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Support development! **

About Lore

I recently picked up WoW again, and since no one really offered to take over, I'll at least try and keep Lore working. However, if there's anyone willing to take care of helping people who are having problems with it, it'd be greatly appreciated. I play the role of tech support enough as it is, I'd rather not play it more.

--- Lore v7.0 (Deluxe edition) by Liise on Argent Dawn (Alliance)

- I M P O R T A N T !! - R E A D - T H I S - F I R S T !! -

Lore was designed to aid Roleplayers in World of Warcraft with the ability to speak in 'languages' other than those enabled by Blizzard (for example: Dark Iron, Demonic, Elemental, Druidic, etc). Lore translates your text in /say, /party, /raid, /guild and /yell to a specified user-defined language. This translation occurs before the text enters Blizzard's language functions.

Lore has grown since then. New functionality has been added to allow for automatic translation, an option to render your character (partially) unable to understand a certain language, speak dialects, stutter, hiss, growl, lisp and more!

Below you find a list of the files, and indication which you might need. For further information, please refer to the Readme.txt document enclosed in the zip file. You will find almost anything you want or need to know about Lore there.

- Lore vX.X: Lore itself. You cannot use Lore without this. Installing the latest version is always recommended.
- Dialects.lua vX: You need this file. If you already have already customised your dialects.lua file, you don't generally have to download this again. Overwriting dialects.lua will erase your self created languages! (v8 is here)
- Ephemeral fix for Lore5: If you use the AddOn called Ephemeral and you use LORE V5.X you need this file to prevent conflicts. (for Eph ver. 1.6.3)
- Ephemeral fix for Lore6: If you use the AddOn called Ephemeral and you use LORE V6.X you need this file to prevent conflicts. (for Eph ver. 1.6.3)
- Ephemeral fix for Lore7: If you use the AddOn called Ephemeral and you use LORE V7.X you need this file to prevent conflicts. (for Eph ver. 1.6.3)
- Language pack 01: Extra player made custom languages for use with Lore. Please read its README file for instructions on how to use. Included languages in this language pack: "The Ancient Tongue", "Sanvairu", "Ooh". Included dialects in this language pack: "*Cumbrian", "*Fudd", "*Moron", "*Norfolk", "*Pirate", "*Scottish" (the latter is an improved version of what you already find in the dialects.lua - to be replaced if you want it.
- Language pack 02: Extra player made custom languages for use with Lore. Readme file included explains how to use. This language pack includes the dialect "*Riverfolk" and languages "Nutterspeak", "Streetslang" and "AncientRunic".
-CLPs: This is just short for Custom Language Pack, as Curse's new interface won't allow 'Custom Language Pack' because it is too long.

- Lore v6.0 (EN) is only fully compatible with English Gameclients. Other clients can also use this version, the only drawback they will have is that if they want to have it 'auto-translate' Blizzard Default languages (such as Gnomish, Gutterspeak) and lower their fluency in these same languages, they will not see the wanted effect. Later versions are also localised to work for German and French clients.

See the included ReadMe or type /lore in game to bring up a menu of available commands.

Do NOT confuse this with a mod intended to remove the language barrier. This AddOn has nothing whatsoever to do with other people's text. Its purpose is to avail you of pre-defined languages for appearance/aesthetics only. Ultimately, it's just modifying the text YOU send out, immediately prior to sending it out in a completely ordinary fashion. Also, Blizzard enabled languages are not modified by Lore.

After Rook discontinued the 'Lore' project about 4 months ago (due to no longer playing World of Warcraft) I have been given permission to continue her work. The result is Lore version 4.0 and higher.

Those people who use the AddOn 'Ephemeral' in combination with Lore should download the Ephemeral.lua file here and replace the old version with it, to prevent unwanted effects due to incompatibility.

--- Installing

Download and extract Lore to your World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns directory to install. To use the prepackaged languages you must download dialects.lua and extract it to the same directory (it will automatically be added to the Lore folder).

