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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 02/27/2015
  • Created 09/29/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 2.3.8

About Livestock

Livestock: For all your companion needs

Now that your pets and mounts don't take up space in your bags, Livestock lets you manage them intelligently. This addon sorts your companions into land mounts, flying mounts, and vanity pets. Then, with the push of a button, you can randomly summon any of the three, or designate a favorite pet to have out on command.

You can also have Livestock always keep a pet by your side, and have it dismiss your vanity pet when you are in PVP battle and it would give away your position.

You can even tell Livestock to put you on a random land or flying mount depending on whether the area you're in lets you fly or not. Underwater or in combat, Livestock can also be configured to cast certain spells relating to travel, such as Path of Frost or Ghost Wolf.

You can even designate certain pets or mounts to be called in certain zones or subzones. Ride in style on a Frostwolf Howler while in Alterac Valley, and then switch to your favorite color of Mechanostrider while in Ironforge. Livestock will let you make sure that you have your good luck pet out whenever you're in Ulduar or Trial of the Crusader.

You can summon critters, land mounts, and flying mounts in various ways. See the ReadMe file for more information.

Localization Help:

Livestock currently only completely works for the enUS, deDE, eES, ruRU, and frFR clients. (The client is only localized completely for the enUS client, and assistance in localizing is always appreciated!) If you are on another client, Livestock will load but will show all English strings. If you are willing to help localize the addon for your language, please let me know - you'd only need to provide some simple translations and I'd do the rest. You can reach me through the Private Message system available here.

Slash Commands:

Slash Commands:

There are currently eight slash commands for the addon. View the ReadMe file for a more in-depth explanation. /livestock or /ls both work for commands.

  • Use "/livestock" to bring up the main menu bar.
  • Use "/livestock reset" to move the four Livestock Buttons back to their default positions.
  • Use "/livestock scale <scale>" to change the size of the Livestock Buttons.
  • Use "/livestock prefs" as a shortcut to access the preferences, described in the ReadMe.
  • Use "/livestock redo" to force Livestock to reset to default. Useful for squashing buggy behavior at the cost of having to reset your settings.
  • Use "/livestock [zone/subzone]" to designate a pet or mount for your current zone or subzone. For more information, check the ReadMe.
  • Use "/livestock [mount/nomount/pet/nopet]" to add/remove pets and mounts from the random summon list. Uses your active summon.
  • Use "/livestock debug" - Prints out useful debugging information that can assist the developers in solving problems. Use the command again to turn off the debugging output.

Livestock Options and Preferences:

You can find the options for Livestock in the Addons tab of the Blizzard Interface options menu. The "Livestock" tab has the major options, while options for pets and Smart Mounting are in sub-menus. You can read more about the preferences in the ReadMe file.

Bugs Reports and Feature Requests

If you find unexpected behavior in Livestock, especially in locales other than enUS, please check the FAQ at first to see if it has been addressed and if there is a possible fix.

Please report any bugs you find with Livestock, or feature requests you'd like to see, using the "Report Bugs" or "Feature Request" button underneath the Download button, up and to the right. I appreciate your feedback and support.

If you are reporting a bug, the following information is helpful: Any error messages that you saw, where you were (if you can give coordinates, that's excellent), what you were trying to do, what your menus looked like, and what class you play.


Well-deserved credit goes to the following people:

  • Khanthal (Uldum), for the original idea and being our MT so often!
  • A BIG thank you to Sbo (UI and Macros forum, Live) who helped me figure out what was the issue with Dalaran and Wintergrasp as well as suggesting the way to get around it.
  • Grimgear (UI and Macros forum, Live) for helping troubleshoot a bug, pointing me to keybindings, and suggesting rotation speed. Also for pointing out how best to adjust my GUI to compensate for localization.
  • Lunessa (UI and Macros forum, Live) for pointing me to Blizzard's instructions on creating panels in the Interface menu.
  • Xelron (UI and Macros forum, Live) for helping construct debug messages to get more information and indirectly convincing me to make my own dropdowns.
  • Ro (UI and Macros forum, Beta) for the 3D model viewer idea. Ro also originally suggested making my own custom dropdowns, which I thought was beyond me!
  • Elloria and Tgulics (WoWInterface) for helping spread the word and test the addon in its earliest stages and for suggesting highlighting the buttons when they're clicked.
  • The MVPs (UI and Macros forum) for providing the resources needed to accomplish this one as well as stepping in and answering my questions from time to time. Special thanks to Alestane and Iriel for helping me with secure handlers.
  • kdkunde (WoWInterface) for helping translate this mod into German so far!
  • Vastilia (WoWInterface) and Yorgl (Curse) for helping translate into French!
  • madbit (WoWInterface) for the Spanish translation.
  • simply (Curse) for the Russian localization.
  • Certainly not least, Brenkite (Uldum) for being my personal troubleshooter and moral support.

