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  • Updated 01/18/2016
  • Created 12/25/2011
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About KuiNameplates

Prettier, pixel-perfect nameplates with auras.
Configurable through interface options (/knp or /kuinameplates).

Known issues, among other things, are tracked here.
If you're so inclined, please submit any bugs you find or ideas for enhancements to github.

I try to answer all the questions I can, so feel free to ask in the comments below.

You can use KuiSpellListConfig to customise the whitelist used by Kui_Nameplates_Auras.

KuiNameplates Extras contains some extra modules for features which were recently removed from the base addon (currently just leftie and contextual health).

Functionality can be extensively modified with external scripts.
If you know LUA, you can download the template addon Kui_Nameplates_Custom from here and add your code to the custom.lua file inside it. A small collection of premade custom.lua scripts to achieve certain different things can be found here (and feel free to send me pull requests).

Notable features

Pixel perfectNo fuzzy pixel borders.
AurasImportant de/buff tracking using a customisable whitelist.
Tank modeRecolour the health bar if you're tanking.
Nemesis helperAdds a race icon next to your nemesis targets, so you can spot those sneaky tauren.
Cast warningsTextual warnings on nameplates when they use instant casts (including equipment) or receive healing.
Pretty fadingIt's pretty.
Somewhat customisableMany little things can be tweaked, and expansive features disabled or enabled at will.
Config profilesProvided by Ace3

Third party modules

The following is a list of extra modules provided by other developers - I don't provide support for them! Let me know if I've missed any.

OffTankFor tanking - use a different health bar colour if a mob is attacking another tank.
TrivialDefine names to always show with trivial nameplates.
Spell AlertHighlights important spell casts in dungeons.
  • add options to change individual font sizes
  • add "cutaway" health bar animation style
  • add legacy of the emperor and ring of peace incapacitate to monk whitelist
  • add "new" colossus smash ID to warrior whitelist
  • cast warnings now use the "spell name" font size, which might be a bit different, maybe
  • fix font options (face, monochrome, outline) don't update instantly
  • fix threatWarning CVar stays disabled


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  • #48

    Thanks for the 5.2 update Kesava, kui is by far the best nameplates addon :)

  • #45

    Hi Kesava,

    I absolutely love your nameplates! So slim, functional and so ... SHINY!
    However, I do have a problem wit hmy saved variables :( For some obscure reason it keeps resetting my profile to a character specific one, and when I change it back to Default (my shared profile) it still keeps the settings of the character profile (especially the font). What's even weirder is that this behaviour, once it happens, affects all characters, they are all reset to default settings.
    Really frustrating to see Yanone Kaffeesatz instead of my beloved Calibri, but once I'm infight I can't change it until I'm done (not that I don't like Yanone ... just not on my nameplates). This acting up started on the latest version only and profiles worked fine before that.

    On a side note, I'd love to be able to change the name plate texture, just like the font :)
    On another side note: How about activating tank mode smartly, depending on player spec? You'd "just" have to listen to spec changed events and could then decide on GetSpecializationRole( GetSpecialization() ) == "TANK" . Maybe as a tri-state setting "Enable tank mode [on/off/smart])?

  • #46

    I'm pushing the update to fix profiles today (r133), it should be up here in a few hours. In the meantime you might be able to work around it by running this on affected characters:

    /run KuiNameplatesDB=nil;ReloadUI()

    On textures, I'm thinking of adding them to libSharedMedia like I did with fonts to make them easier to configure. And for tank mode, that seems like a good idea. I hadn't really thought about it.


    Last edited by Kesava on 12/21/2012 10:18:51 AM
  • #47

    Looking good so far, thanks for the update!

  • #40

    OMG i love the look of this addon. As I transferred from Tidy Plates I am missing one thing off tank aggroed color change. I do not know if you are planning to add more stuff to this but this would be greatly appreciated. Also will there be an option to change color of the normal frame? Red is nice but would be nice to ammend it :D Great work tho and you have another fan :D

  • #41

    I think it has what you want, under "tank mode" in options, check "enable tank mode". That changes the colour of health bars/glows when you have threat. Unless you meant something else?

    Configuration for reaction colours will be added at some point.


  • #44

    I mean so there would be 3 colors when I am tanking. Red for my aggro, Green for OT aggro and rest will be blue... Colors dont matter (good if those could be changed in UI). So many requests. Thanks for giving it a go :D B

    BTW did a raid with em and are awsome. I dont miss Tidy Plates at all :D

    Last edited by fikasz on 12/3/2012 4:48:33 PM
  • #43

    That sounds good and should be easy enough to add, actually. I'll look into it.

  • #42

    It is a part of what I mean. I love how the tanking bit works but what I meant is when Off tank has an aggro plates have another color. So 3 I would like to have 3 settintgs. 1 - I have aggro, 2 - off tank/other tank has aggro, 3 - dps/healers have aggro. I would love it but if it would be too much hussle well I can cope :D

  • #34

    Oh my Gosh, Finally! Something that is actually good enough to replace Docs! I have tried a lot of nameplate addons, finally I found one! The only thing I am missing from Docs that I really really miss is to have friendly player text by class colour. Is that possible for the future or would it make it too bulky? Thanks so much for your great work! <3

  • #35

    It's "possible", but it'd either be pretty bulky, or it would only work after you target or mouseover the nameplate. I'm not fond of doing that because it essentially sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, which isn't great feedback. Unfortunately the default UI only provides the class of the nameplate for enemy players and not friendlies.

    Edit: or, of course, it could actually only work for players in your party or raid, that's an easy, non-bulky way of doing it. I'm thinking about making text colours easily customisable, so I may look into that.

    Thank you!

    Last edited by Kesava on 11/30/2012 12:38:59 PM
  • #37

    I'd  like that too, I believe that limitating to a group/raid is enough, but I don't mind 'mouse-over' players for 1 time and have them cached (like Docsnameplate did) though.

    It really helps making friendly names more visible and the coloring according to class is even better...


    Found this addon while searching for a Docsnameplate 5.1 fix, will try it out and give my feedback later.


    Thanks for the addon

  • #36

    For Docs, it worked for all classes except priests after mouseover. Sometimes it showed them as rogues or druids. Moving the camera away from the player to make the addon "reload" the player fixed that. Thats why Docs had a list of players to remember it. I deleted the list manually once a month so the list wouldnt get too big and getting my friends back on it was easy.

    And yes, its a nice replacement :)

  • #32

    Thanks a lot for the fast 5.1 update :)

  • #31

    Fix for 5.1 will be up here later today, pending verification by Curse.

    Last edited by Kesava on 11/28/2012 4:19:48 AM
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