.2

Update v01.09.07.01
Updated to Wow version: 3.1
Added: !kfollow to whisper follow with !kfollowme to avoid confusion
Added: version to help display
Bug: Fixed toggle to allow messages, whispers, allow party alert, and allow following... for some reason I had it backwards

Update v01.09.04.17

fixed: will no longer try to follow a dead person (will still follow a ghost person)
fixed: normal follow bug, when you tried to regular follow someone, it didn't know who you were following and threw an error


Minor update

fixed: eating/drinking bug
added: /kfollow partyalert -- toggle
added: /kfollow partyalert on -- turn on
added: /kfollow partyalert off -- turn off

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  • #78
    feature request

    I love your mod. id definatly works better than the follow module in Jamba.  I do have a feature request.


    a per toon option to suspend re-following during combat and resume after.  I use a combination of  click moving and an "interact with target" bind to manage alt facing during combat and your mod will just snap them back to facing me. and i can also imagine a situation where i would wann to plan a caster and run in with a melee. so in adition a way to stop them out of combat that wil result in an automatic refollow at the end of combat would also be useful. 

  • #77

    Thanks - all seems to be working now.

    Will have to go through and take out all /follow commands I added to my macros ....

    Regards, Bill



  • #74

    The !kfollow whisper does not work because the realmname is attached to the playersname. Like playername-realmname. Either the follow code or the party check function can't handle it.

    A quick fix for the whisper is to change line 260 from

    senderName = strlower(arg2)


    senderName = strlower(select(1, ...))

  • #76

    Blizzard had created a new function specific to returning the short version of a players name-realm name.

    name = Ambiguate("fullName", "context")

    fullName String - name-realm name of a player, e.g. "Shion-DieAldor"

    context String - context the name will be used in, one of: "none", "mail", "guild", "all".

    name String - name or name-realm name combination that would be equivalent to fullName in the specified context.
    Last edited by Necrosniper on 2/24/2014 1:46:24 PM
  • #73

    I've been using this to multibox for over a year but it stopped working after patch 5.4.7.  

    I have a /kfw all macro on the lead character, but it no longer triggers following on my slave character.

    There was a Jamba 5.4.7 update about messaging, which may be the /kfw problem.

    Any chance of a fix in the near future?  I rely heavily on this as the usual /follow is stopped too easily.




  • #75

    Sorry it's taking me so long to reply.

    I have fixed this issue in KeepFollowing v01.14.02.24 - I just uploaded it.

  • #70

    Any chance this could get updated for 5.4?

  • #71

    Just uploaded an update for 5.4. Should be up soon. Let me know if there are any issues.

  • #72

    Thanks for the quick update, and no issues noticed yet.

  • #67

    Best follow addon EVER!!!!!

    I have never found an addon that is so aggressive on maintaining follow, I have multiboxed for years, but only with 2-3 accounts at a time, and it takes alot to shake the alt following me. Thank you for such a great addon.

    Only thing I would add is a customizable channel alert for when they do manage to get out of range.

  • #69
    Quote from god14103 »

    "Best follow addon EVER!!!!!"

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  • #68

    Thank You so much :D
    I'll see what I can do about the customizable channel support. :D

  • #64

    how can i mount up the flying mount i always get the "Armored Bear" i tried to asign flying to gound but without  any effect :((

  • #66

    I just uploaded v01.04.10.12 which should fix this error. I also added the ability to assign a partial name to a mount such as /kfollow ground bear. This will randomly choose from all your mounts with the text "bear" in it. Keep in mind that if you use a word like "Red", it will choose from both ground and flying mounts.

  • #65

    I see the issue, let me work on it and see why this is happening. let me guess, are you trying to use a flying mount that starts with "Red".

    Last edited by Necrosniper on 10/4/2012 1:20:10 AM
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