Version 2.3.8

- Fixed Nagrand garrison mounts

Version 2.3.7

- Added support for Chauffeured Mekgineer's Chopper and Chauffeured Mechano-Hog

Version 2.3.6

- Added Aspect of the Cheetah to combat forms

Version 2.3.5

- Corrected Garrison Ability to support other languages
- Flying Carpets now only require 300 tailoring

Version 2.3.4

- Support for Dustmane Direwolf and Creeping Carpet

Version 2.3.3

- Fix for silly LUA errors (coding too fast)

Version 2.3.2

- New option to use Travel Form in land areas

Version 2.3.1

- Restrict Nagrand option to not use siege tanks and only use mounts if learned

Version 2.3.0

- Added Garrison Mounts option for Nagrand

Version 2.2.7

- Restrict autosummon pets while in vehicles to prevent issues with vehicle buttons

Version 2.2.6

- Will once again summon flying mounts underwater in flying zones
- Fixed issue with pet auto-summons and barbershops
- Druids now only summon travel form underwater if they are moving
- Moonkin form now supported when canceling travel form (while moving)

Version 2.2.5

- Fixed macro errors (re-create macros or assign an icon to fix issue)

Version 2.2.4

- Fix for Druids in Draenor

Version 2.2.3

- Fix for Draenor mounting

Version 2.2.2

- Fixed interactions with Monk Zen Flight

Version 2.2.1

- Moonkins now remain in moonkin form when mounting (fix for non-combo button)

Version 2.2.0

- Fixed dragging pets into the Zone/Subzone screen
- Disabled dragging mounts into the Zone/Subzone screen (use the command line)
- Better handling of the new flying mounts in land menu setting
- Moonkins now remain in moonkin form when mounting

Version 2.1.0

- Hide mounts from the opposite faction

Version 2.0.5

- Fixed flying dismounts for non-druids

Version 2.0.4

- New Option: Include flying mounts in land menu
- More druid fixes

Version 2.0.3

- Fixed Death Knights and Paladins
- Additional fixes for Druids

Version 2.0.2

- Support Flight Form when using Glyph of the Stag

Version 2.0.1

- Fixed error on non-hunters

Version 2.0.0

- Support for patch 6.0.2
- Fixed some issues with druid forms
- Low level druids will use cat form until they learn travel form
- Aspect of the Hawk removed (can cancel AotC/AotP when mounting)

- Change log up to this version removed from hosting site and archived in Change Log.txt


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  • #625

    Looks good. I put it into v1.6.6.

  • #619

    I'm encountering several issues. First, the "Zones and Subzones" Menu page doesnt' seem to be working for me. I can't drag mounts from the Mounts and Pets menu to the box on this page. When I attempt to, it says I've erased the zone mount. The only way it'll work is if I drag it first to the toolbar, and then drag from the toolbar to the box. When I do this, I must keep the left mouse button held down and release it over the box. If I release at any time before, I can't hold it again and release it over the box; if I try to click it into the box, I get the erased message again.

    Setting zone pets doesn't seem to work at all. I've attempted it both with the method above in the box and typing in the command "/livestock zone [itemlink]" but neither will set a zone pet for me.

    The "3d model" isn't showing pets, only mounts.

    That's all for now. I'll post if i can find anything else. In the mean time, can anyone help me with these issues? Any idea why these aren't working?

    Thank you.

