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  • Supports: 6.0.3
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  • Updated 12/20/2014
  • Created 11/20/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v2.10.1
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About KillTrack

v2.0.0 Released!

The new version features a completely new GUI for viewing the mob database. It has been rewritten from scratch and is able to display all of the mob entries. There is no longer a limit of 200!


KillTrack will keep track of how many times you've killed various mobs.

The main way to see this info is on tooltips. As you hover over any killable mob, the kill count will be displayed on the bottom of the tooltip.

There is also a friendly list that you can bring up to display all mobs with their NPC id, global kill count and kills on the current character (Command: /kt list). Note that the list will only load 100 entries at a time due to lag issues. Loading more than 200 entries will most certainly cause severe lag.

Specific lookups

If you want to know the number of kills you have on a specific mob, you can target the mob and use the command /kt target.

For any mob, use the command /kt lookup <identifier> where <identifier> is a name or NPC ID.

Kill Timer

Ever wanted to track how many kills you accumulate within a certain time? You can do so with KillTrack.

You simply tell it how long to track, and a window will pop up listing number of kills, time left, kills per minute and kills per second.

To start the timer, use the command /kt timer <seconds> [minutes] [hours]. You can also use the format /kt timer [num]s[num]m[num]h. With the second format, you can use any order for the arguments, /kt timer 3h50s2m will work just as well as /kt timer 50s2m3h.

For example: To start a 3.5 minute timer: /kt timer 30 3, /kt timer 30s3m or /kt timer 3m30s.

Kill Records

When you've killed a certain mob a certain number of times (1000 by default), KillTrack will notify you with a small gratulation message!

If you have the AddOn Glamour installed, it will show in the style of a guild achievement.

To change the threshold, use the command /kt threshold <threshold>, where <threshold> is the new threshold.

E.g: If you set the threshold to 100, then after you've killed a mob 100 times, it will notify you. And continue to notify you for every 100th kill.

Immediate Frame

By using the command /kt immediate (or /kt i for short), you will get a small frame that shows you how many kills you've made since running the command. This can be useful for times when you need to kill a certain number of mobs, but do not wish to reset your session statistics. Simply run /kt i and it will track how many kills you do until you close it, reopening the frame will reset the count.

The frame can also be opened from the broker plugin with Ctrl + Middle Click.

With the command /kt immediate threshold <threshold>, where <threshold> is a number, the addon will display a message on screen and play sound each time you kill that many creatures.

E.g: You open the immediate frame with /kt i and then set the threshold to 10 with /kt i threshold 10. Now each time you score 10 kills (10, 20, 30 et.c) you will see a message and hear a sound to notify you of this event. This can be useful when you need to score a certain number of kills for whatever reason (quests, item procs...).

If you have some addon tracking procs or similar you could call this from Lua with something like:


To automatically start tracking.

Other commands

  • /kt: Shows available commands.
  • /kt print: Toggles printing all kill updates locally to chat.
  • /kt printnew: Toggles printing new mob entries locally to chat.
  • /kt delete <id>: Deletes entry with NPC ID <id> from database.
  • /kt purge [threshold]: Clears mob entries with a kill count below [threshold].
  • /kt reset: Clears ALL mobs from the database.
  • /kt threshold <threshold>: Sets the kill count threshold at which the AddOn will announce kill records (E.g: /kt threshold 100 to announce at every 100rd kill).
  • /kt countmode: Toggles between counting your kills only, or also counting kills made by raid/party members.
  • /kt showexp: Toggles showing how much experience a mob gives (and how many kills are required to gain a new level).


If you have any suggestions, bug reports, complains et.c, please make a new ticket.
I would prefer if you use the Issues page on GitHub instead of the ones on Curse/WoWInterface.


tag v2.10.1
Adam Hellberg <>
2014-12-20 21:48:49 +0100

Hotfix: Issue with path to LibDBIcon in TOC


Adam Hellberg:
    - Fix path to LibDBIcon

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  • #16

    Is there anyway to disable the update messages when farming?  LUA edits and such?  Thanks in advance Fusk :)

  • #17

    Changed the threshold system in v2.6.1: If you set the threshold to 0, it will not produce any "New kill record!" announcements.

    Was this what you had in mind? :)

    Or is it the "Created new entry for Mob on this character" messages?

  • #14

    I was farming Brittle Revenants for Crystallized Earth the other day and noticed KillTrack would occasionally get stuck at a number and I'd kill four or five without the count going up. I noticed this happened at least three times. So while the database says I killed 99 mobs, I know I killed more than that. I was mostly killing single targets, so it's not an issue of mass simultaneous killing. Is this a known issue?

  • #15

    Hm, haven't noticed anything like this. I'll try to check it out.

    In the meantime, can you try turning on debug (/kt debug) and see if it prints any weird output? (Like not outputting anything for some kills)

    Edit: Did some testing on the Brittle Revenants and was unable to reproduce the bug, not sure what it could be. Have you tried running KillTrack without any other addon running? I doubt it's conflicting with anything, but you never know.

    Last edited by Fuskare01 on 1/30/2013 1:37:42 PM
  • #9

    Is there a way to track total number of kills and receive "a small gratulation message" when you reach you goal.  For example Helpful Wikky's Whistle requires you kill exactly 50 mobs before Wikky returns - is there a way to set a notification for when you have killed 50 mobs?

  • #10

    I added an "Immediate Frame". You can open it with /kt i and it will show how many kills you've made since issuing that command. Closing the frame and opening it again will reset the count.

    So you could do /kt i when Wikky spawns, and you'll be able to see how far you are from 50 kills!

    Edit: Also added so you can open the immediate window via the broker plugin (Ctrl + Middle Click)

    Last edited by Fuskare01 on 1/6/2013 11:25:36 AM
  • #13

    That's great.  Thanks!

  • #12

    Added a feature in v2.6.0 to display a message and play sound when you reach X number of kills!

    (use /kt i threshold <number> to set the threshold on when notice will be displayed)

  • #11

    Cool, thanks.  I like the /kt i window, since it's pretty small.  Would be nice tohave some kind of notification when I hit 50 though, cause I oftern miss it, even when Wikky blows his whistle.

  • #7

    Is there a way to import data for all the mobs you've killed prior to installing?

  • #8

    Unless you have another AddOn at the moment which is tracking kills, no.

    The built-in Blizzard tracking only shows the total amount of kills you've made, not how many times you've killed a specific mob.

  • #5

    Is there a way to disable showing the mob's ID?  I don't need to see this info for every single mob I mouseover.

  • #6

    That's an issue with the manual packaging I had to do, enabling the debug mode by default.

    You can toggle it off with the command /kt debug

    I'll fix this in the next release :)

  • #1

    Please update for 5.04!

  • #3

    The packager on CurseForge is broken, once it gets fixed the new version should be uploaded here.

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