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Loot Council Lite

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 56,510 Total Downloads
  • Updated 04/09/2015
  • Created 01/17/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Version 2.7.5
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About Loot Council Lite

Loot Council is a new mod designed to help loot councils with a solid voting interface. Whenever a raid assistant or guild leader starts a loot council session for a specific item, members can either whisper their current item to the initiator, link in officer chat, link in guild chat, or link in raid chat. The mod will process the item and display it in an easy to use table. Officers can then vote for or against various members and see how other officers have voted.

The primary goal of Loot Council is to have it customizable to fit your guild's needs. You can control votes being private/public. You can have officers only be able to cast one vote or multiple. You can control which chat channels detect messages. You can allow or disallow officers to vote for themselves. You can set up which ranks are part of the council.

I love feedback and take it very seriously! Many features have been implemented 3-4 days after being requested! So please, leave feedback and report bugs. I'll try to get to them all as best I can.

Demo Video / Tutorial:

Vote Modes:

You can mix and match the vote modes to fit your council's needs!
Private Vote Mode: All votes cast are private and cannot be seen by other council members.
Single Vote Mode: All council members are restricted to one vote per person.
Spec Detection Mode: Whenever someone links an item, you can detect the key phrases "main", "off", or "special". If someone says "MAINSPEC," it'll see the phrase "MAIN" and flag it as main spec.
Restrict Self Voting: Prevent council members from voting on themselves.


- /lc - Shows all commands
- /lc start (itemlink) - Starts a loot council session for the linked item.
- /lc end - Attempts to end/abort the current loot council session.
- /lc show - Shows the main loot council window
- /lc hide - Hides the main loot council window
- /lc rank - Opens the rank interface.
- /lc add (name) (itemlink) - Manually add player with (name) and item (itemlink) to the consideration
- /lc config - Shows the options panel
- /lc test - Open the test frame


1) All officers make sure to set the correct minimum rank by typing /lc rank and using the window.
2) When an item drops, type /lc start (itemlink) where itemlink is the link to the item.
3) Anyone who wants the item can either link their current item in officer chat OR whisper the person who started the session.
4) The window should automatically populate.
5) Left click the voting options to cast your vote. If you want to give a reason for your vote, right click.
6) Once voting is done, the person who started the session needs to hit "Abort" or type /lc end - Note that sessions are automatically ended if you use the "award" feature.

- Allow for smaller window sizes, especially suited for big/multiple screens.

- TOC update for 6.1

- Fixed a bug when trying to use the round() function and when starting a loot council session not in a raid/party group.

- Fixed a bug where the addon was not sending any messages. Added skeleton for ptBR localization. Again, please report any bugs.

- First version with ilvl support. Please report any bugs.

- Major main version update for WoD. Updates were done solely by Excentriko (seriously, send this guy mad props).

- Fixed a bug that would make it so only raid assistants (not raid leaders) could start a session

- Updated for 5.0.5 (fixed several errors to do so)

- Updated for 4.2

- Updated for 4.1

- Added /lc reset command to reset the position of the main frame.

- Fixed a very rare bug in which the 2nd item wouldn't always update properly on client side.

- Completely restructured several item requests from the server to always assume that the server will return null.
- Activated XLoot and Master Looter Integration.

- Updated to work with the WoW 4.0 framework.

- Found a major source of "randomly not working" and fixed it. Council list should now ALWAYS be working.
- Added a council test frame to use before the raid. Type /lc test to use!

- Fixed an error in the new spec detection system. Line 840 errors should now be gone.

- Set framework for localization.
- Added frFR and ruRU localization (Thanks Rosalyne and simply !)

- Fixed a major error causing some intense issues for cross-language compatibility. It's now compatible when council members are using multiple languages for item links.

- Fixed an error embedding some of the ace libraries.

- Got rid of an annoying chat-frame debug message that hadn't been hidden when you were the master looter.
- Added a small refresh for XLoot to prevent a reported error.

- Added new option to skip the "confirm ending session" message. By default, you will still see the message.
- Added new master looter options. Integrates with XLoot, Butsu, and the Default UI.
- When the Master Looter Integration option is enabled, you will see Loot Council options on the Master Loot drop down.
- When the Master Looter Integration option is enabled, a new "Award" button will appear on the Main Frame when selecting a player with the loot window open.
- Fixed a bug that caused the scale to reset every time the window opened.

- Reworked the UI to scale up/down with the number of entrants. This should free up a lot of screen real-estate.
- Added a scale slider to the options panel. You can now scale the main window up/down, making it larger and smaller.
- Fixed a major bug causing items not in your cache to error out. All items should now work. You'll see a "Loading..." message when waiting for the server to return Item Information.

- Fixed an error that caused the raid leader's items to be ignored when linked in raid. The raid leader can now participate in the raid channel for item detection.

