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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.1
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  • Updated 11/13/2010
  • Created 07/29/2005
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v3.20
Support development! **

About Loot Filter

Development on the 3.x branch is drawing to a close. tweak321 will only be fixing major "the sky is falling" bugs while a new major release is developed.

Some highlights for the 4.x branch

  • Ordering of filter processing
  • New config window
  • Support for custom filter types
  • Support for custom item value method (Auctioneer, Glypher, etc)

Are you tired of deleting all the crap items from your inventory that you get from looting corpses? Or are you tired of having to manually click the items you want from a corpse? Then this addon is for you. It lets you filter loot by quality, item name and item value, and helps you keep your inventory clean. It also features an option to easily sell or delete items in bulk.

For more information, screenshots, movies and the latest releases please visit:

Paypal donations go here:


  1. Revert changes in v3.19


  1. Fixed an issue where type and sub-type filter options would not appear on non-English locales.
  2. Fixed an issue where type and sub-type filtering may fail on non-English locales.


  1. Added Russian translations. (Thanks Ant1dotE)


  1. Fixed an issue with the delete names edit box.


  1. Fixed several issues involving drop down menus.
  2. No longer requires a GetSellValue provider (Auctioneer, etc)


  1. .toc updated
  2. Fixed some compatibility issues with WoW 4.0.x. (This was tested on the beta, please let us know if you experience any issues)


  1. .toc updated
  2. Several bugs with copy and delete settings have been fixed
  3. Removed 'Open' tab since that stopped working a long time ago
  4. Fixed an issue where two nil values were being compared (version number check)


  1. Added a setting for heirloom (Binds to account) items.
  2. Added QUhTan to locale files. The new entries are under `qualities' and `radioButtonsText'. Please email locale updates to tweak(at)lootfilter(dot)com.
  3. Fixed a problem where the delete settings button was showing up even when only one profile existed.
  4. Fixed a problem where the delete settings button sometimes wouldn't work.


  1. Fixed a problem with copying settings.
  2. Added a more detailed error message when attempting to use PickupContainerItem on an invalid item location.
  3. Added LFINT_TXT_DELETESETTINGS to locale files. Please email locale updates to tweak(at)lootfilter(dot)com.
  4. Added a delete settings button to the copy tab.


  1. Fixed problem in scheduler.
  2. Fixed problem with loading settings.


  1. Bumped TOC to 3.1
  2. Fixed problem in lib/events.lua.
  3. If anything crops up, let me know and please be specific.
  4. Changed version check to only happen once per minute. Still only active while in a group.


  1. Revamped the scheduler.
  2. Added the option to confirm when an item is deleted. (Requires new localizations, see locale/en.lua for details)
  3. Changed the sorting on the list of items under the "Clean" tab.


  1. Fixed some issues with the CN and DE locale.


  1. Fixed an error with the scroll frame in the "Clean" tab.


  1. Updated Loot Filter for compatibility with Wrath of the Lich King.


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  • #669

    Tried both, from Wizardpro and Elegant996, but doesn't work for me.

    LF doesn't delete anything even if the ON checkbox is enabled.

    At least, no more error message occured.

  • #674

    I just played around with LOOT_PARSE_DELAY setting it to a higher value of 5.5 and it seems it sometimes filters an item (very rarely),

    but now I get a red Blizzard Error Line on the screen saying "This object is busy" each time a loot window has closed.


    Patched Karni's Crap Filter doesn't work either. It simply does... nothing. :D

    Best working for me actually is LootBuddy, but it can't handle german umlaute or special chars and it has no RegEx built in. So item names containing umlaute/special chars have to be deleted manually.

    Last edited by Crapsky on 10/10/2012 12:20:28 PM
  • #673

    I have the same problem, tried turning autoloot off it worked for a few minutes but it still keeps the grey stuff. Any way to fix this?


