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Kong Automatic UI Hider

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 137 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 33,078 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/11/2012
  • Created 11/04/2008
  • 128 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Kong Automatic UI Hider v1.6a

About Kong Automatic UI Hider

Kong Automatic UI Hider can fade out pieces of the user interface (Minimap, PlayerFrame, Recount, etc.) and then automatically show them again when moused-over, entering combat, or any of several other user-specified conditions are met.

Type /Kong in game to access the config GUI. Kong can automatically fade things in and out based on things like:

  • Unit in Combat
  • Unit in Vehicle
  • Unit Health Level
  • Unit Power Level (Mana, Rage, Focus, etc)
  • Unit is Casting
  • Unit is Moving and Unit Speed
  • Unit is Mounted
  • Unit is Resting
  • Unit Exists (You have a target, focus, etc)
  • Unit is Unit (Player is Target of Target, etc)
  • Instance Type (Dungeon, Raid, Battleground, Arena, or None)
  • Mouseover

And also any macro condition:

  • [actionbar:1/.../6] or [bar:1/.../6] — Given action bar page is selected
  • [bonusbar:5] — The possess bar is active (controlling a vehicle or another player)
  • [channeling:<spell name>] — Channeling the given spell
  • [combat] — You are in combat
  • [dead] — Target is dead
  • [equipped:<item type>] or [worn:<item type>] — item type is equipped (item type can be an inventory slot, item type, or item subtype)
  • [exists] — You have a target
  • [flyable] — In a zone where flying is allowed
  • [flying] — Mounted or in flight form AND in the air
  • [group: party/raid] — You are in the given type of group
  • [harm] — Can cast harmful spells on the target
  • [help] — Can cast helpful spells on the target
  • [indoors] — Self explanatory
  • [modifier:shift/ctrl/alt] or [mod:shift/ctrl/alt] — Holding the given key
  • [mounted] — Self explanatory
  • [outdoors] — Self explanatory
  • [party] — Target is in your party
  • [pet:<pet name or type>] — The given pet is out
  • [raid] — Target is in your raid/party
  • [spec:1/2] — Currently active talents
  • [stance:0/1/2/.../n] or [form:0/.../n] — In a stance
  • [stealth] — Stealthed
  • [swimming] — Self explanatory
  • [unithasvehicleui] — Target is in a vehicle
  • [vehicleui] — You are in a vehicle
    More information on macro syntax can be found on Wowpedia.

Configuring When Frames Appear

Kong fades frames in and out based on user-specified conditions. A frame is faded in when any of its conditions are met. That frame will then remain faded in until all of its conditions again become false.

Two simple examples of conditions are created by default for every newly-hidden frame:

[Player in Combat]
[[Player] in a Vehicle]

Which tell Kong to simply display the frame any time the player enters combat or climbs into a vehicle. However, conditions can be much more complex. For example, one of the conditions that I use on the minimap causes it to display any time I am moving while either out of combat or on my mount:

[[Player is Moving] And [[Not [Player is in Combat]] Or [Macro Condition: [[mounted]]]]

Miscellaneous Tips:

  • Hold shift while clicking in the config GUI to select and configure multiple frames simultaneously.
  • Use the mouse wheel to uncover overlapped windows in the config GUI.
  • Setting the Hidden Alpha of the Minimap to 1% will allow quest and other tracking icons to remain visible while the Minimap is faded out.
  • Kong supports multiple profiles via the command line. Type /Kong profile in-game for more info.
  • Binding a key to the "Toggle UI Fading On/Off" entry under Kong Automatic UI Hider in the Blizzard Key Bindings menu will allow you to quickly display all hidden frames when needed.

Version 1.6a

- Fixed an error that would occur when hiding frames in combat or in a vehicle.

Version 1.6

- Child frames (e.g. individual action buttons, raid member frames, etc.) can now be faded by right clicking in the config screen and selecting 'Configure Children'.
- Added events Quest Acceptance and Quest Update to condition menu.

Version 1.5

- Added new conditions Unit in Range of Spell and Event Occurred Recently.
- Added convenience conditions Unit Health is Low, Unit Power is Low, and Unit in Instance as alternatives to setting up more complicated comparison conditions.
- Added a keybinding to open the config GUI.
- Fixed a error that would occur when attempting to apply a user-entered value to multiple frames at once.
- Fixed a bug where the Unit is Resting condition would not update properly when entering or leaving an instance.

Version 1.4e

- Fixed incompatibilities with TukUI.

Version 1.4d

- Fixed a bug that prevented the Target of Unit condition from working correctly.

Version 1.4c

- Fixed a bug that prevented Unit Power conditions from working correctly.

Version 1.4b

- The input field of the user-entered value popup will now default to the previous user-entered value, if any.
- Fixed an error that could occur when the conditions of a recently unregistered frame were met (I mean it this time).

