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KonferSK (Suicide Kings)

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 02/24/2015
  • Created 08/15/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Apache License version 2.0
  • Newest File: r610

About KonferSK (Suicide Kings)

Konfer (Suicide Kings Edition) implements the Suicide Kings loot distribution system. This mod is under active development so comments, good or bad, are welcome. I especially want to hear from you if you find any problems so that I can fix them ASAP. The official home for KSK is Also if you are able to translate KonferSK into other languages I would love to hear from you.


  • Supports multiple configurations, including guild configs and PUG configs. Each configuration is completely discrete.
  • Quick and easy user and list management
  • Simple, compact user interface
  • Robust synchronization between administrators
  • Item editor that allows you to auto-assign items to users or set default loot priorities
  • User-only mode for non-administrators so they can see their list positions and watch looting take place
  • Auto-assignment of loot when a bid is won
  • Auto-assign loot to defined enchanters if no users bid on an item
  • Supports open rolls that do not suicide users on lists
  • Open roll system supports alt-spec rolls (/roll 101-200)
  • Import of existing SKG users and lists
  • Import users by guild rank or from a CSV list
  • Export to CSV or XML formats
  • Announces winners in guild or raid chat
  • Supports silent bidding (highest bidder not announced)
  • Filters out all mod-related messages for master looter so chat isn't cluttered
  • Will support automatic list position decay (in a few weeks)
  • Allows master looter to force bids and retractions
  • Automatically assigns BOE items that are not bid on to the master looter
  • Automatically supports class restrictions if an item is class specific
  • Guild rank based filtering (allow only raiders and above to roll, then members and above etc)
  • Allows you to define user "roles" such as tank, healer, spellcaster etc, and filter based on that role
  • Detailed admin guide at (summarized below)

First Time Usage

To start using KonferSK you must first create a "configuration". KonferSK supports any number of configurations, each of which can be thought of as a completely different installation of KonferSK. They share no data whatsoever. To create a configuration type:

/ksk createconfig "Configuration Name"

Since this is your first configuration, it will also be the default. You can now use "/ksk" to access the main window. You can also type "/ksk config admin" to get to the configuration admin panel.

The first thing you need to decide is whether or not this is a guild or a PUG configuration. Guild configurations broadcast all of their information to the guild, and PUG configurations only to an active raid. Usually only the guild leader or an officer will create a guild configuration. You should then decide whether or not alts are "tethered". If alts are tethered, it means that only 1 entry will appear in any roll lists for a user. All of that user's defined alts will appear underneath that main user, and they all move on the lists as a group. Thus, no matter which toon they are playing, if they move on a list all of their toons move together. If you want each toon to be its own entity and move independently of each other, turn alt tethering off.

Once the configuration has been created, press the "Users" tab at the bottom or type "/ksk users". This will display the user editor. You can then either create each user by hand, import guild users by rank, or import an existing SKG players list if you were using SKG. When adding users you can assign each user a specific "role". The possible values for the role are "Healer", "Spellcaster", "Melee DPS", "Ranged DPS" and "Tank". It is possible to filter out bids based on which role a user has. If you don't care to do role filtering, leave this as "Not Set" (or you can define the roles for keeping track of who does what and simply not use role filters).

Once you have users defined, you should press the "Lists" button at the bottom or type "/ksk lists". This will show you the currently defined lists and the members on each list, in their correct order. Currently this will be empty. Press the "Config" tab at the top to display the list configuration window. At the bottom right are buttons you can use to create, delete, rename lists etc, or import users into the lists by rank or from an existing SKG roll list if you have SKG installed. Once a list has been created, you can change its sort order if you do not want lists to simply be sorted alphabetically (for example, you want the raiders list displayed before the members list). Lists with the lowest numbered sort order will be displayed first, and lists with the same sort order will be sorted alphabetically. If you do not import users from the guild roster or SKG, press the "Members" tab at the top, select the list you want to add users to, and press the "Insert" button to insert users into the list.


