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Last Second Diminishing Returns Display

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,095 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 30,336 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/19/2014
  • Created 03/26/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Last Second 5.4c

About Last Second Diminishing Returns Display

Last Second DR displays show all relevant DR timers on yourself, your party members, all arena opponents, your current target, and your focus. THIS ADDON WORKS OUTSIDE OF THE ARENA. Each display is individually movable, allowing maximum customization of your UI. You can also change the size of these displays. Each separate DR category is configurable, allowing you to customize the addon to only show certain spell groups. For example, if you were a rogue you would be able to turn off the "fear" DR category to avoid unnecessary clutter and information. You may also turn on and off all displays so that you see the ones you are interested in. For example, you can turn off the DR timer display on yourself and your party, and still see the DR timer displays on all 5 arena opponents if you wish.

5.4c: Fixed a bug where the arena frame was not remembering its left/right orientation upon relogging.

5.4b: Updated a few spells that weren't working properly.

5.4.0: Updated a typo causing Psychic Scream not to work. Also updated to not be out of date for new patch.

5.3.0: Updated several CC's

5.0.5 MoP*: Updated several CC's in the table that were missing and/or incorrect.

5.0.4 MoP*: Updated several CC's in the table that were missing and/or incorrect. Getting closer!

5.0.4 MoP:Updated several CC's in the table that were missing and/or incorrect.

5.0.4 MoP*: Updated a few CC's in the table that were missing and incorrect.

5.0.4 MoP: Updated the CC Table.

5.0.4 Fixed ToC file so it would run on patch 5.0.4. I have not updated the CC table yet, however. A few days of experimentation in game should allow me to finish this process.

4.3 new* fixed a few spells that were not functioning correctly

4.3 new: fixed cone of cold for frost mages as well as fixed some snares not working properly such as entangling roots.

4.3 new*: fixed garrote, it was not working properly

4.3 new: added the hunter pet ability "Web Wrap" to the addon.

4.3 Changed ToC file to state the addon works for 4.3

4.2: Fixed addon for 4.2

4.1.1: Fixed a problem where a couple spells were not on the correct DR tables.

4.1: Updated the DR library to correctly display the changes made in 4.1, as well as fixing the addon since 4.1 broke it.

4.06: Updated the addon to correctly show DR for many of the changes cata brought such as new spells.

Added a display for tracking the diminishing return timers of your focus target.


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  • #51

    Your addon works great and is very helpful but ive noticed that for the display orientation Arena Display refuses to save as left, it changes back to right everytime i relog. Every other frame works and saves properly other than this one which is the one i need most.

    Was hoping you could shed some insight on this, or possibly tell me how to fix it.



  • #50

    Ring of peace doesn't show silence DR.

  • #46

    fear Drs arnt showing either

  • #47

    Hello stacullah,

    I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, as I haven't been playing wow for the past few months or much of MoP in general tbh.  I've reactivated my sub for a while and am playing again.  I am seeing that the addon seems to function with fear to the best of my knowledge, but I play a feral druid, not a warlock or priest.  Could you tell me exactly which spell(s) is(are) not working proplerly?  I'll test it and see why the issue is occuring asap.

    Thanks for your help!


  • #45

    Hi, please can u make it so the DR always shows class-specific icons?

    Example: I'm in a bg on my rogue, mage deepfreezes target, it will show stun dr as deepfreeze (for this I would like on rogue: cheapshot) or on my druid treant stun, etc.

  • #48

    I thought about doing this at one point, but it was too difficult for me to code and I couldn't figure out how to easily do it with the way the addon is currently written.  All the addon does functionally is scan the combat log and look for events with the names "Kidney Shot", "Fear", "Howl of Terror", "Polymorph", etc, and store data on what target the spell hit as well as what time it occurred.  I guess I could write some kind of code that did conditionally changed the background of each display to be a class specific icon, but I'd have to do a ton of work searching for and adding a separate table for each class that included all types of cc available to that class.  I'm afraid doing this would require a great deal of time.

  • #44

    In light of the Fall Semester starting back up and my best rl friend going to a separate college, I have decided to resub my wow account!  I have added Improved Counterspell as well as Seduction and Mesmerize to the table, along with a few others I believe aren't currently included.  Sorry for the insanely long delay.  It'll be reuploaded onto curse as soon as it gets approved, which usually only takes a couple hours.

    If any more spells seem to be operating improperly, let me know and I'll fix them.


  • #43

    Currently broken, sadly. Would be awesome to see this updated, but since the project seems abandoned, does anyone know of any similar highly configurable dr tracker addon?

  • #42

    Mage Counter Spell Currently it's not showing DR

  • #49

    I think I have an updated version of the addon released right now that does work for a mages counterspell.  If it still isn't working, let me know.  I'm back and I'm going to try get all spells that aren't working correctly fixed.

  • #40

    Could you add Seduction/Mesmerize? Currently it's not showing DR for these skills.


  • #41

    I really hate to tell you this but I actually cancelled my wow account a while back after the release of MoP.  I just haven't been enjoying the pvp like I used to.  I may resub in 5.2 and give it a shot and if I do I'll likely make the necessary repairs to this addon but I don't have a way to test changes to the addon at the current time as my account is out of game time. 

    I am sorry. Cry

  • #39

    With 5.1 coming soon to the PTRs there is some very interesting strings that could be tested with htis addon and might remove the need to add spells manually to the addon itself to display the DRs. An example of one string is "LOSS_OF_CONTROL_DISPLAY_ROOT" the author should jump into the PTR and check these strings out.

  • #35

    Cool addon, but I have a question.

    I play rogue, and rogues have two controlled stuns which are Cheap Shot, and Kidney Shot.

    When I use Cheap Shot, it triggers the DR, and I will usually end up using Kidney Shot before the DR that triggered from CS ends.

    The thing is, why does using Kidney Shot reset the timer back to 18 seconds?? Shouldn't it pick up as where it was?

    For example, I use cheap shot. DR triggers from18 seconds, I use kidney shot when it's at 12 seconds, the timer should CONTINUE from 12 seconds not start back at 18 seconds.


  • #36

    I figured that all the abilities are set up like that.

    They all retrigger their DRs back to 18 seconds..

    Why don't you fix it?

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