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Support development! **

About Lore

I recently picked up WoW again, and since no one really offered to take over, I'll at least try and keep Lore working. However, if there's anyone willing to take care of helping people who are having problems with it, it'd be greatly appreciated. I play the role of tech support enough as it is, I'd rather not play it more.

--- Lore v7.0 (Deluxe edition) by Liise on Argent Dawn (Alliance)

- I M P O R T A N T !! - R E A D - T H I S - F I R S T !! -

Lore was designed to aid Roleplayers in World of Warcraft with the ability to speak in 'languages' other than those enabled by Blizzard (for example: Dark Iron, Demonic, Elemental, Druidic, etc). Lore translates your text in /say, /party, /raid, /guild and /yell to a specified user-defined language. This translation occurs before the text enters Blizzard's language functions.

Lore has grown since then. New functionality has been added to allow for automatic translation, an option to render your character (partially) unable to understand a certain language, speak dialects, stutter, hiss, growl, lisp and more!

Below you find a list of the files, and indication which you might need. For further information, please refer to the Readme.txt document enclosed in the zip file. You will find almost anything you want or need to know about Lore there.

- Lore vX.X: Lore itself. You cannot use Lore without this. Installing the latest version is always recommended.
- Dialects.lua vX: You need this file. If you already have already customised your dialects.lua file, you don't generally have to download this again. Overwriting dialects.lua will erase your self created languages! (v8 is here)
- Ephemeral fix for Lore5: If you use the AddOn called Ephemeral and you use LORE V5.X you need this file to prevent conflicts. (for Eph ver. 1.6.3)
- Ephemeral fix for Lore6: If you use the AddOn called Ephemeral and you use LORE V6.X you need this file to prevent conflicts. (for Eph ver. 1.6.3)
- Ephemeral fix for Lore7: If you use the AddOn called Ephemeral and you use LORE V7.X you need this file to prevent conflicts. (for Eph ver. 1.6.3)
- Language pack 01: Extra player made custom languages for use with Lore. Please read its README file for instructions on how to use. Included languages in this language pack: "The Ancient Tongue", "Sanvairu", "Ooh". Included dialects in this language pack: "*Cumbrian", "*Fudd", "*Moron", "*Norfolk", "*Pirate", "*Scottish" (the latter is an improved version of what you already find in the dialects.lua - to be replaced if you want it.
- Language pack 02: Extra player made custom languages for use with Lore. Readme file included explains how to use. This language pack includes the dialect "*Riverfolk" and languages "Nutterspeak", "Streetslang" and "AncientRunic".
-CLPs: This is just short for Custom Language Pack, as Curse's new interface won't allow 'Custom Language Pack' because it is too long.

- Lore v6.0 (EN) is only fully compatible with English Gameclients. Other clients can also use this version, the only drawback they will have is that if they want to have it 'auto-translate' Blizzard Default languages (such as Gnomish, Gutterspeak) and lower their fluency in these same languages, they will not see the wanted effect. Later versions are also localised to work for German and French clients.

See the included ReadMe or type /lore in game to bring up a menu of available commands.

Do NOT confuse this with a mod intended to remove the language barrier. This AddOn has nothing whatsoever to do with other people's text. Its purpose is to avail you of pre-defined languages for appearance/aesthetics only. Ultimately, it's just modifying the text YOU send out, immediately prior to sending it out in a completely ordinary fashion. Also, Blizzard enabled languages are not modified by Lore.

After Rook discontinued the 'Lore' project about 4 months ago (due to no longer playing World of Warcraft) I have been given permission to continue her work. The result is Lore version 4.0 and higher.

Those people who use the AddOn 'Ephemeral' in combination with Lore should download the Ephemeral.lua file here and replace the old version with it, to prevent unwanted effects due to incompatibility.

--- Installing

Download and extract Lore to your World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns directory to install. To use the prepackaged languages you must download dialects.lua and extract it to the same directory (it will automatically be added to the Lore folder).

These files are seperated to prevent updates from overwriting your own custom-defined languages, which are added to the dialects.lua file. Once you have dialects.lua you will not need to download it again for updates; simply download the main AddOn and re-extract it to replace the old files.