  • /ksk or /ksk lists - opens the main window, which is the loot members list
  • /ksk loot - opens the loot assignment window
  • /ksk items - opens the item editor
  • /ksk additem itemlink - adds the specified item to the item editor. You need to shift-click an item link from elsewhere to get the correct item link.
  • /ksk users - opens the user editor
  • /ksk sync - opens the sync manager
  • /ksk config - opens the loot assignment options window
  • /ksk help - shows all other commands you can use

Loot Assignment

There are things you can do to make your life easier when it comes time to distribute loot. First, if you have multiple lists that people roll on and you usually start with one particular list, set the default roll list in the loot configuration window (/ksk config). Second, if this is a guild configuration and your ranks are sanely assigned and you use rank filtering, set the default rank you want to start bidding with in each list's configuration. Third, correctly mark those users that are enchanters in the user editor.

When a user has been marked as an enchanter in the user editor, you can select them in the loot assignment options to receive loot that is not bid on. You can set up to 6 enchanters here. Whichever of these enchanters is in raid will be awarded any item that is not bid or rolled on (they will not be suicided).

By default "Auto assign loot when bids close" is enabled. What this means is that when users have bid on an item and a winner has been determined (or users have rolled, or no users have bid and a trusted enchanter is online), KSK will give you the option to automatically assign the item to the relevant user. You always have the option of canceling this auto-assignment, but if you accept, the item is immediately awarded to the user, there is no need to select the item in the standard Blizzard loot frame. In fact if you auto-assign the loot, it will be removed from the Blizzard frame.

Sometimes you may want a specific user to receive a specific item, either because they are collecting a set or because you made a loot mistake or correction and want to ensure that a user receives an item the next time it drops. To do this, add the item with /ksk additem, and in the item editor (/ksk items) select "Assign Next Drop to user", and then press the "Select" button to select the user that will receive the item. You can optionally cause this auto-assignment to suicide the user on a given list, and if this is to be a once-off auto-assignment, select "Auto remove when assigned". If you want the user to receive all drops of the item leave that option unchecked. A good use of this option is for items like the shards for the legendary mace out of Ulduar, you can use this to always assign them to the same healer until they have all 30 shards.

When you add an item to the item list you can also select a specific list to roll on for the item (for example, force Tier items to be rolled for on a Tier list). You can also set custom class restrictions, although the defaults are based on the item type, armor type, or any intrinsic class restrictions.

Each time you click on a lootable item (the top right hand window in the loot panel) it will set whichever list is appropriate as the default (either the global default list or a list specifically set for that item in the item editor). It will also set the initial class filters and guild rank, if you have set any of those values for the roll lists or for the item. You can change the list and filters as you see fit, and then press either "Open Bids" or "Open Roll". Opening bids will allow users to whisper you the word "bid" to bid on an item or "retract" to retract their bid. If they are also using KonferSK, they will see the same window you do and will be able to press the Bid or Retract buttons.

You can change the bid list while bidding is active to move from one list to another, and you can change various filters such as the guild rank filter to allow more and more users to bid. For my own guild, we always start bidding for "raiders", and then if none bid change the guild rank filter to "members", then "initiates" etc. There is a little red "-" next to the guild rank filter that will automatically move down one guild rank to make life easier for rank based filtering.

As the master looter you can select a member from the members list (bottom left panel) and press "Force Bid" to force that user to bid, or select a person who has already rolled and press "Force Retract" to force a retraction. When bid time is over, press "Close Bids" and if there was a winner, it will suicide the user on the list they bid on, and optionally automatically assign the item to them. If no users bid and there are enchanters online (and the option is enabled) it will assign the item to an enchanter to be disenchanted. If the item is a BoE item and the option is set (it is by default) it will assign the item to the master looter instead of an enchanter.