- When ending a session, the raiders with the top 3 votes will be displayed in officer chat in addition to who voted For/Against them.
- Reworked the logic for when initially linking an item. There should no longer be an issue with the initiator linking his/her own item.
- It's now possible to re-link the item in the session without it firing an update.

- Fixed a small display error that was occurring at very small resolutions.

- Spec detection is now implemented. To display the "Spec" column and detect key words "main", "off", or "special", enable it in the /lc config window.
- Fixed a security hole in the private voting option. Votes are now private.
- Added a checkbox to prevent officers from voting on themselves. There are multiple levels of security to ensure this.
- Added the ability to sort columns. Columns are sorted as follows. The ascending/descending order is switchable by clicking the column again.
- - - Name (alphabetically)
- - - Item (Largest upgrade - lowest item level gets put at the top)
- - - Guild Rank (highest guild rank at the top)
- - - Spec (S > M > O > - )
- - - Total Votes (Highest +/- ratio at the top)
- - - Your Vote (For > None > Against)

- You can now link multiple items for the trinket, ring, and weapon slots. Mouse overs will work for these multiple items
- Added new options window. The window can be brought up by typing /lc config
- Added more ways for people to link their current item (raid chat, guild chat). These can be enabled (or disabled) through the options window
- Rearranged GUI to remove itemlevel column and place it in parentheses next to the item link.
- Added "guild rank" column to the listing.
- Added "one vote restriction" to options and voting process, giving one vote per council member. When enabled, each council member will be restricted to 1 for vote. The against button will be hidden.
- Added /lc add (name) (itemlink) functionality to manually add someone to consideration.
- Added a "remove from consideration" button. The button will only be visible to the initiator.
- Added a private voting option.
- Made the "Total Votes" column a bit easier to read.

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  • #244

    Broken with 5.4.2
    GetGuildRosterInfo now return fully qualified names (including server)
    Mainframe lua can be edited to remove the server name to get it working again.

    Although better solution would be to get fully qualified names on the other side. Haven't looked into it more as it's 4am.
    UnitFullName("unitid") could do the trick.
    Edit- Just checked UnitFullName quick before going to sleep, the dash seems to vanish.

    Last edited by zethh on 12/17/2013 9:02:17 PM
  • #243

    My guild is having a small issue with the addon. When we finish voting we cant hand the loot out can you see if this is fixable by update or if we are doing something wrong?

  • #242

    Can the commands be updated to use something else other than /lc?  It always brings up my options for LoseControl.

  • #241

    If you do take this over, please remove the Xloot dewdrop references as it is causing many lua errors.

    Also, in the code, the section that deals with incorrect slot linking is commented out.  After removing this, I tested it and it worked great for me. I also made it so that if someone links the wrong slot they are not added to the loot consideration window.  They get a whisper saying they incorrectly linked the wrong slot and are advised to relink.

    Last edited by sargbsu on 4/1/2013 3:20:37 PM
  • #235

    Can someone please take over this addon on or create a similar one that actually works :'(

    This was great but isn't being maintained or working. Tried RCLootCouncil also and that doesnt work either!

  • #236

    I would assume that my version of this addon.

    Is no longer functional ?

    My guild nolonger raids 25 man so we haven't used it in a long while, but depending on how much fixing is required I could probably bring back the core functionality.

  • #240

    I'm not seeing the same problems you're having.  Only time we had issues assigning loot was when one of our players was teleported under the instance and could not receive a tier piece.  Other than that we're a 25 man Heroic guild and I'll post any errors we might get along the way.


  • #239

    Darn well, wrong item is still only a minor concern to me, as the ammount of digging required could be high, depending on how well the code is commented.

    But the sometimes loot and sometime vote problem are concerning enough, if they were all the time I would reproduce them and fix them. However, since they are not, anyone who has an error generated by the addon, please post it, also if anyone knows how to near 100% reproduce the issues, also post it. Because this addon is not mine, i don't recieve emails when someone comments to me, so feel free to PM to tell me to check.

    If my guild ever returns to 25 (not extremely likely) I will be putting decent effort into building a similar (but not copied version of this addon, or with permission assuming this addon)

  • #238

    That version is "functional" but still has some bugs:

    • It sometimes wont assign the loot
    • People can link the wrong item for consideration
    • Sometimes other Officer's can't vote.

    Anyways no longer raiding so not using it atm :(


  • #237

    We're still using your version.  Works.

  • #234

    Does this work yet?

  • #233

    Any 5.1 update on this?

  • #232

    Will there be a working version anytime soon?

  • #228

    the new version (2.4) that is comming thru the Curse client is not allowing any awarding of loot.  Ive been using Timerwolf159 version, found here:

    and it works fine.

  • #229

    Although that version does seem to work when awarding loot, it also lets people link the wrong slot item without advising them they have done so & preventing them from being considered. Minor but worth pointing out.

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