Version 1.4a

- Fixed an error that could occur when the conditions of a recently unregistered frame were met.
- Fixed an error that could occur when closing the config GUI.
- Fixed a bug that caused the minimap to remain hidden when Kong was disabled.
- Reverted back to the old fading method to avoid graphical issues caused by the Blizzard animation API (e.g. Grid background).

Version 1.4

- Invalid conditions (e.g macro conditions missing square brackets [] and comparisons of different data types) will now appear in red.
- Added descriptions that summarize each condition
- Added new conditions: Unit is Mounted and Unit Speed (Percent).
- Various GUI tweaks to improve clarity.
- Fixed a bug that could erase all settings when the Config GUI was loaded using an addon like ACP but never actually displayed.
- Fixed a bug that caused the sync button to create copies of conditions with user-entered values cleared.
- Kong now uses the Blizzard animation API to perform fading for increased efficiency.

Version 1.3

- Completely overhauled the way conditions are specified to provide more power and flexibility in determining when frames are shown.
- Several new conditions are available including Power Level (Mana, Energy, Rage, etc.), Instance Type (Dungeon, Arena, etc), Resting State, Unit Motion, and others.

Version 1.2b

- Each section of the config GUI is now collapsible. Sections will be automatically collapsed when they aren't in use.
- Fixed a Lua error that could occur after loading an area with the config GUI open.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Kong from finding the names of frames that had numeric or boolean values in them (e.g. ElkBuffBars).
- Fixed a bug that could cause frames to become unregistered if they changed parents between sessions or if profiles were shared between characters.
- Various other config GUI tweaks.

Version 1.2a

- Fixed a bug that was preventing frames with non-alphanumeric characters in their names from saving between sessions (e.g. "DominosActionButton-11").

Version 1.2

- Added support for showing frames based on health.
- Added an Override Alpha option in the Advanced section for use with frames that set their own alphas. This replaces the default functionality from version 1.0 that was causing tainting issues.
- Added a Don't Draw when Hidden option in the Advanced section for frames that don't fade out properly.
- Fixed a bug in Blizzard's code that causes 3D models to appear regardless of their alpha.
- Fixed an error that could occur when loading frames.

Version 1.1a

- Full support for frames that are loaded anytime after login. Kong will no longer unregister frames that it can't find initially.
- Improved support for saving unnamed frames between game sessions. See the 'Advanced' section in the GUI for frames that could not be saved previously.
- Added a "/kong reset" command that can be used to clear all settings from the current profile.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent frames from appearing on mouseover the first time Kong was loaded.

Version 1.0a

- Added a configuration GUI that can be accessed by typing /kong
- Fixed an issue with addons that continually set frame alpha (e.g. Dominos)
- Added the word "Automatic" to the addon name in an attempt to better describe the addon's functionality and prevent confusion among those who might think "Kong UI" is a UI compilation

Version 0.9c

- Fixed a bug that was preventing users on from being able to manipulate the default profiles for characters on realms with spaces in their names.
- Fixed an error that would occur when using /kong show on a frame that was part of a mouseover group.
- Fixed an error that would occur when the in and out alpha of a frame or trigger were set to the same value.
- Fixed an error that would occur if a user omitted the word "in" or "out" when setting fade speed.
- Fixed an error that could occur when Kong attempted to fade a frame that was already being faded using the UIFrameFadeIn/Out methods.
- Kong will now be able to find some additional late-loading frames.

Version 0.9b

- Fixed a bug that would cause frames to remain on screen after a member of a mouseover group was unregistered with /kong show.

Version 0.9a

- Fixed a bug introduced in version 0.9 that could prevent a frame's configuration from being saved between game sessions.

Version 0.9

- Added "/kong profile" for managing Kong configurations and sharing them between characters.
- Added "/kong casting" to configure frames to appear while casting.
- Fixed a bug that could cause frames to disappear when faded in and out at the same time.

Version 0.8a

- Minimap icons will now be hidden along with the minimap itself.
- Minimap terrain should now always be visible when the minimap is at least 88% alpha.  This is a workaround for a Blizzard minimap bug that causes the minimap contents to disappear when it is faded out in certain areas of the world.
-Fixed a bug that could cause frames to remain either hidden or shown after entering certain vehicles or being picked up in a boss fight (Chopper sidecar, Archavon, Kologarn, Lord Jaraxxus, etc.).
-Fixed a bug could cause frames to remain hidden after zoning in or out of an instance.

Version 0.8

- Added "/kong group" to configure frame grouping. This allows multiple frames to appear when a single frame is moused-over.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing "/kong nocombat" from working correctly.