If you want users to be able to roll for an item and not be suicided, you can press "Open Roll" instead of "Open Bids". This starts a 10-second roll-off. Only the 5 highest rollers are shown. If a user types /roll within the last 5 seconds of the countdown, the timer will be automatically extended back to to 5 seconds. KSK supports the notion of "rolling for alts". Normal users who want the item for their main spec can use /roll as per normal. If a user is rolling for an alt, they can use /roll 101-200 to indicate they are rolling for an alt. KSK automatically recognizes that a main spec roll of 89 is higher than an alt-spec roll of 190. If a user rolled incorrectly (they typed just /roll instead of /roll 101-200 for an off-spec item), they can re-roll. However, they do not actually get another shot at rolling a higher number. Their original number is preserved. For example, if a user typed /roll and rolled 65, but realized they should have rolled for off-spec and type /roll 101-200, KSK will adjust their original roll and pretend they had rolled 165 initially, even if their new roll was 199. You can manually pause and resume the roll countdown timer by pressing "Pause" and "Resume".

Changes in r610:

  • Updated for release 6.1.0
  • Guild rank priorities now work again
  • Guild import level slider now goes to 100

Changes in r605:

  • Fixed a small Lua error introduced with the last version

Changes in r604:

  • Fixed a problem where the local realm was being replaced for xrealm characters
  • Try to fix a problem where disconnected realm player rolls aren't recognised

Changes in r603:

  • Fixed a problem with detecting guild officers.

Changes in r602:

  • Fixed a problem that was preventing broadcasts due to incorrectly determining guild rank permissions.

Changes in r601:

  • Fixed a problem that was preventing raids being correctly detected, which meant that the mod wasn't active in SoO, for example.

Changes in r600:

  • Updated to work with 6.0.x. This is largely untested so please report any problems immediately.

Changes in r544:

  • Fixed guild configs so they can be broadcast again
  • Fixed a Lua error that sometimes appeared when adding users

Changes in r543:

  • Fixed whisper bids not working
  • Fixed not assigning loot correctly
  • Fixed not assigning to enchanter when no successful bids

Changes in r542:

  • Fixed a bug where brand new users or if you removed your configs would create a Lua error

Changes in r541:

  • Updated for 5.4.x
  • Hopefully works with cross-realm guild and raid members now

Changes in r530:

  • Updated for 5.3.x
  • No longer get "user in raid but not in list" warnings when in LFR
  • Hopefully fix bug where sometimes loot window doesn't open for some bosses
  • Other minor improvements

Changes in r512:

  • Updated for 5.1.0

Changes in r502:

  • Fixed a Lua error when clicking on some loot items the ML can't loot
  • Fixed a Lua error relating to the removal of the decay option that would show up when clicking users sometimes

Changes in r501:

  • Fixed several bug relating to API changes that Blizzard made. A bunch of Lua errors were fixed.
  • Removed the "Exempt from Decay" option in the user editor because KSK will never have decay.
  • A very big thank you to Malkie and LestatAlmighty for helping me test this new release. Lets just pretend r500 never existed.
  • Fixed a string that was causing an unlocalized warning to appear.

Changes in r500:

  • Updated to work with 5.0.x
  • Fixed problems with checksums and other issues for 64-bit client

Changes in r430:

  • Updated to work with 4.3 client

Changes in r412:

  • Hopefully fixed addon communication so syncing will work again

Changes in r411:

  • Updated for 4.2 (finally)

Changes in r410:

  • Updated for patch 4.1.0. Should fix things not being communicated between players.

Changes in r312:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing a Lua error on startup due to changes in 406. Now all relics are available to all classes, and bosses won't drop sigils, librams etc.

Changes in r311:

  • Fixed max level to be 85 instead of 80.

Changes in r310:

  • Updated for 4.0.1
  • Minor French locale fix

Changes in r309:
Changed the way guild ranks are interrogated. This will hopefully eliminate the issue of users not getting broadcasts for guild configs for once and for all.