These files are seperated to prevent updates from overwriting your own custom-defined languages, which are added to the dialects.lua file. Once you have dialects.lua you will not need to download it again for updates; simply download the main AddOn and re-extract it to replace the old files.

To define your own languages look in the AddingLanguages.txt tutorial or open dialects.lua in Notepad and follow the examples provided by the included languages.

--- Troubleshooting

If you have a problem with Lore, there are a few things you can try before looking for outside help:

* Problem: I installed Lore, but it does not load when I enter the world.
* Solution: It is likely disabled in your AddOns options. Go to the character selection screen, click the 'AddOns' button at the left bottom corner of your screen. Select Lore, and select the option to 'ignore version checking' (this allows you to use 'out of date' versions). Blizzard updates their UI version number all the time and I don't want to keep uploading a new version of Lore each time they do, so it will go out of date but that shouldn't matter. Also a new patch may reset this.

* Problem: I get an error on my screen, mentioning something like "argument #1 to `getn' (table expected, got string)".
* Solution: Type the command "/lore reset". If that doesn't work, you can try "/lore default". If that also doesn't work, please check that you have downloaded the dialects.lua file and that it is in the same directory as the rest of Lore.

*Problem: Lore loads, but I cannot access any of the custom languages.
* Solution: First, make sure your dialects.lua file is named just that and not 'Dialects_v_8'. If that does not fix the problem delete your WTF, Cache, and Lore folders, then load in a new copy of Lore while Warcraft is not running.

Known Issues ---
* Trying to send item links while talking in custom language still results into an error.
* Using %T works alright, but returns %T to self if translating to self.
* Using Blizzard's language selection menu does not work.

-- Fixed channel joining -- You should no longer have to join the communication channel manually
-- Various fixes to repair problems introduced by patch 4.0.1
-- Updated TOC number


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  • #362

    Could you make it possible to add a mass translation to coustom channels? For example to the channel "Druids" and not only party/guild/raid?

  • #363

    Shanayi: It can be done, but there are currently no intentions to introduce new functionality into Lore. However, I will keep it in mind for in case that changes.

    PS: Drawbacks of translation to this kind of 'open' channels is that you don't have them under control. If you'd use a channel called e.g. 'Druids', other people may be using that as well and getting translations they are not supposed to get or don't want to get (like from accross the world - outside hearing range). Someone could also assign e.g. the General channel and spam the whole zone with their translations (even if by accident or unintended).

  • #364

    The "lock lore button" option does not get saved between sessions. Is anyone else having that problem, or is it just me? and if so, how do i fix? Its a drag always having to turn it back on to get the left-click options to work...

  • #365

    Ziraili: The lock function is now saved on a per-character basis, which means that for each character you can decide whether you want to have it locked or unlocked. However, no matter to what you set it, it should save that state.

    There's one thing I can think of right now, that you can try:

    • Open the "Lore.toc" file in a text editor (e.g. notepad.exe)
    • There should be two lines (in Lore 7.0 that is, earlier versions have only the former line)
      1. SavedVariables
      2. SavedVariablesPerCharacter

    "Lore_Locked" should be somewhere listed behind the SavedVariablesPerCharacter. If it is missing or it has the wrong capitalisation it won't save the locked state.

    Also, there is a possibility that for one or another reason the saving per character functionality does not work (maybe one of your other AddOns is preventing that from working, or you have an older file in your WoW folder and something has gone wrong with updating patches). If you like, you can move "Lore_Locked" from SavedVariablesPerCharacter to SavedVariables, that will make it save in the old way, on a per-account basis.

    Hopefully one of these things help.

  • #366

    I know how everything works making my own languages and all but how do I speak Dialect like the Pirate Dialect, Come on I really need to know I couldn't find it in the readme file!

    Thanks for the help

  • #367

    Drizzard: The *Pirate dialect can be found in the language pack, which has its own readme file. So I assume you read that and it helped you to 'put' this dialect into your dialects.lua file. I won't cover that, as its readme already did.

    So when you have the *Pirate dialect added to your dialects.lua file, you activate it in the same way as you would do any language. But note, that dialects (in contradiction to languages) always start with an asterisk (*).

