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Koko Stomp Alert

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.1
  • 15,227 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/17/2010
  • Created 11/04/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 40000.1.1

About Koko Stomp Alert

Release 40000.1.1: See change log for release changes.

For configuration options, please use the blizzard addon interface or type "/ksa"

Why use this addon:
This addon was created to assist in reacting to the death of your totems, specifically for PvP, but further expanded on to include PvE usage. The end result is a highly configurable alert mod for totem deaths, whether for PvP or PvE. All the settings are as a per totem basis, so you can have multiple alert outputs for different totems.

If you are a shaman and are into PvP and want to know when your important totems die, or just a decent alert for when you're magma totem runs out - then definitely give this addon a whirl. You won't be disappointed.

What this addon does:
- Alerts on any totem death regardless of source (includes players, npcs, pets, range and totem expiration)
- Ignores totem removal via Totemic Recall
- Flash/Sound/Chat/Raid Warning (local only)/Icon/Display Warning output alerts
- Ability to use your own custom sound files, or add additional sounds from the game client
- Icon alert and Display Warning alert frames are both movable
- None/Always/Combat/PVP conditions for each output type for each totem
- Default alerts are fairly lightweight, however due to the above it is highly configurable with many different types of alert configurations.
- Should work across all languages. The addon will still be in English, however totem detection should work correctly.

What this addon isn't:
- Totem timers.

What needs to be done:
A fairly large update is planed, which may result in a change in the way you see and interact with the various configuration options. One advantage to this is the various alerts will be expandable.

With the next major release, SharedMedia support will also be included.

Notes on the conditions:
- "None" Never alert.
- "Always" Always alert.
- "Combat" Only alert if you're in combat.
- "PvP" Only alert if you're PvP flagged.

I hope you enjoy this, its to Moo over.

New in 40000.1.1
- Quick update for 4.0.1
- Another update will be comming with some fairly large changes, including SharedMedia support.

New in 30300.1.1
- Versioning changed. First number is current interface version, second is major revision, third is minor revision
- Improved backend, should now work with all locals.

  • NOTE* This addon is still in english, but it should properly detect totems regardless of local.

New in V1.3
- Icon alert sizing improved.
- Icon spacing improved.
- Changing the RW/KSA icon size now adds a dummy alert so you can see the changes.

New in V1.2c
- TOC updated to latest patch
- Slight reduction with icon sizing in the alert frames
- Fixed brief icon path names wilst icons set to Large or huge

New in V1.2b
- Better chat alerts, now with less chat window spam.

New in V1.2a
- Improved the options screen, added an advanced settings option
- Duration of the Icon/KSA alerts hold time can now be set (0-5 seconds)
- Custom sounds are no longer deleted on a settings reset

New in V1.2
- LDB now properly toggles the options menu.
- KSA now only loads if you're a shaman.
- Sound change. You can now easily add your own sounds, or add more WoW sounds.
- Please see the new including "Adding Sounds.txt" document for adding your own sounds.
- Database change. No longer resets your settings on update.

New in V1.1a
- Bug fix with namespace
- TOC fixed.
- LDB Launcher

New in V1.1
- Movable icon alert frame.
- Ability to adjust the icon spacing. This also sets a "demo" icon so you can better adjust the values.
- Toggle Anchors now shows/hides both the warning frame and icon frame anchors. They also have text tags so you know which one is which.
- A new global option: "Reset Anchors" which resets both warning and icon alert fram anchors - useful for resetting the positions without wiping all of your alerts via a settings reset.
- The default position of the warning frame anchor is now in the center of the screen.

New in V1.0a:
- Included change log in zip file
- Bug fix with icon display frame

New in V1.0:
- Initial full release.
- Minor code fix for icon display frame (left to right instead of right to left).
- Couple more size options (tiny and huge) added.
- Added code for using a placeholder icon graphic (which is used when testing settings or the icon is otherwise unavailable).
- Added option to use the totem icon instead of a raid icon for the icon warnings.
- Cleaned up some code.
- Streamlined the default alerts for some totems. The default alerts should be better overall.

New in V0.3:
- Modified so that all settings are automatically reset to default values when updating the addon
- Added a movable alert frame. Looks and functions like the raid warning alert does.
- Added a icon display frame. You can assign a raid icon (skull for example) to appear on screen if a certain totem dies.
- Revamped the options menu
- Added a small sound test in the options menu
- Added sizing ability (small/med/large) for icon output for the warning and icon frames.
- Added 2 new sounds.

New in V0.2:
- Added alerts to the Raid Warning Frame (local only, is not sent to other players)
- Added icon support to chat and RW frames. Will not display an icon in party chat if you're in a group.
- Added option to test totem alert settings without dropping a totem. Note that all conditions must be met for the alerts to activate (I suggest the training dummies). Icons are unable to be used and/or may be incorrect with this option.
- Added option to explain the various output condition types.
- Fixed minor typos and error checking outputs.

New in V0.1:
Initial Beta Release

What this addon does:
- Flash/Sound/Chat output when a totem is destroyed (either player killed or totem duration expired)
- Ignores Totemic Recal
- None/Always/Combat/PVP conditions for each output for each totem
- Highly configurable due to the above.


  • #10
    Many thanks for updating it and working on this addon..! :)
  • #8
    I love this addon, works for exactly what I need. However I am having a small issue. The icon warning that comes up stays on the screen for a very long time. Even when I go into the settings and set it to 0.5 seconds, it still stays for a long time. Is there something that I need to do to make it work properly?
  • #9
    Works as intended. There's an entry and exit time. The hold time is how long between the entry/exit for the warning.
  • #6
    hey, just installed the mod for the purpose of seeing when my tremor totems destroyed, mod works great, only problem is the icon that comes up in raid warning is a default wow icon, is there anyway i can make it show up as the actualy tremor totem icon instead of the default wow icon. example

    raid warning [wow icon] Tremor Totem Destroyed
  • #7
    Is this actually in test mode or with a valid filter?

    By default, if you're just using the "test" button it'll come up with a generic wow icon. I don't save any totem information (such as icon etc) as the full name and icon path is given to the client when the totem's die.
  • #5
    The latest update should make the mod work properly for languages other than English. Most of the addon will still remain in english, but you should see the totem names in your wow's localization.
  • #2
    is it possible to turn of the chat notification. i like the mod otherwise but messages party dont need can be annoying to others.
  • #3
    All alerts are set on a per totem basis. To turn off chat alerts, go into the totem options, select the totem that is alerting and turn the chat alert to "off".

    By default, the vast majority of totems are turned off - only a few totems have alerts on by default (mostly pvp).
  • #1

    I think it's a nice addon ...but it dosn't work :-(

    is it possible that this addon only works on english interfaces and not on german?

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