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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 07/07/2015
  • Created 08/07/2010
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About LevelFlight

LevelFlight allows you to fly perfectly level with a key press. It does this by taking advantage of the fact that you can set your pitch limit (how much you can angle up or down) to zero, meaning you can move in a perfectly straight line while flying or swimming.

-- Bind LevelFlight to a key in the key bindings. Pressing the key will force you to fly level. Pressing it again will allow you to fly free.
-- You can also create a macro containing "/click LevelFlightButton" to toggle level flight.
-- There is a simple configuration section at the top of LevelFlight.lua

KNOWN LIMITATION: When your pitch limit is set to zero you are unable to look up or down. You can only move your camera horizontally around your character. Turning off level flight restores full range of motion to the camera.

60200.1 -- ToC update.

-- 60000.1: ToC update. Draenor ho!
-- 50400.1: ToC update.
-- 50300.1: ToC update.
-- 50001.1: ToC update, nothing else.

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  • #15

    Thank you, I've been looking for something like this for a while.

  • #13

    So simple yet so awesome.

    I can be somewhat of a perfectionist and I always want to fly at exactly 0 degrees to save those 2 or 3 valuable seconds. I used to use an addon showing my horizontal speed and always spent a little time getting my pitch exactly right, and then every time I change directions I'd need to do this again (mouse flying is the only option for me).

    So in short, thanks alot for this!

  • #14

    I wrote it for basically the same reason, so you are very welcome! :)

  • #12
    OK, so until Cidrei has a moment to update the documentation, please note the following about this cool addon:

    TO GET IT TO WORK, RIGHT CLICK THE MOUSE AND DRAG IT A BIT AFTER HITTING THE LEVELFLIGHT KEY. LevelFlight isn't allowed to change your character's flight attitude - addons can't do that. It only moves and constrains the camera. But as soon as you turn your character by clicking and dragging the mouse, you "snap" to the pitch=0 constraint and you're flying perfectly level.

    I use Carbonite's waypoint arrow for navigation, so what I like to do is hit Num5 (my keybind for LevelFlight), then use the right mouse button to fine tune my course to the destination, then toggle LevelFlight back off so I can descend when I am near the target.
  • #10
    I've been playing with this nifty addon for a while, both by itself and together with my normal addon set. One thing's for sure - if you hit the keybind by itself while you're climbing or descending, your character doesn't level out although your camera angle does. You can verify this by sticking a

    aTable.Print("Pitch is now "..tostring(GetUnitPitch("player")))

    right after the "pitchlimit 0" command. You have to right click and drag on the screen, as harl said, before the character itself levels. Once you click and drag, though, this works like a charm. I'm a precision flyer and I appreciate the tool. Thanks!

    PS No need to put HUD code into your elegant little addon because FlightHUD already exists, works great, and is actively maintained. An excellent companion addon to LevelFlight.
  • #11
    Correct. I can't actually force your character to move to a level plane, since character movement is forbidden by addons, just restrict your camera angles.

    I was unaware of FlightHUD. I may add it into the description as a link to a HUD for people interested in such a thing in the future.
  • #5
    Any Chance of maybe a simple option to open the map, click on a destination and have a line or arrow put on your screen demonstrating where you should fly?
  • #8
    There's also MapRuler which can help even more to fly/move into the right direction from the start.
    It's even on Curse.
  • #9
    I like that. I'm going to have to start using that one myself.
  • #6
    I use TomTom for this myself. I've no idea how simple it would be to implement in LevelFlight.
  • #3
    When I use this, it sets me at "level" based on the direction my camera is pointing. So if my camera is angeld up, my "level" is up. Is there a way to guarantee that "level" is parallel to the ground?
  • #7
    Two small things though, that seem worth mentioning to me:
    The "pitchlimit" CVar only refers to the angle of the camera in the first place, so after setting pitchlimit to 0 you need to adapt the angle your character faces to the camera's angle - with the latter one obviously stuck, you need to do whatever you'd usually do to turn your character *and* the camera (which is usually done by holding the right mouse button and then turning a little bit by moving the mouse - just try and see).
    This will "reset" both camera and character to the same pitchlimit, forcing their view to be parallel to the ground - assuming the ground you see actually *is* level, which brings us to the second (probably more obvious) thing:
    The "ground" you see isn't always level. Sometimes it can be much lower on one end of a map than it is on the other. Since there is no *actual* altitude value available to add-ons, the pitchlimit of 0 will only help you to face the virtual horizon, which is also why there's no add-on that could automatically adapt your flying-altitude (the 'virtual' horizon being pretty literal in this case, since Azeroth is just a flat world with rather simple definite physics - placed in a few virtual Cartesian cubes). Then, as you move, there will be mountains and everything directly in your way, as well as the "ground" itself if it ascends throughout the map.
    That makes flying a bit higher above the ground more reasonable the farther away the target of your flight is, preventing you from "crashing" into objects/boundaries on your way there.
  • #4
    That shouldn't happen. LevelFlight doesn't do anything except invoke a console command built into the game client. As a test, type "/console pitchlimit 0" and see if it causes the same behavior. If it does, then there's something screwy with your Warcraft setup. You can reset your pitch limit from the previous command with "/console pitchlimit 90" (the default) or "/console pitchlimit 88" (which is what LevelFlight uses).
  • #1
    I hope you're going to improve this with a maybe new Flight-HUD where you can see your Speed, Altitude, Pitch and stuff :)
  • #2
    That goes well above and beyond what I planned with this, which is essentially a conversion of a macro to addon form. Speed and pitch can be queried in game but alas, altitude can not.
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