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LightWell Geespot

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.1.0
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  • Updated 11/30/2012
  • Created 03/05/2011
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  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
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About LightWell Geespot

Changed License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Must attribute to the original author: CodeEnigma() -

This addon tracks when your LightWell has been cast and announces it. Informs everyone how many charges, average heal from one charge, and how the LightWell works.


  1. Must be in a instance(BG and Arenas not supported, right now)
  2. Party or Raid for most features to work on this addon.
  3. If you had Lightwell Geespot installed prior to 2.5 you need to set graphic counter to true to view it in action.

Additional Features:

  1. The add-on will track how many charges have been used, when someone uses a charge improperly because their health wasn't lower then what the LightWell actually heals for and also can whisper that user they where in the wrong.
  2. When it detects that a user used LightWell improperly it informs them to please not use LightWell unless their health drops below a certain percent. The percent is based off the LightWell formula , including any increases in your Spell Power prior to casting, and the Max Health of the user who used improperly.
  3. It will check if you have casted LightWell as you enter combat with a Instance or Raid Boss(Currently Only for Cata), and remind you that you have not.
  4. Will inform everyone when LightWell expires or all charges have been used.
  5. Added slash command support. /lwg help or /lwgeespot help
  6. Added tracking for users: LW uses, misuses, overhealing caused, damage taken while LW is out, healing taken by LW
  7. Display those numbers and ability to announce those numbers
  8. Reduced the message size of reporting misuses.
  9. Graphic Counter for those who where looking for a way to see charges and time remaining without spamming the chat window.
  10. All GUI is moveable

Config Area:

  1. Whisper the player who used light well above the threshold? (TRUE/FALSE)
  2. Announce who improperly used a light well? (TRUE/FALSE)
  3. Announce who used a light well? (TRUE/FALSE)
  4. Announce when light well has faded? (TRUE/FALSE)
  5. Choose what channels you want to announce the different messages to.
  6. Placed config data in GUI system
  7. Ability to choose to hide or show graphic counter


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  • #28

    Recently did a quick fix. Hopefully I got all the bugs worked out from the changes in MoP API. I did not do any major testing. Just made sure it casted in a instance and counted the charges correctly. Hopefully there will not be bugs upon joining a raid or a party.

    Just wanted to release this for those who did like it.

    Last edited by urftrestpdad on 10/14/2012 9:46:08 AM

    Programming Enigmas -

  • #26

    I have decided to worry more about school than keeping this program alive. Anyone that wants to take ideas or clone this program is free to do so. Just please attribute to the original author:

    CodeEnigma() -


    Programming Enigmas -

  • #24

    it doesn't work for ru locale. and it doesn't seem to be working at all. unfortunatelly ((

  • #25

    I know i added the RU locale based on a translation i received from another user and they been using it ever since with out problem.

    • You did choose ruRu in the config file?
    • It did refresh?
    • messages to display are set to true?
    • where you want the message to display is set?
    • You tested addon in a instance?
    So after all that, what is the addon able to do, and what is it not able to do? Sorry for the delay in response as I do not play WoW anymore and been forgetting to check this site.
    Last edited by urftrestpdad on 5/14/2012 7:18:39 PM

    Programming Enigmas -

  • #19

    great addon.

    i'm using a macro that target on the lightwell and mark it in raid color mark. on top of it. it helps alot specially in place like FL. i think it will be a nice feature for the addon - while putting a lightwell and auto call on it - to also target and mark it for the raid to see more easely.

  • #20
    I will look into this as i believe i would have to create a button that does this when you cast the light well as targeting is restricted function. So basically you would still have to click a extra item to mark the light well from what i know as of now.
    Last edited by urftrestpdad on 10/30/2011 9:03:17 PM

    Programming Enigmas -

  • #23

    hey shahar, if i may recommend one thing to you macro to set target on the lightwell. the last line should be "/cleartarget" cause your current macro leaves you targeted on the lightwell. if you at that as the last line in the macro it will leave you not targeting anything.

  • #21

    sounds great! thanks for the good work, and im sure it is  usefull for many Holy Priests. i will suggest that if you will add this feature, to remind the player in the tooltip or somthing, that it's only work on raids when the priest is given assist.

    i just wantet to add also that the macro i use does do both things in one click - /yell + mark. it might help you out in somthing.

    /target Lightwell
    /run SetRaidTarget("target", 4)
    /run local t=GetSpellCooldown("Lightwell") if t>0 then SendChatMessage("Casting Lightwell.", "raid") end





  • #17
    A verry nice addon but i would recommand to create the option to give a raidwarning when the lightwell is down
  • #18
    Added it and submitted file for release.
    Last edited by urftrestpdad on 10/14/2011 11:59:15 PM

    Programming Enigmas -

  • #15
    is there a reason why your latest source code is unreadable?
  • #27

    Finally see what you talking about. Just ignore the files that start with ._ or even delete them. I am not sure how or why they are there.

    Programming Enigmas -

  • #16
    nope. didn't do anything different then i normally do when making a update.

    Programming Enigmas -

  • #13
    Is it possible to change the message that is being sent into the Chat Channel?
  • #14
    as of now, no. i have thought about adding that ability though.. well unless u go into the LUA files themselves and type something else.

    Programming Enigmas -

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