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About LibItemInfo-1.0

Caches requested item info, allowing much quicker access on subsequent requests than GetItemInfo. Caches return values from GetItemInfo and are localised wherever applicable.

Callbacks when items get cached.

Simply get a reference to the library and then use it as a table, accessing item info using either item ID or item string.

If the item is cached, will return a table:

items[13262] = {
	name = "Ashbringer",
	quality = 5,
	itemLevel = 76,
	reqLevel = 60,
	type = "Weapon",
	subType = "Two-Handed Swords",
	invType = "INVTYPE_2HWEAPON",
	stackSize = 1,

This table is taken directly from the library database and should never be modified.

If not cached, will return nil and be queued for caching. A callback will fire when the item gets cached.


Fires once per frame update after all queued items that were cached were entered into the database.

Example usage:
local ItemInfo = LibStub("LibItemInfo-1.0")

local myAddon = {}

ItemInfo.RegisterCallback(myAddon, "OnItemInfoReceivedBatch", function(event, itemID)
	if ItemInfo[42] then
		print("Received item info")

local item = ItemInfo[42]

if item then

Better docs to be written.


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