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  • Updated 01/13/2015
  • Created 12/25/2011
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About KuiNameplates

Prettier, pixel-perfect nameplates with auras. Configurable through interface options (open with /knp or /kuinameplates).

If you want class colours on hostile players, enable that option in the default interface options. Press escape, click Interface and click "Names" on the left. The "Class Colors in Nameplates" option should be on the bottom right of the interface options window.

You can use KuiSpellListConfig to customise the whitelist used by Kui_Nameplates_Auras.

A collection of small custom.lua scripts to achieve certain different things can be found here (and feel free to send me pull requests).

I try to answer all the questions I can, so feel free to ask in either the comments here or over on the WoWI page. If you're so inclined, please submit any bugs you find or ideas for enhancements to github!


  • Pixel perfect!
  • Auras!
  • Combo points!
  • Customisable display of health for friendly or enemy units!
  • Tank mode!
    • Recolours health bars when you have threat.
    • Automatically enabled when in a tanking spec by default.
  • Smooth fading in and out of frames!
    • Can be disabled by unchecking "Smoothly fade" in options.
  • Automatic toggling of enemy nameplates when you enter or exit combat!
    • Enable by checking "Auto toggle in combat" in options.
  • Cast & incoming healing warnings!
    • Displays spell-cast names and incoming heal amounts over nameplates.
    • Enable by checking "Show cast warnings" in options.
  • All of the default nameplate features, of course.
  • And profiles provided by Ace Config.

Health display patterns:

These will be replaced with something easier to configure soon.

The text to display for health on different frames is determined by two simple patterns: one for friendly frames and one for neutral and hostile frames. These patterns can be changed in the options dialog (/knp). They must make use of specific conditions and results, in the following format:


There must be at least one condition (and one result). Any other conditions are optional.

Possible conditions are:

"=" When the unit is at maximum health...
"<" When the unit's health is less than maximum...
"=<" When the unit's health is either less than maximum or at maximum...

Possible results are:

"m" ... Display their maximum health (i.e. 123.4k).
"d" ... Display their health deficit (i.e. -46.5k).
"p" ... Display their health percentage.
"c" ... Display their current health (i.e. 76.9k).
"b" ... Display nothing.

The patterns used by default are:

Friendly units: =:m;<:d;
Which means: When the unit is at maximum health:Display their maximum health;When they're below maximum health:Display their health deficit;

Hostile units: <:p;
Which means: When the unit is below maximum health:Display their health percentage;

  • add option to show target arrows
  • add option to avoid fading frames with raid icons (enabled by default)
  • enabling the target glow option now also causes the usual frame glow to change to that colour on targets. This overrides the threat glow but doesn't stop tank mode from updating the health bar colour.
  • Stanzilla: added new moonfire, sunfire spell ids


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  • #36

    For Docs, it worked for all classes except priests after mouseover. Sometimes it showed them as rogues or druids. Moving the camera away from the player to make the addon "reload" the player fixed that. Thats why Docs had a list of players to remember it. I deleted the list manually once a month so the list wouldnt get too big and getting my friends back on it was easy.

    And yes, its a nice replacement :)

  • #32

    Thanks a lot for the fast 5.1 update :)

  • #31

    Fix for 5.1 will be up here later today, pending verification by Curse.

    Last edited by Kesava on 11/28/2012 4:19:48 AM
  • #33

    And a fix for this fix should be up later, pending verification again.

  • #29

    Quick question - Would this addon be compatible with a standard mouse-over nameplate macro like this?

    /cast [@mouseover,exists][@player] Spell

  • #30

    Yep! It just modifies the default UI's frames, so anything that works with that should work with these.

  • #27

    Could you please please add the options to change the colour of enemys name text, It would be seriously helpful if I could make the enemy text red.

  • #28

    Simple request! I'll try to get it in the next release. (Edit: ok, the next-next release)

    Last edited by Kesava on 11/28/2012 4:25:02 AM
  • #38

    I too would love this feature.

    Edit: Oh wait, I would love it if it changed only the enemy name of my TARGET, not all the ones around me. It helps distinguish who I have targetted with the faded plates.

    Last edited by Mordemox on 11/30/2012 4:32:14 PM
  • #25

    I love the addon, but there is one small thing that prevents me from using it. It may not bother others but damage text appears behind the nameplate rather than in front of it.

  • #26

    That's something the default UI does, and I'm pretty sure addons can't change damage text. Some scrolling damage text addons can replace the default damage text with their own lookalikes - SCTD does this, I believe. That text should display above nameplates.

    Similarly, nameplates are displayed above chat bubbles and there's nothing addons can do to fix that, unfortunately.

  • #23

    ok so i have been looking for nameplates that have it to where the health bar of an enemy dont go offscreen and this is the first one so far but the only problem is that i dont know how to configure it to where i can target the enemy by clicking on the nameplate is there a way to set this up also is there a way to change where the namplate appears i like it low but the whole underneath thing isnt my favorite i would appreciate it for a reply also i love the addon its very smooth

  • #24

    You should already be able to click nameplates to target them. This addon (and most nameplate addons) is basically just a re-skin of the default nameplates, so all the default behaviour should be intact, including not going off-screen, and clicking them to change targets.

    If you really can't click them, all I can suggest is disabling all your addons (except this) and checking if you still can't. If you can after disabling other addons then you'll have to work out which addon's breaking it, and probably report it as a bug to its author. If you still can't then there's a bug I'll have to fix.

    When you say change where the nameplate appears, do you mean you don't want them to go underneath other parts of your interface, like action bars? That's called the frame strata, and I could easily add configuration for that.

    Or do you mean you want to change the actual position of the nameplates? Addons are blocked from changing the position of nameplates by Blizzard, so I can't help you there.

    Last edited by Kesava on 10/10/2012 2:34:36 PM
  • #51

    I'm having the same issue where I can't click the nameplate to target. I turned off all addons one at a time and the conflict appears to be with Leatrix Plus.  Not sure the cause of the issue.

    edit: LTP is a pretty big addon.  I diagnosed the part that is the problem, the "Enable Viewport" option. Not sure if that helps or not.

    Last edited by doctorlimes on 3/29/2013 7:39:13 PM
  • #20

    I use this addon for a long time, and I really like it. But please, add one Russian font or something like that, because every update is necessary to change it manually, or letters does not displayed. I do not know how to do it properly, so you have to use only those fonts that recognizes the addon, but they are unfortunately not fit for these frames. 

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