    Last edited by dam091 on 9/9/2012 9:32:17 PM
  • #620

    The zone mounts work like that. You have to keep the mouse down until you get into the box. It works fine for me coming from the mount journal.

    All else is fixed in 1.6.5.

  • #617

    The problem I'm having is, every time I cross realm zone, I have to reset the mounts that I use. It seems that once I set it for that cross realm zone, it's fine the next time I go into that zone (and that zone only). Maybe find some way to reload it in the background when entering a cross realm zone? Is there even a way to detect that?

  • #613

    Looks like a strange bug in the mount journal. Have to see if I can find some way to work around it.

    For now, if you open the livestock menu and click one of the mount buttons it will rebuild the index and let you mount correctly (at least until Blizzard re-sorts it again).

    Update: Haven't found any fix yet. This might have to wait for Blizzard to fix their broken code.

    Last edited by Kharthus on 9/5/2012 10:56:58 PM
  • #621

    Yea, every time I enter a CRZ my mount list gets randomized.  One of the many CRZ bugaboos Bliz has to fix.

  • #622

    v1.6.5 should be immune to these pet/mount randomizations and Livestock should still function correctly.

  • #609

    2 things to help with the ground mount issue. Once it's broken do this:

    1) Type /livestock debug, then attempt to summon a random mount and please post or msg me what prints on the screen. Also tell me where you were when it happened.

    2) Open your mount journal and see if the mounts are still in alphabetical order or some random order.

  • #612

    I mounted a few times in Borean Tundra

    1. POSTDEBUG: 'FLYING' is mount-type, state is '4'
    MOUNT: '122' is mount-index, flying mount is 'Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher'
    PREDEBUG: 'nil' is mount-type, state is '2'
    POSTDEBUG: 'nil' is mount-type, state is '2'
    PREDEBUG: 'nil' is mount-type, state is '4'
    POSTDEBUG: 'FLYING' is mount-type, state is '4'
    MOUNT: '72' is mount-index, flying mount is 'Blue Dragonhawk'
    PREDEBUG: 'nil' is mount-type, state is '4'
    POSTDEBUG: 'FLYING' is mount-type, state is '4'
    MOUNT: '147' is mount-index, flying mount is 'Swift Gray Steed'

    2. I zoned into Utgarde Keep and checked and they were in order. Upon zoning out the addon worked again.

  • #611

    PREDEBUG: 'nil' is mount-type, state is '4'
    POSTDEBUG: 'FLYING' is mount-type, state is '4'
    MOUNT: '75' is mount-index, flying mount is 'Green Proto-Drake'

    I did the debug when in Arathi Highlands (I'd been getting land-instead-of-flying there and also in Wetlands).

    2. Mounts in mount journal are now in a semi-random order... sometimes there are groups by type (several rams are collected, several nether rays, several elekks, mechanostriders), but some are just jumbled around (example, the blue and green qiraji battle tanks are next to each other, but the yellow is listed far away).

  • #610

    1. "MOUNT: '2' is mount-index, flying mount is 'Great Purple Elekk' " - I was in Wetlands.

    2. Random order.

  • #608

    Having the same issue with ground mounts only. It seems to be fine as long as I log in and stay in areas like Stormwind or Darkmoon Faire; as soon as I go out and about in the world to lower populated areas to do some Arch I lose the ability to summon a flying mount, I keep getting land-based ones. May be coincidental but I only notice a problem after I see the skill text referenced here pop up on my screen:

    Hope that helps, I love my random mounts, I'm a bit sad I've had to choose a single one to add to my action bar so I can fly.

  • #605

    I just had an odd occurrence.  I took my hunter to Outland to get a water strider class pet from Zangarmarsh. Once I tamed one and tried to mount back up, I was only getting random selections from my chosen land-based mounts, nothing from the Flying set. I had to use my other keybinds to force a Flying selection.

  • #606

    The pet journal is a little unstable at the moment. I've seen reports from other addons that sometimes the mount lists resort themselves for no known reason. This could cause Livestock to act a little weird. If you can recreate it in a certain situation that'd be helpful. If not, I'll just keep my eyes open for strange issues.

  • #618

    Seems to happen when you cross realm zone.

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