To define your own languages look in the AddingLanguages.txt tutorial or open dialects.lua in Notepad and follow the examples provided by the included languages.

--- Troubleshooting

If you have a problem with Lore, there are a few things you can try before looking for outside help:

* Problem: I installed Lore, but it does not load when I enter the world.
* Solution: It is likely disabled in your AddOns options. Go to the character selection screen, click the 'AddOns' button at the left bottom corner of your screen. Select Lore, and select the option to 'ignore version checking' (this allows you to use 'out of date' versions). Blizzard updates their UI version number all the time and I don't want to keep uploading a new version of Lore each time they do, so it will go out of date but that shouldn't matter. Also a new patch may reset this.

* Problem: I get an error on my screen, mentioning something like "argument #1 to `getn' (table expected, got string)".
* Solution: Type the command "/lore reset". If that doesn't work, you can try "/lore default". If that also doesn't work, please check that you have downloaded the dialects.lua file and that it is in the same directory as the rest of Lore.

*Problem: Lore loads, but I cannot access any of the custom languages.
* Solution: First, make sure your dialects.lua file is named just that and not 'Dialects_v_8'. If that does not fix the problem delete your WTF, Cache, and Lore folders, then load in a new copy of Lore while Warcraft is not running.

Known Issues ---
* Trying to send item links while talking in custom language still results into an error.
* Using %T works alright, but returns %T to self if translating to self.
* Using Blizzard's language selection menu does not work.

-- Fixed channel joining -- You should no longer have to join the communication channel manually
-- Various fixes to repair problems introduced by patch 4.0.1
-- Updated TOC number


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  • #347

    eswat: Well, if you can call 'two' a list... *grins*

    The AddOns I know of are these: Ephemeral: fixed by downloading the replacement lua file from here. Eloquence: fixed by disabling the colouring of player names.

  • #348

    ok, I don't get the "failed self-test" warnings when i first login. However, if I logout and then login to the same character again, it complains that the self-test failed and then a little later tells me it's ok (saw that tonight). It seems that the second login pushes the chat channel connections out further than it does in the first login, so the lore channel doesn't seem to exist when the first self-test is run.

    I'm just guessing at this point, but there seems to be a timing issue when I login to a character more than once in a wow game session. Everything seems to be working just fine, so I'll just ignore the warnings at this point. Hope this helps...

    ps. I got to looking at Ephemeral and it's now the newest addon in my setup (up to 152 total)...  :)

  • #349

    eswat: Interesting. Anyway, if you get the message that the self test succeeded (even if it earlier in the session says that it failed), it should be ok. It could have something to do with a huge backlog or something. Anyway, the self-test is going to be done in a bit different way in the next version and is no longer going to be forced upon start.

  • #350

    Welcome to the "Deluxe edition"!

    In the past releases Lore has become more and more fun to use, now there's some added userfriendliness as well as some eye-candy to make it even more a pleasure to use.

    Though some might be sorry to read; This version is scheduled to be the last in the Lore series. That is to say, I'm still keeping Lore under maintenance (at least for now), but the development phase is over. That means no more new features and no new tricks. But I'll still try to make fixes here and there when/if they are needed and that may result in a version 7.1, 7.2, etc. When the next expansion comes out I'll likely have to add one or two new languages as well (for the new races, if they have their own language).

    Till then... Enjoy the luxurious new edition of Lore. (And don't forget to download the new fix for Ephemeral if you use that!)

    As for the changes: <> The following settings have been changed to be saved on a 'per character' basis: tablet position, mass translation, stutterfrequency, lock state, screening. <> Special language features (such as stuttering, lisping, hissing) are now saved, also on a per-character basis. <> A graphical settings window has been added. This can be accessed by typing '/lore'. <> The command to get a list of Lore commands has been changed from '/lore' to '/lore help'. <> A new command has been added to Leftclick/rightclick: 'settings'. This opens the Lore Settings window. <> The Lore button now has a skin. For each character separately, one of the 16 skins can be chosen. The Faction default colours are default for each of your characters. If you want something that doesn't jump out much and sticks more to the rest of the default UI skins, 'Shadow' is probably for you. <> The auto-translation self-test no longer runs on entering the world. You can now access it from the options window, and there it will give more info on what went wrong, if something did. <> A so called 'speech skill modifier' has been added. Available through the settings window. Ranges are -100% through +100%. Example: A value of -20% makes you speak a language you don't master 20% worse than that you can understand it. <> From now on, the first language on the tablet is considered to be your 'primary' language. This language (or dialect) will be used every time your character logs in. Faction Common is used if the tablet is empty.