    EDIT: I downloaded Karni's Crap Filter and made the fix for 5.0.5 and it seems to work for me, I'll just stick to that addon. 

    Last edited by fleischi93 on 10/9/2012 9:18:29 AM
  • #666

    Oh c'mon, we're waiting so desperately for a MoP update...

    Can't live without LF. ;)

  • #664

    how it works? someone can share this addon with new fix's

  • #665
    Quote from crocha »

    how it works? someone can share this addon with new fix's

    Same here, nice tool, or is another one on the market ?


  • #662
    Спасибо Wizardpro!

     Спасибо  Wizardpro!  Реально помог, теперь всё работает Smile

  • #684

    Replace line 73 in main.lua with:     

    if GetLootSlotType(twSlot) == LOOT_SLOT_ITEM then

    You can also change the .toc file  using 50200... but it still will show as out of date.  Just load out of date addons.

    the error is gone and the Loot Filter appears to work as intended.

  • #663

    Keep the 3.x branch as is and just update it for 5.0... I'm not sure what the need was for a major overhaul but i've really enjoyed using 3.x for the custom editable filter lists.

    Hands down still the most valuble addon for multiboxing besides jamba  that i've ever used.

    3.x only seems to need minor code updates otherwise it still works fantastic thanks to the code fix that was posted :)

    Last edited by ali3nx on 9/28/2012 11:49:16 PM
  • #661

    Its nice to see that people are still using LootFilter. I haven't played WoW for quite some time. I'm willing to allow someone to pick up development of my v4.x branch. That person would need to talk to Meter about using the LootFilter name but, my code ( is available for anyone who wants to use/maintain/fork it.

    Last edited by tweak321 on 9/26/2012 1:41:18 AM
  • #659

    I believe your method is incorrect. The line you are repairing is to determine if the loot is not coin. You are no longer doing so though by using LootSlot. Your method is now permanently enabling autoloot no matter what the situation is as LootSlot attempts to, well, loot that slot... which can never really fail (unless Master Looter is on).

    The correct fix would be to replace
    if (not LootSlotIsCoin (i)) then
    if (GetLootSlotType(i) == 1) then

    This restores default functionality and disables autoloot (unless you have it ticked in the interface menu). Now, as it was in the past you will need to exit the open loot window for autoloot to delete your items.


    Last edited by Elegant996 on 9/17/2012 11:01:45 PM
  • #660

    Do as it is more convenient to you.

    Only phrase:

    Now, as it was in the past you will need to exit the open loot window for autoloot to delete your items.

    Already sets thinking that you not absolutely understand for what AUTO-LOOTFILTER is necessary. For Automatic removal instead of when we close a window, it then only deletes. NONSENSE!


  • #645

    Всем привет. Кто столкнулся с проблемкой нерабочего Loot Filter в текущей версии 5.0.х

    в начале я выкладывал ссылку на готовый уже исправленный Лут Фильтр, но администрация не разрещает ссылки на сторонние как бы ресурсы, поэтому тупо пишу что куда и как!:

    Берем голову и две руки:

    1. Качаем этот Лут Фильтр и запихиваем к нам в аддоны.

    2. Открываем файл LootFilter.toc и меняем строку:
    ## Interface: 40000
    на эту
    ## Interface: 50001 

    3. Открываем этот файл lib/events.lua и меняем тут строку:

    if (not LootSlotIsCoin (i)) then    ----    74ая строка.
    на эту.
    if (not LootSlot (i)) then


    Теперь наш лут фильтр, обновлен до версий 5.0.х и у меня он работает нормально. Единственное, что пишет иной раз сообщение предмет занят, но это как то не мешаем ему все фильтровать))

    п.с. Все кому не лень, кому я помог постом напишите в ответе на этот пост слово (ok!).

    Last edited by Wizardpro on 9/8/2012 5:32:28 AM
  • #680

    OK! OK! OK! - от трёх пользователей этого аддона

  • #675


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