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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 7,511 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 10/23/2012
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v0.38

About LastEffect

Shows last damage/heal done by spell as button's text.

There is 3 types of more or less accurate spell effect you can expect by casting:

  1. Tooltip data from Blizzard (seems always lower than actual effect)
  2. Heavy calculations and tuning like DrDamage do
  3. Collect data and show (like this addon)

For now supports only Blizzard's action buttons and Bartender4 since v0.20.

How it works

Lot of spells quite plain: you pressing button, it have spell id, through combat log addon receives damage/healing info. For example you casting "Smite" - log contains spell cast started and damage info (effect will be shown on next spell cast).
Some spells more complicated: you casting instant spell "Icy Touch", it contains cast success, direct damage info, "Frost Fever" aura applied that causing extra damage per tick. Some of such spells solved already, some not (I have only several 80+ alts). So if you want to get more info read next section "Howto".


To add damage/heal caused by spell's side effects:

  1. Find "Target Dummy"
  2. Enable debug mode like "/le debug"
  3. Cast your spell and see log in chat
  4. There will be cast and auras info (format is "event, spellId, spellName, amount or buff"), add your side effect spellId to LE_SpellPartOf in Spells.lua like [sideEffectId] = mainSpellId
  5. "/reload" and see is it works
  6. Disable debug mode typing "/le debug" again

To toggle debug mode use slash command /le debug (or /LastEffect debug).


toc changed for WoD


toc changed for v5.4


toc changed for v5.3


monk's "Surging Mist" and "Enveloping Mist" added


toc changed for v5.1.0


fixed: button text disappearing
fixed: stopped working on changing stances and presences


Shaman's "Fire Nova" and "Stormstrike" added


libstub and EasyStorage fix


effect calculated between button clicks: helps with channeled spells
"average" mode (optional): "average" switch in slash commands


added text to macro based buttons (if GetMacroSpell able to retrieve spell id from macro)


pet's damage can be shown
hunter: "Kill Command" damage added


fix: "attempt to index local 'fname' (a nil value)"


Bartender4 support


more checks to prevent using on wrong buttons
ACTIONBAR_PAGE_CHANGED event: fixes on changing action bar pages


added several procs and auras for: mage, priest, dk, hunter, paladin
counter resets on next cast only


taint fix
speed issue fix


added readme.txt
added event hadlers to update associated action buttons
added some comments to main.lua and Spells.lua
fixed: TinyExtraBars link


initial alpha


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  • #18

    Hi can you help me to add Unleash elements:

    DebugSpellMode = true
    SPELL_AURA_APPLIED, 118472, Unleashed Fury, BUFF
    118472 added to 118472
    SPELL_AURA_APPLIED, 73681, Unleash Wind, BUFF
    73681 added to 73681
    SPELL_AURA_APPLIED, 73683, Unleash Flame, BUFF
    73683 added to 73683
    SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS, 73680, Unleash Elements
    73680 added to 73680
    SPELL_AURA_APPLIED, 118470, Unleashed Fury, DEBUFF
    118470 added to 118470
    SPELL_DAMAGE, 73683, Unleash Flame, 7711
    73683 added to 73683
    SPELL_DAMAGE, 73681, Unleash Wind, 10744
    73681 added to 73681
    SPELL_AURA_APPLIED, 16278, Flurry, BUFF
    16278 added to 16278
    DebugSpellMode = false

    Thats all one spell...



  • #19

    First you should decide where to add effects from this spells. It seems they procs from "Imbue weapon" spells. If you want to attach to this spells you can search wowhead for their spell id's (like "Flametongue Weapon" where id is 8024, then you should add to spells.lua string like "[118472] = 8024," where 118472 is spell id that actually did damage of healing, not BUFF, they can be different). But by adding effects to "Imbue weapon" you will have all damage/healing effects done between button's clicks (per 30-60 minutes).

    Or if you want to add effect to spell that buffed by "imbue weapon" you can use "[118472] = 421," where 421 is "Chain Lightning".

  • #14

    Found this looking for Alt to Dr. Damage after testing on a level 1 mage with all BOA gear and using both default and Dominos Action Bar, and casting my only spell FrostFire Damage is not showing up on the tooltip like the screenshot shows. I have tried reloading after combat and I can't get the info for last damage I did to show up. SO I dont know what I am doing wrong but all I know so far addon is not working.

  • #15

    There is "Howto" in description. I was not able to fill all spells for all classes and check at all levels for action buttons that casting another spell id. Of course you can still wait for DrDamage instead.

    You can see example at how to fix such spells.

  • #17

    Checked with new mage alt, "Frostfire Bolt" works with standard Blizzard bars, shows last damage or avreage damage.

    Last edited by another on 12/23/2012 5:07:25 AM
  • #16

    So does that mean it only good for max level people? If I do it for the mage for froststrike will I have to do it again down the road once mage has level and got new passives or talents?

  • #10
    Support for Buttonforge and error since last update

    Any plans for support for ButtonForge?

    Also got an error since last update:

    Date: 2012-11-17 11:24:32
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\LastEffect\main.lua line 472:
       Cannot find a library instance of "EasyStorage-1.2".
       [C]: error()
       !Swatter\Support\LibStub.lua:23: LibStub()
    (*temporary) = "Cannot find a library instance of "EasyStorage-1.2"."

  • #11

    Oops (I have them in other addons, so not noticed). Will fix it in next version. About ButtonForge - I made similar in TinyExtraBars

    Edit: reason - lot of addons like Bartender, Dominos etc simply reusing or rearranging Blizzard's action buttons. LastEffect made simple to use only action-based buttons. Addons like ButtonForge and TinyExtraBars much more complicated and using own buttons (not action based). In case of ButtonForge things even more complicated - each button is object with link to widget. It is not impossible, but will make addon much more complicated.

    Last edited by another on 11/17/2012 7:01:40 AM
  • #9
    v0.30 uploaded

    Addon logic changed to amount of damage/heal between button clicks. It helps to solve issue with channeled spells that looks like several independent casts in combat log. Also that required to make average mode.
    Added optional "average" mode (see slash commands: type "/le" or "/LastEffect" in chat to see available). This mode suppose to show average of last 10 casts.

    Possible issue: there is time between click and actual damage (depends from distance) and by casting nonstop sometime 2 casts can be count as 1. Can't find solution yet.

    Feedback would be nice.

  • #13

    Thank you for the average info! it is great!

  • #6

    I found this looking for a replacement to Dr Damage. I like your idea, this could be a great new direction.

    Do you have any future plans? I would love to see this give an average of the last 10-100 spell casts (since last spec change). It would also be sweet to do some tooltip info  like DPS/HPS, DPM/HPM,DPSCT/HPSCT etc.

  • #8

    I was thinking about that. Average of 10-100 casts will require lot of time to manage data from previous casts (add new, reorder array and get average). Also by switching targets for example from boss to normal targets you will see proper results somewhere in 5 minutes (3 sec * 100 casts = 300 sec). So finally I was thinking about average from current and previous casts. Or maybe data per target, which is even more resource consuming.

    Tooltips is what I disabled in DrDamage because I using keyboard to move (battlegrounds) + mouse to click buttons. And half of screen with tooltips I even can't read during combat was last thing I need. Also Recount (at cost of lags sometime) have much better statistics (shiny, colored, shaped).

    However right now I'm away from growing potatoes for Tillers and took a break from WoW. So maybe later I will do something if I will feel something is missing or can be done better.

  • #5

    Can we expect the support of Dominos?

  • #7

    It works with Dominos (checked).

  • #4

    Since dr damage currently is outdated this is verry handy!

    Thanks greatly!

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