  • #351

    Screenshot added, showing the brandnew settings window, and one of the 16 Lore Button skins.

    Type "/lore" to open this settings window.

  • #352

    I made this program and right now it is only for making languages in lore but there will be more to it soon. It only works for windows (If you have mac, you should get windows) it automatically generates the coding for a language which you can just select and paste it into your Dialects.lua file. The link to get the program is:

    If you have any problems just let me know. I also need ideas for the rest,( I am thinking about making a mod generatore.So it will automatically just give you the base coding for a type of mod you want.)

    (you can save it anywhere u want)

  • #353

    this is the best... thanks so much  :)

  • #354

    Um.. doens't work. I'm clicking on the button and it's staying at the currently selected language.

    Actually.. it's the left click on the button that doesn't work no matter what. right click works fine.

  • #355

    SilverShadow: Your Lore Button is unlocked. Left-clicking functionality is disabled when your Lore interface is not locked.

    Type "/lore lock" or click the appropriate checkbox in the options menu. Then you'll see that left-clicking works. Your Lore button is in dragging-mode.

    It's a feature. *smiles*

    (Worked the same way from version 3.0 and onwards, but some of the settings have been changed to be saved on a per character basis, which has caused them to be reset since your Lore 7.0 installation.)

  • #356

    that is really neato, just opened it up for a lil test and its pretty nice. good job

  • #357


    figures. I like keeping it unlocked cause i'm constantly moving it around. Sadly i stoped rpign for about two months and had uninstalled Lore until now. *facepalm* sorry for being sooo stupid. *hides under a rock*

  • #358

    Luckily you still remember how to roleplay. *grins*

    However, hiding behind a rock may be slightly more comfortable. *winks*

  • #359

    Hi! Is it possible to translate the english language names to german names??

    examples: Draconic > Drakonisch Demonic > D

  • #360

    Bl4ckSh33p: Possible: yes. Advisable: no.

    This has been suggested to me earlier by private message. And, provided I would have the translated words for German and French, it would be very doable.

    The reason that I didn't implement any of this, is because different Lore versions wouldn't be compatible with each other anymore on the German and French servers.

    I'll take "Demonic / D

  • #361

    If you are not happy with the skins that are delivered with Lore 7.0, you can make your own skin.

    Requirements: A good graphic editor, for example Paint Shop or Photo Shop, and the knowledge to work with it.

    - First of all, you need an image/design that you want to use as background. If you are not much of an artist yourself you may find something useful by doing an internet search. For example you could type the word 'texture' in and select the 'images' tab.

    - Open the desired image in your graphic editor.

    While I was working on this visual feature in Lore, I crashed the client quite often and only in the end found out what actually was the problem. Apparently WoW doesn't accept pictures of just any size (width times height) and for example a picture of 128x20 pixels just hung the client. However 128x128 worked (which is bigger, so amount of pixels is not really the issue).

    - Rescale your image to a size of 128 x 20 pixels, or try to fit it in that sized area. What you see there, is how it will show up in Wow, except that a bit of the sides are covered by the button's border.

    - When you are happy with the way your image looks, you have to stretch it. (As I said, for one or another reason, WoW refuses to work with pictures of size 128x20). Stretch your image to the size 128x128 (or, if you like to keep the size down and don't care much about the resolution, you can stretch it to 64x64 pixels). I have used a DPI setting of 72 in my images, but I think you may use a different value there.

    - Save your image (which now looks square and the image is stretched) in either TARGA (.TGA) or BLP format. You should overwrite one of the already existing graphics in the Lore\UI folder, because it will only look for those names. The extension tga and blp are both fine, but make sure you remove the old tga if you decide to use blp.

    This should do the job. Note, that the text colours of the lore button are defined somewhere in the code, and it is a bit tricky to change those. You'll generally do well to check which background has which text colour assigned to it (most texts are white) and make sure it will look good against your texture.

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