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Last Second Diminishing Returns Display

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 612 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 53,193 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/26/2015
  • Created 03/26/2010
  • 35 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Last Second 6.2.01

About Last Second Diminishing Returns Display

Last Second DR displays show all relevant DR timers on yourself, your party members, all arena opponents, your current target, and your focus. THIS ADDON WORKS OUTSIDE OF THE ARENA. Each display is individually movable, allowing maximum customization of your UI. You can also change the size of these displays. Each separate DR category is configurable, allowing you to customize the addon to only show certain spell groups. For example, if you were a rogue you would be able to turn off the "fear" DR category to avoid unnecessary clutter and information. You may also turn on and off all displays so that you see the ones you are interested in. For example, you can turn off the DR timer display on yourself and your party, and still see the DR timer displays on all 5 arena opponents if you wish.

6.2.01: Fixed Shockwave, and updated for 6.2.

6.0c: Added Ice Nova to DR table. Addon now remembers settings on a per-character bases rather than per-account.

6.0b: Fixed a bug that caused the addon to be unable to remember settings.

6.0a: Addon now "works" for 6.0, though there are some bugs that aren't worked out. The addon does not remember saved variables upon reload.

5.4e: Fixed a few spells that were working improperly.

5.4d: Fixed a bug where the mage ability Improved Counterspell was working.

5.4c: Fixed a bug where the arena frame was not remembering its left/right orientation upon relogging.

5.4b: Updated a few spells that weren't working properly.

5.4.0: Updated a typo causing Psychic Scream not to work. Also updated to not be out of date for new patch.

5.3.0: Updated several CC's

5.0.5 MoP*: Updated several CC's in the table that were missing and/or incorrect.

5.0.4 MoP*: Updated several CC's in the table that were missing and/or incorrect. Getting closer!

5.0.4 MoP:Updated several CC's in the table that were missing and/or incorrect.

5.0.4 MoP*: Updated a few CC's in the table that were missing and incorrect.

5.0.4 MoP: Updated the CC Table.

5.0.4 Fixed ToC file so it would run on patch 5.0.4. I have not updated the CC table yet, however. A few days of experimentation in game should allow me to finish this process.

4.3 new* fixed a few spells that were not functioning correctly

4.3 new: fixed cone of cold for frost mages as well as fixed some snares not working properly such as entangling roots.

4.3 new*: fixed garrote, it was not working properly

4.3 new: added the hunter pet ability "Web Wrap" to the addon.

4.3 Changed ToC file to state the addon works for 4.3

4.2: Fixed addon for 4.2

4.1.1: Fixed a problem where a couple spells were not on the correct DR tables.

4.1: Updated the DR library to correctly display the changes made in 4.1, as well as fixing the addon since 4.1 broke it.

4.06: Updated the addon to correctly show DR for many of the changes cata brought such as new spells.

Added a display for tracking the diminishing return timers of your focus target.


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  • #93

    Just downloaded this addon because I was having issues with tracking my DR on elites mobs I farm for the barn lvl 3. Well its definitly not accurate sadly and was hoping you guys could look into it because this would be extremely usful tool to have. Anyways I tested it but cheap shoting > Cheap Shoting > wait for timer > Full kidney following timer fading would be 100% DR'd >> then the kidney following that timer would also be 100% DR'd =(

  • #91

    Heya thanks a lot for the addon, Everything works pretty fine for me apart from one thing, i cant seem to track dr of stuns on my warrior on the target. the dr works for the focus of it and arena and party but dosnt seem to show anything for my stormbolt or shockwave dr on the target. Any suggestions?




  • #92

    Correction: Dr dosnt work for bolt on focus nor arena 123 , every other dr works tho, even kidney or cheap shot on my rogue works on the target, just shockwave and storm bolt not working at all.

  • #89

    6.1 update so all spells have 18 second DR pls? :)

    Thanks for the addon, really well made.

  • #90


    The addon actually already uses 18 seconds as its dr time.  It used to be that 15-20 seconds would pass before dr reset, and I chose 18 as kind of a middle ground.  This is why the addon would sometimes not be completely correct, and you'd hit dr when it told you it was off.  Now that Blizzard has made their dr times correspond exactly with my addon (by luck), it'll be more accurate. 

    If I update the addon for 6.1, all that it will involve at the moment is changing the value in the Table of Contents file that instructs the addon to say it's compatable with 6.1.  I need to do it, but I've been lazy about it.

  • #87

    Is there any chance of adding a 'knockback' DR category to this anytime soon? Cheers :)

  • #88

    I actually did try to do that a couple months ago.  The main issue I am running into with a knockback DR category is several of the knockbacks do not generate a combat log event.  The entire addon's structure is basically looking at every event that passes through the combat log, searching if they contain the names of certain spells, and sorting and book keeping the spell names and times for displaying.  Some knockbacks do generate combat log events because they apply a daze type effect.  In fact, there is a knockback category in the addon, it just doesn't work for knockbacks that pass no combat log events such as Explosive Shot.

    Unfortunately, at this time, I'm not really sure how to get around this, as I have no means that I am aware of of obtaining the information from the game.

  • #84

    How can I get Icy Nova to show up as DR with polymorph? I like your addon but as a mage it's brutal to play without, as it will often hit several players and maybe go unnoticed and then you are left with DRs you didn't know about. Thanks, grateful for response.

  • #85

    Hey, thanks for telling me this.  Sometimes I don't realize spells aren't functioning correctly or are missing.  I just had to add Ice Nova to the DR table under Mesmerise/Horror effects.

    In case you're curious, here's all the spells under this section that I now have registered.

                        "Incapacitating Roar", "Freezing Trap", "Wyvern Sting", "Polymorph", "Ring of Frost",
                        "Dragon's Breath", "Paralysis", "Ring of Peace", "Breath of Fire", "Repentance",
                        "Holy Word:Chastise", "Psychic Horror", "Mind Control", "Gouge", "Sap",
                        "Hex", "Blood Horror", "Mortal Coil", "Quaking Palm", "Ice Nova",

    Once the WoW servers come back up, I'll test it and upload the new version.

  • #80

    How do you config this addon? I don't see it on my Addons List and /ls /lastsecond doesn't prompt any GUI. I've installed it like any other addon (\interface\addons\LastSecond\), I'm doing something wrong ? 

  • #82

    The /lastsecond slash command stopped working several builds ago.  I got lazy and didn't figure out why.  I just get to it by pressing escape and going to interface/addons in the wow built-in options menu.  Let me know if you still can't find it.  When I get home from work I can give more detailed instructions.

  • #83

    It's working now, had to reload the game once again. Thank you.

  • #79

    could you add a profile system on the next update?

    i must configure the drs that i want to see everytime that i change of character.


  • #81

    That's a great idea!  I'll see if I can get something like that working.  I play just one character, a Feral Druid, so I never really thought about this before.

  • #86

    I realized it is actually quite easy to tag variables as per-character variables, rather than per-account variables.  This will work in the next build, which should be today.

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