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  • World of Warcraft
  • 336 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 186,839 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/12/2013
  • Created 09/29/2008
  • 674 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.9.8

About Livestock

Livestock: For all your companion needs

Now that your pets and mounts don't take up space in your bags, Livestock lets you manage them intelligently. This addon sorts your companions into land mounts, flying mounts, and vanity pets. Then, with the push of a button, you can randomly summon any of the three, or designate a favorite pet to have out on command.

You can also have Livestock always keep a pet by your side, and have it dismiss your vanity pet when you are in PVP battle and it would give away your position.

You can even tell Livestock to put you on a random land or flying mount depending on whether the area you're in lets you fly or not. Underwater or in combat, Livestock can also be configured to cast certain spells relating to travel, such as Path of Frost or Ghost Wolf.

You can even designate certain pets or mounts to be called in certain zones or subzones. Ride in style on a Frostwolf Howler while in Alterac Valley, and then switch to your favorite color of Mechanostrider while in Ironforge. Livestock will let you make sure that you have your good luck pet out whenever you're in Ulduar or Trial of the Crusader.

You can summon critters, land mounts, and flying mounts in various ways. See the ReadMe file for more information.

Localization Help:

Livestock currently only completely works for the enUS, deDE, eES, ruRU, and frFR clients. (The client is only localized completely for the enUS client, and assistance in localizing is always appreciated!) If you are on another client, Livestock will load but will show all English strings. If you are willing to help localize the addon for your language, please let me know - you'd only need to provide some simple translations and I'd do the rest. You can reach me through the Private Message system available here.

Slash Commands:

Slash Commands:

There are currently eight slash commands for the addon. View the ReadMe file for a more in-depth explanation. /livestock or /ls both work for commands.

  • Use "/livestock" to bring up the main menu bar.
  • Use "/livestock reset" to move the four Livestock Buttons back to their default positions.
  • Use "/livestock scale <scale>" to change the size of the Livestock Buttons.
  • Use "/livestock prefs" as a shortcut to access the preferences, described in the ReadMe.
  • Use "/livestock redo" to force Livestock to reset to default. Useful for squashing buggy behavior at the cost of having to reset your settings.
  • Use "/livestock [zone/subzone]" to designate a pet or mount for your current zone or subzone. For more information, check the ReadMe.
  • Use "/livestock [mount/nomount/pet/nopet]" to add/remove pets and mounts from the random summon list. Uses your active summon.
  • Use "/livestock debug" - Prints out useful debugging information that can assist the developers in solving problems. Use the command again to turn off the debugging output.

Livestock Options and Preferences:

You can find the options for Livestock in the Addons tab of the Blizzard Interface options menu. The "Livestock" tab has the major options, while options for pets and Smart Mounting are in sub-menus. You can read more about the preferences in the ReadMe file.

Bugs Reports and Feature Requests

If you find unexpected behavior in Livestock, especially in locales other than enUS, please check the FAQ at first to see if it has been addressed and if there is a possible fix.

Please report any bugs you find with Livestock, or feature requests you'd like to see, using the "Report Bugs" or "Feature Request" button underneath the Download button, up and to the right. I appreciate your feedback and support.

If you are reporting a bug, the following information is helpful: Any error messages that you saw, where you were (if you can give coordinates, that's excellent), what you were trying to do, what your menus looked like, and what class you play.