Changes in r308:
There is still a problem with initialization where the guild ranks are not being set correctly when the mod first starts up. I am working on that issue. For the time being if you use a guild config I suggest you do:

/kore ginit /kore status

before trying to do major syncs or broadcasts. Not only you, but the recipient needs to do it too. I will find a way to fix this but it is taking a while to get it exactly right.

  • Added French locale support thanks to Florian Dupret (Grimal)
  • Added BBcode export thanks to Florian Dupret (Grimal)
  • Attempt to improve guild member detection which was preventing broadcasts from working sometimes, which made it difficult for users to sync.
  • Corrected Warlock weapons list as they can use staves. This would affect the class filter and make it incorrectly disallow warlocks from receiving staves unless you explicitly enabled it.
  • Added /kore ginit command to force guild rank initialisation in case the mod gets it wrong.
  • Added /kore status command that produces some useful debugging info in case you are still having trouble with some users not able to receive broadcasts.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong enchanter was being set when you pressed different "Select" buttons for the 6 possible enchanters.

Please note if you use KonferPUG you must also update it to get the new version of KKore.

Changes in r307:

  • Small change to the sync display window that was preventing some users from doing an initial sync with the config owner due to the sync button being greyed out for first time usage.

Changes in r306:

  • Improved /ksk repair to repair missing data from lists that was causing Lua errors. Lists could have had incorrect data broadcast if they had a ":" in the name.

Changes in r305:

  • Slight change to loot announce to announce one item per line, always.
  • XSLT sorting issue fixed (thanks to David Fillmore)
  • Co-admin highlight issue fixed
  • Added list name and membership checks to /ksk repair

Changes in r304:

  • Fixed a bug where the initial broadcast of a config was causing a Lua error, which would prevent the mod from working further, and users would be unable to select a config correctly.
  • When you change configs, clear out the syncers list in case you had existing sync requests displayed from the old config.

Changes in r302:[b]

  • Fixed the SetMinMax Lua error that was affecting some users.

[b]Changes in r301:

  • Fixed the Lua error during a suicide roll
  • Clean up the owner's user structure if they remove all admins
  • Fixed a problem with detecting alts for co-admins

Changes in r300:

  • This is mostly cosmetic but changed the way version numbers are generated. No longer use the Subversion revision number but rather a manually incremented number. For no particular reason other than the fact that its a round number, this version number is 300.
  • When you switch lists or looting begins, optionally display a list of current raiders who are not on the selected list.
  • Fixed a problem where if an admin's alt tried to create a user, it was using the wrong admin ID.
  • Fixed announcement message for off-spec rolls.
  • Fixed a logic bug with the sync history auto-trimming code that was keeping processed events around even after the events are known to have been safely processed. This didn't affect functionality but did cause a small amount of memory to be wasted.
  • Ensure stored events are auto-trimmed even if it was an admin's alt that sent us the auto-trim event.
  • Fixed a problem where the user count was being corrupted when you switched from tethered to untethered alts and back. This could also be triggered when you marked or unmarked as user as being an alt. If you had a previously corrupted user count this version will fix the user count.
  • Fixed a problem where the list count was being corrupted when a list was deleted. If you had a previously corrupted list database this version will automatically fix the list count.
  • Item tooltips are now enabled in the history browser.
  • You can now Shift-Click items in both the loot distribution window and the history browser to insert a chat link for the clicked item. If you do this in the loot window it does NOT select the item or change the currently selected item, it just inserts the link.
  • Significant changes and speedup in the list display code for long lists (like the full user list, roll lists etc).
  • Significant change to the few places where popup menus are used (inserting a user into a roll list, selecting an alt's main, selecting an enchanter and assigning the next drop to a specific user). Uses the new KKore popup list code and no longer wastes memory the way the old code did.
  • A few other visual cleanups, such as disabling the user interface elements in the user panel when no user is selected (and disabling the Delete and Rename buttons).
  • When using the "Announce All" button in the list panel, prefix additional lines with "KonferSK" so that the chat message filter works for any additional lines that get sent, not just the first.
  • When the chat message filter is enabled, also filter out mod messages that go to guild chat, not just raid chat.
  • In the config administration panel, the config owner is now a dropdown list of currently configured coadmins. Only existing coadmins can ever be converted to the list owner and it makes more sense to have this be a dropdown rather than having to type the user's name in.
  • Fixed a bug in the dropdown code that was causing a titled dropdown to lose its title. This could be seen in the Copy Config dialog where the dialog box with the list of roll lists to copy was not correctly titled.
  • If you inserted a user into the list and you had tethered alts set, selecting an alt from the popup list would incorrectly insert the alt into the list, not the user's main. Fixed.
  • Correctly disable the force bid button if you cancel a bid.
  • Several under the hood improvements to the KKore UI module, many of which improve the visual appearance. The changes are subtle but noticable if you are as picky as me.

