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  • World of Warcraft
  • 880 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 354,272 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/23/2015
  • Created 12/29/2006
  • 594 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 3.65

About Koordinator


Koordinator is an addon that adds a coordinate system into the worldmap, the minimap, to the partymember portraits and into a separate, dragable mini-window. You can easily enable or disable every entity to your own preferences via the options dialog.

Koordinator is basically used to determine locations of NPCs or items so that you can give that coordinates to other players.


  • Just extract the "Koordinator" folder to 'Path:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\',
    e.g. 'C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns'.

Attention: Be sure that the path is the same where WoW is originally installed! For example: If you have installed WoW to 'F:\Games\World of Warcraft' be assure that you will extract the Koordinator folder to 'F:\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns'.


  • /koordinator or /koo --> Opens the options dialog


  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian

If you want to translate Koordinator into your language please let me know.

Changes in 3.65:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 6.1.0
  • Fixed coordinates on world map. They are working with full-screen world map and windowed world map.

Changes in 3.64:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 6.0.2
  • Fixed action of the checkboxes. Thanks to Ara2000 for fixing this!

Changes in 3.63:

  • Fixed coordinates on world map, again.
  • Fixed mouse button events on mini-window. Once again you can use right-click on the miniwindow to open the options dialog. By pressing shift and left mouse button on the miniwindow, you can directly send your coordinates into the Chat.
  • Set Auto-Reply to disabled by default. I think Auto-Reply is working again and therefore it would be better to leave it disabled by default. You can change that within the options.

Changes in 3.62:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 5.4.0
  • Fixed location of worldmap player- and cursor coordinates. Thanks to 'riverdude' for code adaption!

Changes in 3.61:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 5.3.0
  • Replaced function GetNumPartyMembers with GetNumSubgroupMembers

Changes in 3.60:

  • Adaption of code in order to work with new version 4.0.3 by 'Invinciblor', the author of 'Coordinator'. Many many thanks to 'Invinciblor'!

Changes in 3.50:

  • Fixed 'ChatFrameEditBox' to 'ChatFrame1EditBox' due to changings within the API. Thanks to 'Paffendorf'! He made the fix available during my holidays :)

Changes in 3.32:

  • Fixed position of the party member coordinates in order to make the new dungeon finder visible. Thanks and credits go to 'TheDefiant604'!
  • Added french localization. Merci and thanks to 'ckeurk' for the translation!
  • Added russian localization. Thanks to 'panam4ik' for the translation!

Changes in 3.31:

  • Fixed bug that affected the party member coordinates. Now, the coordinates of every party member (including yourself) should be shown correctly.

Changes in 3.30:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 3.3.0

Changes in 3.29:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 3.2.0

Changes in 3.28:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 3.1.0

Changes in 3.27:

  • Changed behavior of Auto Reply function. Koordinator no longer replaces yellow system messages such as AFK/DND messages. Instead of that an additional Koordinator system message will appear if Auto Replay is enabled.
  • Minor improvements

Changes in 3.26:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 3.0.2

Changes in 3.25:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 2.4.0

Changes in 3.24:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 2.3.0
  • Fixed bug that didn't show cursor coordinates in maps without own character visible.

Changes in 3.23:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 2.2.0

Changes in 3.22:

  • Right click on miniwindow to open the options window
  • Ability to bind the options window to a key
  • Fixed bug that occured with 'Guild Event Manager' (and possibly other addons) due to the setting of the global AFK and DND variables to 'nil'.

Changes in 3.21:

  • Updated italian localization
  • Fixed misspelling in english localization

Changes in 3.20:

  • Chat coordinates have been improved: Now, if the ChatEditBox is not visible and you were shift-left-clicking on the Miniwindow then your coordinates will go into the current active chat type, e.g. GUILD, PARTY, etc.
  • Changed the design of the miniwindow and options dialog to the old behavior.
  • New feature: It is now possible to bind the output of chat coordinates to a button. Note: Keyboard bindings will not work if you were currently typing a chat message. Only other input devices like your mouse are supported then.
  • New feature: AFK/DND Auto Reply: You are now able to enable the option AFK/DND Auto Reply. In that case, Koordinator will automatically answer with your current coordinates to that person that is whispering to you.