Well-deserved credit goes to the following people:

  • Khanthal (Uldum), for the original idea and being our MT so often!
  • A BIG thank you to Sbo (UI and Macros forum, Live) who helped me figure out what was the issue with Dalaran and Wintergrasp as well as suggesting the way to get around it.
  • Grimgear (UI and Macros forum, Live) for helping troubleshoot a bug, pointing me to keybindings, and suggesting rotation speed. Also for pointing out how best to adjust my GUI to compensate for localization.
  • Lunessa (UI and Macros forum, Live) for pointing me to Blizzard's instructions on creating panels in the Interface menu.
  • Xelron (UI and Macros forum, Live) for helping construct debug messages to get more information and indirectly convincing me to make my own dropdowns.
  • Ro (UI and Macros forum, Beta) for the 3D model viewer idea. Ro also originally suggested making my own custom dropdowns, which I thought was beyond me!
  • Elloria and Tgulics (WoWInterface) for helping spread the word and test the addon in its earliest stages and for suggesting highlighting the buttons when they're clicked.
  • The MVPs (UI and Macros forum) for providing the resources needed to accomplish this one as well as stepping in and answering my questions from time to time. Special thanks to Alestane and Iriel for helping me with secure handlers.
  • kdkunde (WoWInterface) for helping translate this mod into German so far!
  • Vastilia (WoWInterface) and Yorgl (Curse) for helping translate into French!
  • madbit (WoWInterface) for the Spanish translation.
  • simply (Curse) for the Russian localization.
  • Certainly not least, Brenkite (Uldum) for being my personal troubleshooter and moral support.

Version 1.9.8

- random() changed to fastrandom() for 5.4.2 patch

Version 1.9.7

- TOC update for patch 5.4

Version 1.9.6

- TOC update for patch 5.3
- Now uses flying mounts underwater (instead of land)

Version 1.9.5

- Performance improvements

Version 1.9.4

- Two new options for Aspect of the Hawk
- New option: New mounts are disabled by default

Version 1.9.3

- Fixed Aspect of the Pack in groups

Version 1.9.2

- Updates for patch 5.2

Version 1.9.1

- Fixed flying detection code for Outlands
- Slight update to the new scrolling code
- Added /ls as a shortcut for /livestock

Version 1.9.0

- Added Azure Water Strider option
- Added Zen Flight option
- Added scrollable mount/pet lists
- Fixed code that detects flying skill level and area
- Cleanup Abyssal Seahorse code
- Cleanup localizations
- Removed Crusader Aura

Version 1.8.0

- Updates for patch 5.1
- Another fix for SetWidth errors
- Fixed Aspect of the Pack

- Change log up to this version removed from hosting site and archived in Change Log.txt


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  • #706

    There's no easy way to add items to the mount list, sorry. You can edit the macro manually to do it.

  • #703

    Is there going to be an update for Livestock?  It doesnt seem to work correctly in the new battleground area, deepwind gorge.

  • #704

    Have you tried /ls debug? I haven't been online since the patch and can't fix anything right now. It's possible it's another BG issue like Wintergrasp. 

  • #702

    Just a reminder for anyone else trying to remember how to move the livestock buttons - hold down shift & drag.  I knew could move them, just took me a few minutes of trying to remember how to do it.  Didn't see it noted in the readme file or as an option on the menu.  Just sharing!

  • #696

    There's a small, but sometimes annoying thing i noticed about Livestock mount randomizer: it creates a short lag during the mount cast. Not even a lag - just drop in FPS for less then 1 second (especially easy to see if i try to move the camera during the mounting cast), which is something i generally wouldn't even notice. But i've been doing alot of archeology lately, and when you need to mount/dismount about every 5-10 seconds, that really adds up. ^^' Eventually i had to return to just single mount on my archeology alt (and yes, it solves the problem - no lag if mount just casted directly). And it's not a big problem, but i'm just curitous: is it something you are not aware of, something that can't be fixed, or it's just my PC problem and no one else has any lag there? If something, my PC is quite powerful and i run wow on full ultra settings on up to 100 fps and barely even remember what's it like to play with low fps. ^^

  • #697

    I don't see FPS drops on my setup and I'm usually running between 30-50 fps on High graphics. Have you tried isolating it to just Livestock? It does recalculate the mount table each time you mount, but shouldn't affect people on good machines.