Release 217:

  • Fixed the user delete dialog to correctly display the "Delete all alts of user" option.
  • Pop up a visible warning rather than just printing a line of text if you receive protocol messages from a user whose mod is out of date.
  • Increased the protocol version number to force all users to upgrade. Users with older versions of the mod will still only see the printed warning, not the popup dialog.
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the user delete code where it was skipping over every second alt when you deleted a user and all their alts. Also fix corrupted user lists on startup if you had been affected by this bug.

Release 209:

  • Fixed importing of SKG and SuicideKings lists.
  • Fixed a Lua aerror that was popping up when you tried to add a new user.

Release 204:

  • Removed the online detection code as it was causing people to lag out.

Release 200:

  • Moved all roll related options, including broadcast message options, to a new rolls tab on the config panel. You can access this with /ksk config rolls.
  • Made off-spec rolls optional. Disabling offspec rolls will only recognise normal /roll or /roll 1-1 to cancel a roll.
  • Added a feature called "suicide rolls". This uses an open roll to determine a winner, but also suicides the user on the current list. Why anyone would want this is still a mystery to me but users have asked for it.
  • You can make the "open roll" button be a suicide roll by default. Set the option in the roll options tab.
  • Shift-clicking the open roll button will use a suicide roll instead of an open roll. If you have suicide rolls enabled by default, then shift-clicking will start a normal (non-suicide) roll.
  • Added new 'Announce All' button to the list manager. This will announce the full list, not just the active raiders and their relative positions.
  • Can now Shift-click either the Announce or the new Announce All button to make it announce the list in guild chat instead of raid chat.
  • Added Emblem of Frost to the default list of items to be ignored.
  • Detect other KahLua Konfer addons and allow you to select which one should be active. This will be shown each time you first log in or refresh your user interface. Only one Konfer addon can be active at a time.
  • If you suspend the mod with /ksk suspend that setting is now "sticky". I.e it will survive a user interface reload or game restart. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS! If the mod is suspended it will not pop up when you loot a corpse in a raid. Of course you can always resume it at any time with /ksk resume and re-loot the corpse to have it pop up.
  • Changed some internals to use better event names so as not to clash with other mods. Also corrected for the KKore fix to the events and messages API.
  • The winning bidder's position is now displayed in [brackets] next to their name when the winning bid is announced in raid or guild chat.
  • Handle the case where an item received in a sync message that isnt in the users item database fails more gracefully.
  • Fixed an error that would pop up if the mod was suspended and you joined a raid.
  • Fixed a bug where the mod was still poping up if you were not the ML and you had either suspended the mod or had auto-popup disabled.
  • Added a feature where you can set the bid loot threshold. This can be (and probably should be) higher than the threshold set in the Blizzard UI. Anything at or above this threshold is bid on. Anything below it is optionally automatically sent to a disenchanter.
  • In the loot lists and other convenient places, if a raider is offline, their class color is dimmed. Raiders that are online have their normal class colors.
  • Two new options in the item editor: one will allow you to automatically assign an item to a raid enchanter to be disenchanted, and one to automatically loot the item to the master looter. Both options will completely bypass bidding and rolling for the item and simply assign the items to the relevant person.


