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LFG Call to Arms Broker

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 222 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 30,629 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/30/2014
  • Created 04/27/2011
  • 51 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: v1.0.7

About LFG Call to Arms Broker

A LibDataBroker plugin that displays the current LFG Call to Arms status.

tag v1.0.7
Kevin Ballard <>
2014-11-30 01:51:23 -0800

Tagging as v1.0.7


Kevin Ballard:
    - Bump TOC for WoD
    After a quick test it appears to still be functioning just fine.

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  • #88

    I've had the v1.0.3a2 beta version running for a while and it has been accurately giving notifications.  Smile

  • #87

    That's good to know, thanks. I'll make the change and shove out a2. I doubt I'll have time to actually do any dungeons until this weekend though so I won't be able to really test it.

  • #86

    Actually the "RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE" event was removed along with the "PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED" event the event to use is "GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE". This event is used for both party and raid group updates.

    You can get rid of line 99 - self:RegisterEvent("PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED", "GroupMakeupChanged")

    Line 100 shoud be changed to     self:RegisterEvent("GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE", "GroupMakeupChanged")


    Last edited by SLOKnightfall on 8/29/2012 9:37:36 PM
  • #83

    not sure if i have add do i check?

  • #80

    hiho, some of my buddys can't choose any sounds, any idea?

  • #81

    This addon does not ship any sounds itself (mostly because I don't have any that are a) any good and b) something I have the rights to ship). But any other addon that uses LibSharedMedia and contains sounds will have its sounds made available to LFG Call to Arms Broker. For example, Omen registers 14 sounds.

  • #82

    I use no other Add-on, that is using LibSharedMedia. How is it possible, to register own sounds or can you define a standard filename in the LFG directory, so i can copy my file to that location.

    Thanks for this Add-On !!! Laughing

  • #77

    Thank you for that addon, but I've got a few troubles.

    When I press Ctrl-S, I see "Sound Effects Disabled" and after that addon won't sound alarming me when necessary. I have check on "Play sound when muted".

    And second, could you please make sound alarm like 2x-3x louder? I prefer to listen to music while playing and currently sound alarm is too quiet.

    Thanks again.

  • #78

    Hi gjytltkmybr,

    I'm sorry you're having problems. When the sound is not playing, is the volume for the master channel in WoW still set high enough to be audible? "Play sound when muted" causes the addon to switch from the sound effects channel to the master channel, so it's still affected by the general volume level.

    As for making the sound louder, unfortunately that is not possible. Blizzard provides no way to control the loudness of a given alert. All you can do is adjust your sound effects or master channel volumes.

  • #79

    Thank you, I pulled all sliders in volume options to max and now it works just great. Keep it up for a good work.

  • #76

    i can't make this addon work no matter what, not even the icon at the minimap appears, it's like i never installed it at all!!  i install and reinstall and nothing changes..

    someone else is having that problem?? 

  • #75

    I jyst read some comments. Eridius, if you could give some sort of center screen notifcation, it would be awesome.



  • #74


    Thank you for this addon! MUCh appreciated. Really appreciated.


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  +1

  • #71

    Could you please relase the source? Obviously you don't have the time to develop it, and let's admit it - as of now, the addon is barely of any use, as significant amount of people play with their sounds muted, and of course the 'Play sound when muted' option is BS that will not work. And having to keep checking it again and again kinda defeats the reason of existence of this addon as that can be done in the default UI.

  • #73

    Ok I just tested and "Play sound when muted" definitely works. Are you sure you're muting the sound, and not simply dropping the Master volume to 0%? "Play sound when muted" only comes into play if you press Ctrl-S and see "Sound Effects Disabled".

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