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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 2,195,588 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/26/2015
  • Created 04/18/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: r20151026212722
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About LFRAdvanced

In 6.0 addon has been changed to extend Group Finder instead of Raid Browser (Raid Browser has been removed by Blizzard).

Addon Features:

  • Dropdown menu with all available activities for easier and faster filtering. All activities are grouped by type and expansion (when applicable). You can also change current search category using dropdown menu without going back.
  • Changed the way search box working (it searches within results received from Blizzard for selected category or activity). It also provides advanced filtering using following syntax:
    • +word - include word (example: +highmaul)
    • -word - exclude word (example: -foundry)
    • ?word - possible word (example: ?tank ?heal)
    • word filters can be combined (example: +blast -normal)
    • inumber - required item level filter (example: i680), doesn't work with word filters
  • Extended tooltip for premades displaying classes and their roles
  • Proper premade sorting (by creation time instead if internal ID)
  • Auto refresh premade search every 30 sec (can be disabled in settings)

    - Changed how auto refresh is working * It's now activated/deactivated by right clicking refresh button * Sound/taskbar flash notification added when you find a group while auto refresh is on
    - Updated for 6.2.2
    - Hide this checkbox (no longer used)
    - May be this will fix this weird lua error I never had
    - Fix
    - Let whisper to leader when not signed up
    - Add second search box under blizzard's one for local search results filtering
    - Add new 6.2 activities to dropdown Save last filter text
    - Fix broken language filter
    - toc bump
    - Fix
    - Fix category selection after selection subcategory
    - toc bump
    - Auto refresh search option
    - Fix
    - New filtering operators added: +word - include word in search -word - exclude word in search ?word - any word in search +/-/? operators can be combined iNUMBER - greater than NUMBER item level filter (+/-/? operators ignored when this filter is used)
    - Also filter by leader name Sorting now done by group age instead of meaningless groupid.
    - Add an option for previous commit (default off for old users and on for new users)
    - Member's class and role now displayed in group's tooltips
    - Add WoD category to dropdown menu
    - Fix
    - Fix
    - Drop deprecated code
    - Hide deprecated controls
    - Bump version
    - Also fix dropdown text
    - Fix dropdown menu checked states
    - Fix
    - Changed the way group finder search box works
    - Filter dropdown for group finder
    - TOC update, but this is pretty much useless.
    - Remove duplicate code
    - Added option to Enable/Disable "Create Raid" button (off by default!)
    - Hide this for now
    - Drop that variable
    - Remove unused line
    - Use select()
    - Fix args
    - Tooltip fix
    - Fix
    - Fixed class filter dropdown not working properly while list sorted by ilvl
    - Fix
    - Tooltip improvements
    - Ignore min level req for listing option (gui), flex raids also have item level requirement that can't be ignored (enforced server side)
    - Ignore min level req for listing option (allows to list with low level toons in raid browser), no gui yet
    - Added class filter dropdown
    - Added "Show party info" option (default on for new users and off for existing users)
    - Removed stuff that won't ever be used
    - Added "Show old raids" option (default on for new users and off for existing users)
    - Fixed bug where Create raid button stays disabled in some cases Added one more option
    - Removed warning, since no one reported any bugs with "Create Raid" button
    - Tweaks
    - Print error message when player tries to list for incompatible raids groups at same time (blame blizzard!)
    - More tweaks
    - Fix typo
    - More tweaks
    - Tweaks
    - Fix
    - Hopefully this works
    - Added some basic logic to "Create raid" feature
    - Added popup request when clicking "Create raid" button
    - Added experimental "Create raid" button for world bosses: clicking it will invite all players from selected world boss list
    - Fix tooltip
    - Fix tooltip
    - Added Show boss kills GUI option
    - Added Show stats GUI option
    - Changed mouseover tooltip anchor Extra stats now only displayed while holding shift (if enabled)
    - Bug fix
    - Fix tooltip
    - Group ilvl tweak
    - Added hidden option to disable stats display in tooltip: /script LFRAdvancedOptions.ShowStats=false
    - Role icons for group members are back
    - Disabled role icons until I figure out how to add them properly
    - Role icons
    - Fix
    - Fix nil error, add average group ilvl
    - Fix
    - ILevel sort tweak
    - Default UI tweaks
    - Disabled ilvl sorting again
    - Tweak item level text
    - Added experimental ilvl sorting, disabled by default (have to edit lua to enable it)
    - Tooltip tweak for raid leaders
    - Tweak tooltip text for guildmates.
    - More copy button tweaks
    - Tweak copy button
    - Added button to copy character name
    - Fix level check
    - Fix
    - Fix nil error
    - Added Raid Browser button to PvE frame
    - Remove useless locals
    - Attempt to fix nil errors
    - Added missing file
    - Fix
    - Added boss kills (total kills on normal mode), gear rating, defense rating (isn't it gone ages ago?)
    - Fix
    - Fix lua error on 5.4.2 PTR (spec id is 0 for cross realm players), but why?
    - Fix
    - Old raids are unlocked now
    - Bump toc
    - Toc bump
    - Real 5.2 fix Added player spec in tooltip
    - TOC bump
    - - 5.1.0 TOC update
    - 5.0.4 Update
    - Fix.
    - Fixed scroll bar bug introduced by Blizzard in patch 4.3.0
    - Updated toc for patch 4.3
    - Added new missing argument added in 4.2
    - TOC update for 4.2
    - Updated for
    - Added name, level, class, spec, ilvl for group members
    - Tooltip correction
    - Don't show zero values in tooltip
    - Fixed names of return values
    - Checking folder name
    - Move files
    - Initial commit