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  • #751


    How can we change the owner of a list ?

  • #752

    You can't. KSK has no concept of a "list owner". What exactly are you trying to do?

  • #753

    Sorry, my question is about the configuration owner, not the list owner. 

    When the configuration owner quit the guild, is there a way to transfer the configuration to another admin ?

  • #749

    Recently been getting a weird Lua error:

    Message: Interface\AddOns\KKonferSK\KSK-Comms.lua:348: bad argument #2 to 'strsplit' (string expected, got boolean)
    Time: 09/09/15 20:15:47
    Count: 1
    Stack: (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    Interface\AddOns\KKonferSK\KSK-Comms.lua:348: in function <Interface\AddOns\KKonferSK\KSK-Comms.lua:234>
    Interface\AddOns\KKonferSK\KSK-Comms.lua:415: in function `?'
    Interface\AddOns\KKonferSK\KKore\KKore.lua:918: in function <Interface\AddOns\KKonferSK\KKore\KKore.lua:918>
    [string "safecall DispatcherQ[4]"]:4: in function <[string "safecall DispatcherQ[4]"]:4>
    [C]: ?
    [string "safecall DispatcherQ[4]"]:13: in function `?'
    Interface\AddOns\KKonferSK\KKore\KKore.lua:867: in function `Fire'
    Interface\AddOns\KKonferSK\KKore\KKore.lua:1501: in function <Interface\AddOns\KKonferSK\KKore\KKore.lua:1484>

    Locals: <none>

    Any ideas on how I should clear it? Remove the variable files in WTF?

  • #750

    Help me help you by telling me what you are doing when you get this error? When did it start? What were you doing at the time?

    Software is very deterministic. It doesn't just start failing for no reason :)

  • #747

    [Edited by Cruci] is back up and the admin guide can be found in it's old location:

    Last edited by Cruciformer on 8/24/2015 4:31:29 PM
  • #745

    As of last night I noticed that when I do free rolls for an item it is not including the link of the item in the announcement to raid chat. I am reasonably certain that it was doing this before, any idea how to fix it?

  • #746

    Well considering the mod hasn't changed in many months if something "suddenly" changed it's not likely to be the mod, now is it? :)

    Does it not show just for you or does it not show for anybody? If just for you then you have the message filter enabled. No need for the person doing the rolls to see the roll in chat if they are looking at the mod that is causing the roll.

    Last edited by Cruciformer on 8/14/2015 9:40:10 AM
  • #744


    first of all thanks for this great addon. We started working with it yesterday and the first impression is great. All we had is one question: If someone wins an item and the loot is given out the person goes to the end of the list. So far its fine. But if someone of the list is missing then the looter stand on top of this person. (This should be the intended way i know). The question is: Will there (or is there) an option to say the looter has to go to the end of the list behind everyone (also behind missing persons)

    I hope its understandable. Good day to everyone.

  • #742

    Cruciformer, thank you for keeping this addon going so well.  I had just a quick question for you.  Is there an updated guide on this anywhere by chance?  The original website guide (and website) are down, and everything else I'm finding is dated 2011 with half-broken picture links, etc.  Thanks in advance!

  • #743

    Oh crap. Yeah the server died and I never got around to replacing the web server (I've been hella busy). I will try make time for it this week, this weekend at the latest. Sorry about that.

  • #740

    A couple of things. First, if it is a guild config, then the addon communicates over the guild addon channel so even if you are sitting in your garrison out of raid, and the config owner is logging in and out a lot, it will broadcast the lists. Of course this also happens if they actively press broadcast.

    Nothing has changed in the mod that should make it use more memory. It has been in existence for a number of years now and this is the first time Ive ever heard of people having memory issues. I have gone out of my way to make sure that the memory footprint is as little as possible.