Version 0.7

- Added "/kong macro" to configure frames to appear when a given macro condition is met.
- Added alpha commands for individual triggers (ie. "/kong combat alpha") to allow for different frame alphas under different conditions.  Default frame alpha can still be set using "/kong alpha".
- Added speed commands for both frame defaults ("/kong speed") and individual triggers (ie. "/kong combat speed") to control the rate at which frames fade in or out.

- Added "/kong mouseover" to support customizations to the fade speed and alpha of frames when the mouse is moved over them.
- Added "/kong enable" and "/kong disable" commands and entries for these commands in the Key Bindings screen.
- Due to significant code structure changes, user settings from previous versions will be lost.

Version 0.6a

- Update for patch 3.1 compatibility.

Version 0.6

- Added an entry in the Key Bindings screen to allow quick toggling of UI fading on/off.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Kong to fade frames after reloading the UI even if Kong was disabled.

Version 0.5

- Added "/kong nocombat" to configue frames to appear when out of combat.
- Added "/kong vehicle" to configure frames to appear when in a vehicle.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a frame to fade out when it shouldn't.
- Fixed a bug that prevented "/kong combat" from working when not in combat.

Version 0.4

- Fixed a bug that would cause frames to be hidden at login when Kong was disabled.
- Fixed a bug that would cause frames to reappear after they had been removed from the screen (party frames out of party, etc).
- Fixed an "Interface action failed because of an AddOn" bug.
- Fixed a bug that caused registered frames to be permanently shown on screen when /kong combat was used in combat.
- Renamed to Kong UI Hider to (hopefully) make the addon more visible to those searching for its functionality.

Version 0.3

- Added the ability to control faded and shown alpha.
- Added the ability to toggle Kong on or off.
- Fixed a few nil index errors related to saving data between sessions, and added warnings to the default chat log when these issues occur.

Version 0.2

- Added the ability to configure frames to either appear in combat or stay hidden until mouseover.

Version 0.1

- Initial version.

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  • #172

    Sorry for the year-late reply. The reason there's no copy profile is because its actually a little more complicated technically and i feel like there are higher priority features to add. I agree that its absence is annoying though.

    Regarding the minimap, I made some changes in version 1.4e for UIs like Tuk that remove the minimap from its normal Blizzard frame. I can look into it if you're still experiencing this (assuming you're still playing & using kong).

  • #162
    The interface does not work since the last patch. I cannot choose all frames and the the settings are not being shown. What can I do?
  • #161
    some frames are not detected :(
  • #158
    Is it somehow possible to hide frames when target is out of range? If it's not, could it be implemented? I know there are a lot of addons that show that, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement (I think, lol).

    Much love for an awesome addon by the way!
  • #159
    Also, something that might require a bit more work, but I'll throw it in here anyway. Would it be possible to show/hide if spell X is on/off cooldown? Kind of like CooldownAlpha, but with other elements.
  • #160
    I'm taking a break from wow so there probably wont be any updates for a while. I'll keep the Target Distance condition in mind for if/when I come back, though. I think you are correct that cooldowns would be a lot harder to implement.
  • #155
    If I wanted a frame to only appear when my Target has a Target would the command not read "[[Target of [Target]]exists]"?

    Because I can't get the frame to show up with that condition selected.
  • #156
    There was a bug. I uploaded version 1.4d to fix it (it will take several hours for the new version to be approved by curse though). Thanks for letting me know!
  • #157
  • #153
    i would like to hide the whole chat box, and only show up when mouseover, or combat, or there is new incoming chat (and if so show up for 3 seconds or something) - is that possible with Kong, I couldn't find a condition like "frame is updated".
  • #154
    There isn't any way to show something based on chat events. It would be cool tho. It's on the list of stuff to do.

    For the time being, I'd recommend trying out the chat fading options in Prat.
  • #149

    recently you changed the way to edit the criteria for hiding. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to edit macro conditions anymore - I have to retype them completely which is rather awkward with longer conditions. Is there a way to do so?

    I also have a problem with the "worn"/"equipped" condition. The following macro hides the UI whether the hat is worn or not: [form:0/1/3, nomounted, worn:[Wettergegerbter Angelhut]]. If I make it a "noworn" the UI is not being hidden.

    Am I doing something wrong here?
  • #150
    I hadn't thought about having to retype long macro conditions. Sorry. I'll look into allowing you to start with the existing condition in the future.

    Regarding your macro: frankly I'm surprised it works at all. AFAIK, you can't put the names of specific items in a [worn] macro condition. I just tested it and it seems to only work for general item types like "worn:polearms". Maybe it is different on German WoW clients?

    So unfortunately, I can't help with your macro condition, but I will consider adding an "Item is Equipped" custom condition in the future.
  • #152
    Ah - I didn't know how "worn" works - now it does what I wanted - thanks.

    Thanks for this great addon.
  • #146
    I am trying to hide my chatbox completely when I am in combat and have it show when i am out of combat . will this addon perform this for me??
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