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  • #70

    Privetstvuyu. Skazhi pozhaluysta, chto za freymi stoyat?

  • #69

    kak vkluchit etot addon ti mojech v zagolovke napisat 


  • #62

    нет ли аддона чтоб фильтр был по убитым босам, минимум итем лвлу, чтоб с неодетыми не идти, сложно бывает найти рейд когда их 50+

  • #60

    можно-ли задавать исключения в списки, например "-фарм" чтобы отсеивать фарм-рейды боешек?

    если нет, то будет-ли в следующей версии?

  • #61
    Quote from gen4ik »

    можно-ли задавать исключения в списки, например "-фарм" чтобы отсеивать фарм-рейды боешек?

    если нет, то будет-ли в следующей версии?

    Сейчас нет, посмотрим что можно сделать.

  • #59

    Hmmm, went to the Blizz options pane for this... it's totally blank! Have the latest version per Curse cient.

  • #58

    i've also have the same problem ive cheked in the options show boss lockouts but still it does not apear like before

  • #56

    how does this work now that everything has changed?

  • #54

    Create Raid button appears to have disappeared in this build or upload.

  • #55
    Quote from stflbn »

    Create Raid button appears to have disappeared in this build or upload.

    You can re-enable it in addon's options in latest update.

  • #50
    Issues with QUE list

    Posting this again because it's been ignored.  Would really like to know if anyone else is having this problem or for a developer/programmer to weigh in.

    "Hubby is trying to que for SoO Flex but is not seeing his name listed for the wing he chose even though it appears that he is in fact qued. When I que, I do see my name.  anyone else having this issue"

  • #51

    I don't think the issue is being ignored, per se, it just does not seem to have anything to do with the add-on. Has your hubby tried the same thing without the add-on? It may just be an issue on Blizzard's end. It may also be a problem caused by a separate add-on that he is using and you are not.

  • #53

    @pwalters669: Type /rb. It queues just like world bosses. You can either list yourself as available for the run, or you can browse people who are looking for a group (or possibly group leaders who have listed their groups). Without the add-on you're only missing statistics such as the user's specs and item levels and their stats.

    Last edited by allikitten on 2/13/2014 12:47:31 PM
  • #52
    Re: Issues with QUE list

    At the risk of sounding stupid, how does one que for a flex raid without the add-on?  If we go to the button, our only option under Flex is to "create raid".

  • #49

    I would love to see a feature with the "create raid" button where it discriminates players based on several user-configurable factors: Location (such as *only* Ordon Sanctuary if you're looking at the Ordos list, or *only* Celestial Court for Celestials) - or for Flex/RBG's, being able to add an ilvl requirement or even stat requirements, or even by role if you are looking to fill your healers before you get your DPS/tanks. If you cannot do this, maybe I can work on it myself when I get the time. :) Also - it would be even handier if it filtered out people who have already been invited.

    Last edited by allikitten on 2/11/2014 1:20:23 PM
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