Changes in 3.01:

  • Fixed bug in incompatibility checker

Changes in 3.00:

  • Koordinator Recoded! Tons of changes and optimizations in code
  • New design for options dialog and mini window
  • Added to possibility to add your coordinates to the chat. Just do "Shift + left Mousebutton" while typing a message to someone.
  • Complete recoding of the incompatibility checker: Koordinator is now able to check against a incompatibility list and determine which feature of Koordinator is incompatible to that affected addon. E.g. if you were using Titan Panel and Koordinator, both will display the worldmap coordinates. Koordinator auto detects that and simply disables the worldmap coordinates of Titan Panel, until you disable Koordinator`s.
  • And a lot more. Just check it out! :)

Changes in 2.09:

  • Updated TOC for current client version 2.1.0

Changes in 2.08:

  • Customized settings will now be saved per account instead per character so you don't need to make your favorite settings for each single character anymore.

Changes in 2.07:

  • When disabling the minimap coordinates zoneinformation are now shown immediately
  • Optimized version checker so options will only be resetted if necessary

Changes in 2.06:

  • Changed the frame strata of playermember coordinates so that there is no more overlap with other frames like the item socketing UI
  • The options dialog will now hide automatically when binding it to a key and then pressing it twice.
  • Added sounds for opening and closing event of the options dialog

Changes in 2.05:

  • Fixed open issue: When zooming out within the worldmap the game API returns the player position relative to the current zoom level. That caused wrong cooridnates within the miniwindow, minimap and partymember frames when closing the worldmap in a different zoom level than the actual zone was. This open issue is now fixed!
  • Changed and optimized the calculation of the mousecursor position within the worldmap.

Changes in 2.04:

  • Auto-disable function for partymember coordinates introduced in 2.03 wasn't working properly. Some addons like "ag_UnitFrames" seems not to work with the event "ADDON_LOADED". So the auto-disable function has been rewritten in a completely different way.
  • There is now an addon-incompatibility-list within Koordinator that can be easily updated. Koordinator is now comparing every installed addon with this incompatibility-list. If there are any matches the coordinates of partymembers will be disabled.
  • The new auto-disable function for partymember coordinates makes it possible to use e.g. the "XPerl PlayerFrames" with having the coordinates for partymembers enabled. You just have to disable the "XPerl PartyFrames".
  • Added italian localization (thanks to siv0968)

Changes in 2.03:

  • Added auto-disable function for partymember coordinates if there is running an addon the replaces the original unit frames like the addon XPerl does. Currently only XPerl will be detected automatically. In that case Koordinator will disable the checkbox for partymember coordinates.
  • Please report any other addons that may have touble with displaying the partymember coordinates or if you have any suggestions how to make partymember coordinates compatible with every modified unit frame.

Changes in 2.02:

  • Added auto-disable function for partymember coordinates if "Turn off party display when in a raid" option is checked within the WoW interface settings to prevent 'ghost coordinates' on screen.

Changes in 2.01:

  • Added version checker that will reset the settings if a newer/older version of Koordinator is detected. This has become necessary because pre 2.00 releases used boolean values for some settings. With the adding of the new options dialog in version 2.00 these values had to be numeric. If you are currently running an older version of Koordinator, some errors will occure when using version 2.00. The new version checker should prevent this for all upcoming releases.

Changes in 2.00:

  • Added option dialog to make the configuration much more easier! Just type "/koo" to show the option dialog.
  • Added the option to display the coordinates of party-members!
  • Removed all these confusing console-commands
  • Tons of changes in code!

Changes in 1.23:

  • Right justified the coords within the miniwindow
  • Fixed the movement of the divider within the miniwindow when coordinates changed
  • Changed the apperance of the divider within the miniwindow

Changes in 1.22:

  • Fixed type error in option help list.
  • Added divider-commands to the option help list

Changes in 1.21:

  • Added message to mimimap when disabling coordinates within the minimap. This is to prevent the coords display to freeze with last coordinates until the zone is changed.
  • Added option to select between comma and vertical line as divider for x- and y-coordinates. Use /koordinator divider vline or /koordinator divider comma for switching between both variants.
  • Added optionally shorter console-commands, e.g. you can use /koordinator minimap, /koo mm or a combination of both. The short console-commands are marked with blue font.
  • Minor changes in code

Changes in 1.20:

  • Added dragable mini-window that shows your coordinates. Use /koordinator miniwindow to enable or disable.
  • Added decimal places. Use /koordinator dec0, dec1 or dec2 to change the position after decimal point.
  • Changed displaying method of console-commands.
  • Changed font of Koordinator within the worldmap to restrict the movement of the divider between the x- and y-coordinates.
  • A lot of changes in code.


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  • #245

    Hi there,

    I've just uploaded version 3.65 with updated TOC (works with 6.1.0 now) and fixed coordinates on the world map. The coordinates are now being shown in both full-screen and windows world map.


