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  • Updated 07/07/2015
  • Created 12/17/2006
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  • Newest File: 1.95
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About LinkWrangler

LinkWrangler will allow you to open multiple item link windows from text links in the chat window. Ever been asked to compare items from the chat window for someone? Sitting there clicking back and forth between the two links, trying to remember the statistics of each? Ever want to look at multiple items as they blaze by you in the chat frame only to find out that the other links have long since disappeared by the time you are done with the first? This is the addon for you!


  • Clicking on links in chat text will bring up multiple reference tooltips for side-by-side comparison or just for simultaneous browsing
  • Tooltips have extra buttons providing features such as minimising the tooltip or relinking it to chat
  • Key binds to close or minimize all windows
  • Key bind to open a LinkWrangler window for the item you point the mouse at
  • Refer to the included LinkWrangler.htm file for basic instructions


  • Many other AddOns have been written to use LinkWrangler windows
  • Provides easy access for other AddOn authors to hook into the tooltips
  • Can be reconfigured to avoid conflicts with other AddOns
  • You can disable some features if you do not use them; for example the extra buttons can be disabled individually

Documentation (included in the download):

  • LinkWrangler.htm : basic information
  • SlashCommands.htm : full documentation of all the slash commmands, with examples
  • Developer.htm : documentation of the LinkWrangler callback API, and all other exports, for AddOn authors

Version 1.95

- ToC update for WoW 6.2


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  • #196
    how can i see the 3D item? i cant find any options for that like your helm on the first screenshot

    thx in advance
  • #197
    That tooltip was actually from Auctioneer, but I know that Auctioneer can no longer do it, and I don't know how it was done (it was before my time).

    The screenshot is supposed to demonstrate LinkWrangler working with other AddOns, but it's so out of date I should probably replace it...
  • #195
    Release version 1.85

    ToC update for WoW patch 4.2

    Adds new slash command "/lw spacing "
    Used to prevent the LinkWrangler windows from getting dragged or pushed too close to the edge of the screen.
    may be top, bottom, left or right
    may be 0 - 250

    The following should prevent LinkWrangler windows from getting stuck under Titan Panel!
    "/lw spacing top 20"

    Adds experimental 'simple' mode which is described in the readme.txt file.
    In summary, 'simple' mode avoids tainting SetItemRef, but has to disable some features to do so.
  • #191
    Could you add the sell price for items that have a sell price in the tooltip?

    itemSellPrice is a return from GetItemInfo; it's the sell price in copper.
    That number can be formatted using GetCoinText(itemSellPrice,", ") or GetCoinTextureString(itemSellPrice).
  • #192
    Sell price is automatically included in LinkWrangler tooltips, the same as any other tooltip. I have not been able to get it to fail to display, so I'm not sure what is happening to you.
  • #193
    Show Vendor Prices enabled, the sell price will not show up in LinkWrangler's tooltip.
  • #194
    Thanks for that info. I've looked into Auctionator to find where it overrides and disables the normal "Sell Price" display, but I don't think there's anything I can do to get round it.
  • #187
    It ist a nice addon, but when i open a link in chat, it doesn't open the second window from auctioneer-adddon under the main window. it shows only one window. could you configure the addon, that you can also show the second window from auctioneer tooltip? Only showing the item-name and the chandler cost is too low!

    PS: I don't want Altoholic to have a solution!

    Leider öffnet sich mit diesem Addon die Tool Tip Information von Auctioneer nicht mehr im Chat. Das ist schade. Wäre cool wenn man das Addon so programmieren könnte, dass trotzdem noch die Informationsanzeige (das 2. Fenster darunter) von Auctioner bleiben könnte. Nur Itemname und Händlerverkaufspreis ist zu wenig Information!

  • #188
    You need the LinkWrangler-Auctioneer Plugin to make them work together. Try the latest version 1.52 at
    (when it gets approved).

    I have been considering just bundling the Plugin along with LinkWrangler, so you can get it all in one download. What do people think of this?
  • #189
    Thank you! But there ist another problem too. Beside the first window is usually an icon/ a symbol from the item. For Example a little picture what looks like the item. How can i show this little picture in the tool tip again with your addon? I use this picture often to find faster the positon of items in my bag.

    PS: Sry for my bad english.
  • #190
    I have found the solution some lines under my text:

    now it works fine! the icon is here again :D Yes!!!
  • #186
    Release version 1.84

    ToC update for WoW patch 4.1 and some other minor changes.
  • #184
    How do you get the "total owned" information to show? I've got both ttii and the companion but when I click on a "white" item all I get is the name and vendor price no other info... Sorry should mention not just the "white" items but on items like Enchanting mats as well and the like.

    Thanks and love the use of this tool. Very handy indeed.
  • #185
    'Total Owned' (and the 'Character (owned)' line) come from Altoholic, which has built-in LinkWrangler support (thanks Thaoky :))

    Other item-counting AddOns may work with LinkWrangler too.
  • #181
    In your 'Lots of Tooltip' pic you have the item icons next to the close button. How would I do that? Thought it would probably be in another tooltip addon. Am using TipTac, can't find any such option in there.

    Appreciate any help.
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