  • #701

    Hah! It actually works like a charm now. Last update fixed it *completely* - now there's no lag at all with all of wowhead, wowdb and even those pet addons enabled at same time. :) Thanks, that was really quick and kinda brilliant fix. ^^

    PS: I did a quick search for PET_JOURNAL_LIST_UPDATE within all my addon directory - there are indeed matches in most of those addons i found to cause lag, including Wowhead_Looter, WoWDBProfiler, ArkInventoryPetJournal, PetLeash and a few others.

  • #700

    Actually I just had an idea of how to make it much better. The rebuilding of the lists was due to a mount issue with CRZs. I'm not sure if that problem was fixed or not, but I only need to rebuild the mount list, not the pet list. That should eliminate the lag you're seeing. Hopefully have the fix out later tonight.

  • #699

    Just for reference, I've got 188 addons including Altoholic, Ackis Recipe List, PetJournalEnhanced, and WoWHead Looter and I'm not seeing any lag. It's very possible there is a conflict with other Pet Battle addons. They all hook into the same functions and everytime you clear the filters in the Pet Journal it fires off a ton of events. Blame Blizzard for designing a messed up API that doesn't allow access to the unfiltered list. The event that is the problem is PET_JOURNAL_LIST_UPDATE. If you look through those other addons you'll probably see them reacting to that and it fires way too much with the current Pet Journal. Livestock and PetJournalEnchanced don't use that event for exactly this reason.

    Last edited by Kharthus on 3/24/2013 7:31:48 PM
  • #698

    Hm... i've tried to disable most of non-critical addons, but until now i hadn't a chance to really go all over my loooong addon list. Looks like there is a correlation between this lag and some addons, but it doesn't seems to be related to just one of them. Here's what i found:

    • there's no lag at all if there's just livestock and not a single other addon (but obviously, it's impossible to play like this ^^)
    • there's no noticable lag if i enable most of addons, exluding all or most of the following
    • lag is barely noticable if enabled from one to all of: Arkinventory, Altoholic, Ackis Recipe List. They all have some form of mount storage database, probably this has something to do with it, but the lag from them so minor i'd count it as no lag. 
    • somewhat noticable lag is caused by PetLeash (they probably conflict in some way due to similar functions, even tho i had it only for random pet) and most of pet battle addons (tested with PetMaster and BattlePetCollector). But even with all of the above lag isn't all that bad.
    • the MOST annoying lag comes from (!!) WoWDBProfiler and Wowhead Looter. Either of them or both, wowhead does a bit more lag tho. Never even thought they can cause any lag, especially on mounting... Not really like the idea to disable them, but if it's not something that can be fixed... oh well, sorry, wowhead and mmo-c, you won't get my data. ^^'
    Not sure if it's any helpful... I even had an idea to record it, but stupid fraps just cuts those missing seconds on output video, so it doesn't show much other then instant camera jump. My PC, just in case: i7 3.0 GHz, GeForce 480 GTX, 6 GB.
  • #695

    Thanks so much for continuing this addon. With 180+ mounts and closing in on 400 pets, Livestock is an addon that I can't deal without.

    Have you considered a rating on each mount? I don't how feasible this would be, but if they could rated from 0 to 4 stars (possibly more) it would have an effect of 0 meaning never summon, 1 would mean rarely summon, 2 would be summon normally, 3 would be summon more often and 4 would be reserved for favorite mounts that you want to see the most.

    I understand I don't know how feasible this would be to implement, but it would be a very nice addition. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • #694
    Zen Flight

    Thanks for adding the support, much appreciated.

  • #692

    Just an idea, not sure if you thought of this already but it could be fun to be able to assign certain mounts to zones. For example, if I am in Winterspring, I might want Livestock to put me on snowy mounts like mammoths and such. Just a thought.

  • #693

    You can assign individual mounts to zones already. Wasn't planning on making whole catergories though.

  • #691
    Monk Zen Flight

    Hey, any chance of adding support for monk's Zen Flight spell? Such as casting it while moving/falling and summoning your mount/smart mount when not moving with Zen Flight active while flying? Thanks.

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