  • #243
    wow 6.0.2


    ## Interface: 50400


    ## Interface: 60000



    --Action of the checkboxes
    function KoordinatorOptionsFrame_OnClick(self, button, down)
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorMiniWindowButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.miniWindow = self:GetChecked();
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorMiniMapButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.miniMap = self:GetChecked();
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorWorldMapButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.worldMap = self:GetChecked();
            if(koordinatorSettings.incompatibilitySetter == 1) then
                inc = 1;
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorPartyButton")) then
   = self:GetChecked();
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorDividerButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.divider = self:GetChecked();
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorAutoReplyButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.autoReply = self:GetChecked();
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorSlider")) then
            koordinatorSettings.slider = self:GetValue();


    --Action of the checkboxes
    function KoordinatorOptionsFrame_OnClick(self, button, down)
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorMiniWindowButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.miniWindow = ((self:GetChecked()) and 1) or nil;
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorMiniMapButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.miniMap = ((self:GetChecked()) and 1) or nil;
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorWorldMapButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.worldMap = ((self:GetChecked()) and 1) or nil;
            if(koordinatorSettings.incompatibilitySetter == 1) then
                inc = 1;
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorPartyButton")) then
   = ((self:GetChecked()) and 1) or nil;
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorDividerButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.divider = ((self:GetChecked()) and 1) or nil;
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorAutoReplyButton")) then
            koordinatorSettings.autoReply = ((self:GetChecked()) and 1) or nil;
        if(self:GetName() == ("KoordinatorSlider")) then
            koordinatorSettings.slider = floor((self:GetValue()) + 0.5);

  • #244

    Hi Ara2000,

    thank you for the code adaption. Nice work, I really appreciate that! :)
    I just have updated Koordinator to version 3.64 and it should work with WoW 6.0.2 now.


  • #242

    Hello there,

    it is incredible! After all these years Koordinator is still being used and seems to work with only small changes. Thank you for your support over all these years! :)

    As a result, I have made the necessary changes as stated in the comments and hopefully it should be working again. So...version 3.61 of Koordinator has just been uploaded and should be available here at curse very soon.
    If you find any errors, please let me know and if there is anyone who would like to continue the work on Koordinator, don't hesitate to contact me.


  • #241

    Vince here, author of Coordinator (with a 'C'). Just popping in to let folks know I've got an eye on the Koordinator page here.

  • #240

    still working with MoP 5.3 so thanks much - like the fact that it can be moved where I want it.



  • #239

    I just confirmed RIVERDUDES recommendations:

    Compatible with World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (Current build for 16 Nov 2012)

    Path:  ~ World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Koordinator

    Doing a global replace of the described strings in Koordinator.lua and changing the build number in Koordinator.toc (current is 50001) makes the addon function normally

    replace GetNumPartyMembers with GetNumSubgroupMembers

    be sure to save the files after editting

    regards, Moggers

    Last edited by Moggers on 11/15/2012 5:23:19 PM
  • #238

    Basic issue is that Blizz dropped GetNumPartyMembers from the API and replaced it with GetNumSubgroupMembers.  Just do a global search and replace and it should be good to go again.  Well, change the version number in the TOC.

  • #236

    *** RIP ***

    since WoW 4.3.x this addon doesn't work anymore!

  • #237

    Hello there,

    I'm sorry to hear that Koordinator doesn't work anymore. I'll try to test it out one more time and maybe I can fix it.

    The thing is that I don't play WoW anymore and therefore it is hard to keep this up because I even don't know what Blizzard has changed to make Koordinator malfunctioning.

    Stay tuned, maybe there will be one more new version of Koordinator.


  • #234
    hello, I write only to thank you for this addon .. is excellent!!. ..
    I write to ask you (as the comments) if you could
    translated into Spanish ... English is very easy and basic in the addon but
    I ask only if you have time, I would greatly appreciate me, and all
    Spanish speakers ...
    pd; sorry if my English is bad: 3
  • #235
    Hello there,
    thank you very much for your kind words! :)

    Translating Koordinator is no problem at all. It is already translated into German, French, Italian and Russian.
    I have sent you a private message with all words that need to be translated. If you have done so, just send me the translation and I will release a new version of Koordinator. It's no big deal at all :)

    Best regards,
  • #232
    Hello everybody,

    I've just uploaded a new version of Koordinator that should work with version 4.0.3. Credits go to 'Invinciblor' the author of 'Coordinator'. Many many thanks for that! :)

  • #233
    Thanks so much!!!
  • #229
    For those of you missing this addon, like me, here is a comparable one: Maybe this addon's author will allow that addon's author to take it over! Hint, hint! Wink, wink!
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