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Are You Lookin' At Me?

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 159 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 36,417 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/27/2015
  • Created 06/20/2008
  • 83 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.0.10

About Are You Lookin' At Me?

Are You Lookin At Me?

This addon is a trivial enhancement for the game tooltip which, when you mouse over a player or NPC, shows you the name and level of their current target. I designed it just to know when someone is inspecting me without me having to target them back, though it has practical uses as well such as mousing over mobs during combat to ensure that they're on the tank and may be useful for similar purposes in PvP as well.

  • Bumped .toc for patch 6
  • Bumped .toc for patch 5.2
  • Bumped .toc for patch 5.0
  • Bumped .toc for patch 4.3
  • Bumped .toc for patch 4.2
  • Fixed WoW4 compatibility
  • Bumped .toc for patch 3.3
  • Bumped .toc for patch 3.2


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  • #29

    Man. How I WISH this addon would work with my roleplay addon (MyRoleplay). It works perfectly for players who don't have RP addons installed, but it won't if they do. It's a really awesome addon. Any chance on making a verson where when hovering over a target, a message pops up and says " Target is Targing you!"?

  • #27

    Is there any way to have either the addon or weakauras to show something (a counter or anything) when someone is targeting me. Not just tooltip but a counter or indication that someone or x amount of players are targeting me?

  • #28

    You can't determine arbitrarily if someone is targetting you.  You can only tell if someone is targetting you if you can make a reference to them in the API, which means they have to be your actual target, your mouseover target, your focus, or the target of someone in your raid/party.

  • #24

    Just installed this but Im not sure if its working? Are you able to update? 

  • #25

    It's working fine.  If you have a specific situation where it doesn't seem to be working please describe it in detail.

    An easy test is to go to the Auction House and start mousing over players.  You should see a target line on their tooltip showing that they're targetting the auctioneer.

    Last edited by Mundocani on 1/17/2015 4:29:08 PM
  • #26

    Hello. Long time since I haven't replied. I found TipTac which worked for the same thing but I still want this addon badly so I uninstalled TipTac and got Are you looking at me. I noticed it didn't work and went through some research and then I found the problem!

    It does not stack with MyRolePlay. If I've got MRP enabled the targetting does not work. I hope you can fix this :3

  • #23

    Oh wow, Thank You!! The addon I'd been using to do this seems dead with 6.0, I'd almost given up hope on finding another addon which gives the target in the tooltip and not 500 other modifications which I don't want.  Delighted to find this one! :-)

  • #22

    Thank you for the update.

  • #21

    Please update. I tried "loading out of date addons" in hopes it would function anyway, but I'm not seeming to get a result. I miss it.

  • #20

    " I designed it just to know when someone is inspecting me without me having to target them back..."

    Ahahaha!  I already happen to have the perfect sneaky work-around that thwarts your mod's ability to tell if I'm inspecting you!  Many years ago (I'd guess 6ish, since I had it for a long time and I just got back from a 4-year sabbatical), I came up with a mouse-over inspect macro just so I could feel sneaky when I inspected someone, hehe... I forgot all about it until I came across this mod :P.

    I'm gonna give this mod a try, simply because you clearly like to be sneaky, too, and I approve!

  • #19

    Thanks for the update!  Over two years later, and I'm still using this "simple" but great addon!

  • #17
    I'm going to try this, I'm just vain enough that I sometimes wonder if people are "lookin' at me"-- especially if I have a novelty outfit equipped (using "Outfitter" of course!) or a new pet like the Core Hound Pup.

    Btw, you guys will notice that the current release is 3.3 compatible.
  • #16
    I too used this add on and would like very much to have this back! I bought a new PC and miss this add on
  • #15
    I loved this addon please bring it back.
  • #12
    I just started playing again recently. I used to use Simple Mouseover's Target. (WoWUI link)
    It was very useful in choosing targets in pvp.

    Could you possibly update yours to include level of the mouseover's target as well as class? Another box like in "Simple Mouseover's Target" would be ideal.
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