    I have absolutely no way to debug this remotely. I can't even offer suggestions on how to improve things, sadly, because I just cannot even begin to imaginer what would be causing such big jumps in memory usage. All I know is there are over 5000 users of this version and you guys are the only ones that seem to be having trouble.

    The only one single thing I can think of is that one of the people marked as admin isn't syncing, and the mod is storing more and more events to send to that admin (it's how the syncing works). One thing I would suggest is for the config owner to sync with all current admins until everyone is in sync, then remove all co-admins, and broadcast. The add the co-admins back 1 by 1, broadcasting each time and syncing with each co-admin as you add them. If you have someone marked as a co-admin and they are away for a while it is better to delete them as a co-admin until they return. That and the loot history are the only things that accumulate over time. That may also be a good idea, for the owner to clear the loot history.

    Hope that helps.

  • #741

    Thanks will do that, I am main admin / owner and run the loot every week apart from the odd day or two every so often, I do prune the loot list every month.

    There are a few other co-admins on the list but they have been there for a while and are also in the raid almost every week.

    Wagg isn't an admin only a few officers who run the loot when I'm not there, other then that not doing anything unsual in the logging off and on etc did a checksum check with them and they are all fine. In terms of how I run in a raid, I turn up get invited or run the invites then compare the list to the CSV / board export on the website to see they match the list in the addon once I zone into the raid. Once I'm sure they match I run a broadcast for the raid from the button then from there I'm in the raid until raid end using the addon as normal. End of night before I hearth I export the BBCode and CSV to the guild website and then leave the raid.

    As I say it isn't effecting me only other users and from what we could establish over the past few day and Wagg only gets the "broadcast" message when I click the button. I also regularly prune none raiding people off the list and the user list to keep it to only raiders and not every guild member.

    All other addon functions work for users like bid / roll / os-roll from the addon as does the movement on the list.

    If I get what you are saying one of the other admins isn't receiving the snyc so it's storing to repeatedly send to that one admin? Is it possible that it's me not getting the syncing even if I'm the owner and should have priority and it is syncing with other users?

    Last edited by majikthise on 4/26/2015 5:56:51 PM
  • #737

    Hello. me and some other members of the guild i am in are having a higher then normal memery useage when using the addon. 



    We got the loot master that uses the addon just fine. they have not reported any higher then norm mem useage. 

    The Raiders. normal user that is not the loot master that uses the addon to see the list and to use the bid button and what not. are the users of the addon that has the higher then norm memory useage some ranging from 50 + MB

    Me being a "raider - normal user" on boss fights in BRF i am getting mega higher then norm memory useage and fps lag with ksk turned on. with the same to other members of the raid. 

    tho the loot master is all fine with no fps lag or higher then norm memory useage


     running some tests in the raids break

    with the Master looter doing nothing. 

    Starting mem is 2.3MB that goes up by 27.01% to around 40-50% max.  every second

    after getting to around 50MB the memory useage drops to around 30MB at a rate of 700% - 1500% every second

    also as this is happening my fps is also dropped norm i run at a capped fps of 30 and with ksk on i was getting 25 (in combat with ksk on my game was lagging out to the point of it was freezing at times. only short but still freezing)


    (Note Majikthise is the loot master of the raid)


    forgot to add. using ver610

    2nd edit. after end of the raid i returned ksk back on. i have left the raid so i am now in no party / raid (just sitting in my garrison) and my ksk is still going up as same as when in the raid

    3rd edit. After more testing after the raid i would like to report that doing a "/ksk repair" has stopped the ksk addon from jumping up in MB and stayed at 2.5MB untill the loot master sent an update at where it moved to 3.1 and stayed

    4th edit. when doing some tests in raid after doing the ksk repair and even reinstalling the addon after clearning out all files in the wtf folder the addon went back to eating memory like it was going out of fashion again 

    Last edited by wagg on 4/26/2015 7:12:16 AM
  • #738

    We will test this tomorrow in the raid and let you know if this has fixed the issue or not, if it looks like it's working will get the rest of the ksk users to try and report back after the raid

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