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Last Second Diminishing Returns Display

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 936 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 32,878 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/04/2014
  • Created 03/26/2010
  • 27 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Last Second 5.4d

About Last Second Diminishing Returns Display

Last Second DR displays show all relevant DR timers on yourself, your party members, all arena opponents, your current target, and your focus. THIS ADDON WORKS OUTSIDE OF THE ARENA. Each display is individually movable, allowing maximum customization of your UI. You can also change the size of these displays. Each separate DR category is configurable, allowing you to customize the addon to only show certain spell groups. For example, if you were a rogue you would be able to turn off the "fear" DR category to avoid unnecessary clutter and information. You may also turn on and off all displays so that you see the ones you are interested in. For example, you can turn off the DR timer display on yourself and your party, and still see the DR timer displays on all 5 arena opponents if you wish.

5.4d: Fixed a bug where the mage ability Improved Counterspell was working.

5.4c: Fixed a bug where the arena frame was not remembering its left/right orientation upon relogging.

5.4b: Updated a few spells that weren't working properly.

5.4.0: Updated a typo causing Psychic Scream not to work. Also updated to not be out of date for new patch.

5.3.0: Updated several CC's

5.0.5 MoP*: Updated several CC's in the table that were missing and/or incorrect.

5.0.4 MoP*: Updated several CC's in the table that were missing and/or incorrect. Getting closer!

5.0.4 MoP:Updated several CC's in the table that were missing and/or incorrect.

5.0.4 MoP*: Updated a few CC's in the table that were missing and incorrect.

5.0.4 MoP: Updated the CC Table.

5.0.4 Fixed ToC file so it would run on patch 5.0.4. I have not updated the CC table yet, however. A few days of experimentation in game should allow me to finish this process.

4.3 new* fixed a few spells that were not functioning correctly

4.3 new: fixed cone of cold for frost mages as well as fixed some snares not working properly such as entangling roots.

4.3 new*: fixed garrote, it was not working properly

4.3 new: added the hunter pet ability "Web Wrap" to the addon.

4.3 Changed ToC file to state the addon works for 4.3

4.2: Fixed addon for 4.2

4.1.1: Fixed a problem where a couple spells were not on the correct DR tables.

4.1: Updated the DR library to correctly display the changes made in 4.1, as well as fixing the addon since 4.1 broke it.

4.06: Updated the addon to correctly show DR for many of the changes cata brought such as new spells.

Added a display for tracking the diminishing return timers of your focus target.


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  • #62

    It doesnt show up....i have made a complete new installation of wow and only this one addon...and it doesnt show up.

    No Lua Errors. I have checked and unchecked all addon options, i can see example anchors-when checked this option-, but in fight it doesnt appear.


    Edit: Problem solved! I had to change client language from German to English, now everything works fine. :)

    Last edited by Rhatorus on 8/28/2014 2:56:28 AM
  • #64

    Oh wow,  That's great!  I didn't even think of changing the client language.  I'm really glad you finally have the addon working!

  • #53

    a friend of mine and myself got the problem that this addon doesnt show up at all. of course all options are checked. any ideas where this might come from?... be both got the LUI addon suite. (plus all the other arena stuff, gladius, weak auras, etc. ...)

    Edit: tried to deactivate everything except this addon... didnt work either.

    Last edited by Morkathak on 8/12/2014 7:19:02 AM
  • #54

    I'm afraid I don't know.  The addon is working fine on my account, and this is the first I've heard of the addon not showing up.  There is a check box in the control panel for the addon that disables the entire addon from functioning.  Are you sure that isn't checked by mistake?

  • #65



    Rhatorus just had a similar sounding issue and was able to resolve it by changing the client language from German to English.  Could this be the issue with yours as well?

  • #63


    Do you happen to run Recount?  I know for a fact that Recount parses the combat log just like my addon does.  I think there may be some issue where your combat log is not generating events, and thus my addon isn't working because no information is being passed.  I had this issue a long time ago and don't remember exactly how I fixed it, but all of my addons that work off combat log events stopped receiving any data and just sat there not working. 

    Check Recount if you have it and see if it works.  If not, then its the combat log. 

  • #61

    No problem.  I hope you get it worked out.  I do know one other thing you could try.  Go to the main interface panel for WoW, and go to the tab labeled "Help."  Check "Display Lua Errors," and see if anything comes up. 


    Also, I actually do recall having an issue a long time ago while programming this addon originally.  I remember sometimes my combat log would stop functioning.  Check and see if your combat log is generating any events in combat.  If not, then that's the issue.

    Last edited by Predatoria on 8/18/2014 8:57:20 AM
  • #60

    hm... the thing is, the ancors are where they should be... i can see them plus the examples... it just doesnt show up infight. maybe something with my LUI addon package interfers cause it has some mighty utilities implemented... I'll further investigate... 

    oh, and by the way... thanks for your fast support! 

  • #59

    I can think of a potential problem for the addon to not show up, but it's a long shot.  What resolution are you running at?

    I ask this because when you log into the game with the addon running for the first time, it has placed the anchors for the displays around the center of the screen.  I play on 1920x1200, so they show up maybe 2/3 of the way towards the edge of the screen from the center before I move them.  If you were playing on a small resolution, it may actually spawn these anchors off your screen and they may not be showing up. 

    Try increasing the size of the anchors by pressing the "Larger Icons" button many, many times while the "Display/Hide Anchors" checkbox is checked.  They may start to show up on the edges of the screens, and become moveable. 

    Other than this, I can't think of any reason why the addon wouldn't function.  You could try reinstalling it after deleting the files for the addon in your WoW directory, including any Last Second files in the cache and WTF folders.  I'm wondering if somehow the anchors got moved off the screen.

    I hope this helps.

  • #57

    Last Minute Options

  • #52

    Yo great addon btw!

    Got some feedback for you:

    1) Font is a bit wierd and unchangable (doesnt look smoth at all, more like old graphic)

    2) DRS in the menu: Disorient checked tracks both things Sap DR and Disorient (Scatters DR)

    3) Hibernate shares DR with Sap/Poly etc.


    Otherwised it shows perfectly DRs in time.


    Last edited by Scryna on 8/7/2014 5:30:58 PM
  • #56

    I'll look into the checkbox issue.  It may be that I have a mistake where both DR categories are looking for the same checkbox, where one is incorrect.  I'll try and fix this soon.  Thanks!

  • #51

    Your addon works great and is very helpful but ive noticed that for the display orientation Arena Display refuses to save as left, it changes back to right everytime i relog. Every other frame works and saves properly other than this one which is the one i need most.

    Was hoping you could shed some insight on this, or possibly tell me how to fix it.



  • #50

    Ring of peace doesn't show silence DR.

  • #55

    I'll fix this soon, I've received a couple bugs to fix with the addon that I plan to update.

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