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LFG Call to Arms Broker

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 36,552 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/30/2014
  • Created 04/27/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: v1.0.7

About LFG Call to Arms Broker

A LibDataBroker plugin that displays the current LFG Call to Arms status.

tag v1.0.7
Kevin Ballard <>
2014-11-30 01:51:23 -0800

Tagging as v1.0.7


Kevin Ballard:
    - Bump TOC for WoD
    After a quick test it appears to still be functioning just fine.

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  • #121

    On the question of having the addon play a sound when a Call to Arms happens.

    The addon already supports playing a sound file. LFG Call to Arms Broker uses a library called LibSharedMedia (LSM) to:


    • provide a list of available sounds
    • play the user selected sound file

    The problem is that we have to "register" some available sound files with LSM before they appear in the list of available sounds. By default, the LSM library itself only registers one sound file:

    • None: "Interface\Quiet.ogg"

    If you have no other addons installed that happened to register any sounds theselves, then Call to Arms Broker will show you no sounds - except the default

    • None

    Register some

    In order to ensure there are some sounds available in the LSM list, we should update the LFG Call to Arms Broker file Core.lua:

    Core.lua (before)

    local LSM = LibStub("LibSharedMedia-3.0")
    local LDBIcon = LibStub("LibDBIcon-1.0")

    local GROUP_TYPE_NONE = 1
    local GROUP_TYPE_PARTY = 2
    local GROUP_TYPE_RAID = 3

    Core.lua (after)

    local LSM = LibStub("LibSharedMedia-3.0")
    if (LSM) then
    --Ensure *some* sound files are registered with LSM, so that we have *something* to offer the user
    LSM:Register("sound", "Big Bad Wolf", "Sound\\Creature\\HoodWolf\\HoodWolfTransformPlayer01.ogg")
    LSM:Register("sound", "Murderous Rampage", "Sound\\Character\\Gnome\\GnomeVocalFemale\\GnomeFemalePissed01.ogg")
    LSM:Register("sound", "Big Bell", "Sound\\Doodad\\BellTollAlliance.ogg")
    LSM:Register("sound", "Karazhan Bell", "Sound\\Doodad\\KharazahnBellToll.ogg")
    LSM:Register("sound", "Bell (Klang)", "Sound\\Doodad\\BellTollHorde.ogg")
    LSM:Register("sound", "Fireworks", "Sound\\Doodad\\G_FireworkLauncher02Custom0.ogg")
    LSM:Register("sound", "Springs", "Sound\\Doodad\\Goblin_Lottery_Open03.ogg")
    LSM:Register("sound", "Troll Drums", "Sound\\Doodad\\TrollDrumLoop1.ogg")
    LSM:Register("sound", "Ogre Drums", "Sound\\Event Sounds\\Event_wardrum_ogre.ogg")
    LSM:Register("sound", "Alarm Clock", "Sound\\Interface\\AlarmClockWarning2.ogg")

    local LDBIcon = LibStub("LibDBIcon-1.0")

    local GROUP_TYPE_NONE = 1
    local GROUP_TYPE_PARTY = 2
    local GROUP_TYPE_RAID = 3


    In reality, we would perform the above sound file registrations inside of the function OnInitialize. But for the sake of making it easier for people here to copy-paste a solution into their Core.lua, we'll perform it in the global section.

    Last edited by JackTripper on 11/21/2015 10:37:08 AM
  • #120

    Any chance we could add a feature where we could announce a Call To Arms notice to a selected channel...for instance...a guild channel?

  • #119

    no recent posts so thought that id mention that its still working fine in 6.2.2.
    making several thousand gold a day running dungeons. ive even gotten a few dps queue satchels!

  • #118

    Very nice Addon. Will there be an Update for Patch 6.2 ?

  • #117

    Can someone please specify how to add sound to this? I'm trying everything i can, but i'm getting nothing. How does registering libshared media work? There was no instructions here on how to do that, so i've got nothing. Can't understand why at least 1 sound effect wasn't added to this mod in all this time since it was created in 2011.

    Last edited by Dologony on 3/9/2015 6:48:32 PM
  • #116



    I just stumbled over this addon as 'LFD: Call to Arms' ( does not work anymore.

    Is there any chance to have this nice window move in so you are notified about your role being called?




  • #115

    Any chance this will get an update to include things like LFR as well?
    I have yet to see it in action for Dungeons, but I notice it doesn't trigger for LFR CTA's

  • #113

    As a healer, this addon has gotten me quite a few satchels in the past so thank you.  I am testing some LFR code and will send it to you if it seems alright, if you want.

  • #114

    Glad to hear it! And I'll definitely take a look if you send anything over. You can send me a private message or file a ticket on the wowace project site.

  • #123

    Unfortunately I quit playing World of Warcraft a while ago, so I'm not updating my addons. My friend is trying to convince me to come back for Legion, but I haven't decided yet. If I do come back I'll try to update my addons, but until that time I'm not working on them.

    I'd be happy to add someone as a maintainer to this project if they wish to keep it updated.

  • #122

    Any news on this LFR thing? It will be awesome to add it to this awesome addon!

  • #110

    As I just within the past 48 hours hit 90 on my first ever tank, this is my new favority add on.  It is a must have for any tank or healer.

  • #111


  • #107

    hey, will the addon display LFR Call to Arms?

    Last edited by biodemon on 10/3/2013 12:19:30 AM
  • #108

    Such a thing exists? This surprises me. Unfortunately, I've pretty much quit WoW now, so it's pretty unlikely. I'd be happy to accept code from someone else to implement such a feature though.

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