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  • World of Warcraft
  • 26 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.0.3
  • 4,686 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/19/2010
  • Created 11/11/2009
  • 8 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: LootMe 1.09
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About LootMe

Auto loots anything that isn't grey - saving bag space, and pushing the price of leather up by leaving rubbish in the corpses!

There is also a switch to enable pickup of grey items during fishing so you don't have to cancel the loot window.

Also remembers if you manually loot grey items, and picks them up for you.

Now remembers what greys you have looted, you can remove items from within the interface system

  • If enabled, new characters below level 11 loot all loot, none of the loot is added to the list of greys you want.
  • If enabled, the loot window is closed so quick you don't get to see it !
  • If you have auto closing enabled, but want to loot that painting from the daily fishing quest, keep opening the bag, on the third attempt LootMe will assume you really do want to loot that grey item :)

Autolooting below level 10 Auto closing loot window


  • #11
    1.08 now covers the changes for the current version of the game !
  • #9
    Will there be support for the new patch? I found this add-on one of my most used ones and now that i can't use it the game feels like its missing something.
  • #10
    Yes, update due soon!
  • #12
    Thanks so much for the update really missed this. :)
  • #6
    In future updates, would it be possible to blacklist certain items that would normally be picked up?
  • #7
    Release 1.07 now includes the ability to ignore specific items, you can view and delete the items from the GUI, how ever, to add an item to the Ignore list, you need to use the command line. /lootme ignore {item}
    As with grey items, this will result in the looting dialog remaining open, but there is no way to close it using an addon, so you'll have to move away from the corpse/item to close the box as normal.
  • #8
    Awesome, you're the best!
  • #4
    This addon does not work. It worked fine but after about 15 minutes of looting everything while in Stratholme; the addon started looting all grey items. It wasn't even ignoring the grey items. Addon EPIC fail.
  • #5
    Hmm, I can assure it does work, did you look in the list of items you manually marked for looting, did you have auto-loot enabled ?

    Instead of just making false statements, ask for assistance first, its a lot easier to fix a problem if you start a dialog.
  • #2
    Sammae666, Your comments get deleted because they are nothing but personal insults, either bring something constructive without the immature jibes, or go to the forums where you can bash me with a bigger audiance to show how great you are.
  • #1
    The comment about leather price makes me wonder. Those who don't want to skin the corpse themselves would only benefit of the low prices. And those who want to skin it (who might benefit from the high prices) have to loot the greys anyways.

    "If you say 'plz' because it's shorter than 'please', I say 'no' because it's shorter than 'yes'."
    Shishira, Shalindra @ Typhiria

  • #3
    The comment about leather prices surely cannot be taken seriously ? If you dont want to skin a corpse, why would you benefit from low prices ? if you need skins on a regular basis for a profession, you'd be a skinner, and indeed would be emptying and skinning. However, should you find this addon useful, you wouldn't be expecting to skin, or find skins at low prices. I suggest people think about marketing hooks, badges, themes and taglines before trying to make serious comments about trivial comments.
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