    So, for example, you can switch to the LANGUAGE Draconic by typing: "/language Draconic"

    And you can switch to the DIALECT *Pirate by typing: "/language *Pirate"

    In the same way you can add *Pirate to your tablet, typing "/lore tablet *Pirate"

    And so on.

    Note also, that you are SPEAKING the language only when it is showing on your 'Lore Button'. If it still shows Common (or Orcish), you have that as current language. You may have to cycle to the desired dialect, you can find out more about that in the manual.

    And... if you put *Pirate as the very first item onto your tablet (so it shows on top in the list that you get when you hover with your mouse cursor over the Lore Button) your character will always speak that by default when you log him/her on.

  • #368

    A friend of mine also has the latest version of Lore and he can understand what I say, but I can't understand what he says. Both of our fluencies are at 100% and I have tried every option that I can think of, turning things on and off, running the test (which fails the first two but succeeds on the third one), and even doing /lore default. I'm at my wit's end as to how to get the auto-translate to function.

  • #381

    In my testing, I was told eloquence can be completely turned off from in-game, and once that occured, I recieved translations of the person's text again. The turn-off/on for lore languages seems to be working in all the cases I've seen, but such a fix can be rather annoying. Someone should mention it to eloquence's developer, see if she can simply stop eloquence from bothering 'hidden' channels, that should fix it entirely, wouldn't it?

  • #382

    I wanted to add a latin language for my Paladin, so i added the following to the dialects.lua file:

    --Language: Latin Lore_Archive["Latin"] = { [1] = { "a",

  • #383

    AlphaMaelstrom: Correct. That should fix it.

    Mingan: Do you see the difference between these two: "a",

  • #384

    Hello. I'm the author/perpetrator of Eloquence. Anidrin was kind enough to let me know of the discussion going on here, so I thought I'd come on over.

    I just released Eloquence 0.85 today after a long hiatus. While the latest GrammarNazi is more gentle than before, I imagine Eloquence will continue to interfere with Lore.

    Apart from a quick tour of the code and a skim of the discussion on this page, I am unfamiliar with Lore. But RPers are a core target of Eloquence, so I would like to do everything possible to make our two mods work together.

    Liise, can you give me information on Lore protocols? For example, most Eloquence filters look for an alphabetical string surrounded by non-alphabetic characters. But if some punctuation marks like colons or brackets designate info vital to Lore, I can work around it.

    Also, what kinds of problems does Eloquence's player coloring cause? Currently Eloquence hooks the AddMessage function and looks for the link starting with |Hplayer. It then adds a color macro between the start of the string of non-space characters and the end, so "Marr" becomes "|c00c69b6dMarr|r".

    I'll try listing Lore as a Optional Dependency and see if that helps. Perhaps that way, when Lore catches a 'hidden' message and suppresses it from the ChatFrame_OnEvent function, Eloquence wouldn't ever see it.

    Anyway, sorry for all the confusion. I'd be grateful if you posted here, on my board, or just PM'd me if you prefer.

  • #385

    Marr: Just sent you a PM. *smiles*

  • #386

    Hello Liise. Me and and a lot in my guild are using Lore and many of us were delighted to see first the auto translation and later the fluency percentage.

    However, the latter seems to be causing us trouble. Once in a while whenever someone doesn't have their fluency at 100% people will get more than one translation. It looks like it doesn't matter if the speaker or the reciever is the one with less than 100%, but the factr is that sometimes we get up to three translations!

    An odd thing about this is also the fact that the translations don't always look the same.

    Example: The speaker says "A an talah" and the reciever get the following translation: "I an happy", "I do happy" and "I am happy".

    It seems to be happening randomly but turning the fluency to 100% seems to fix the problem. But then there wouldn't be any use of fluency, would there?

    Is this a known issue that you're working on or is it completely new for you?

    Btw, we're using a modified dialects.lua file, but all it does is to add some keywords and altwords so I don't think that's the cause of it. Am I right?

  • #387

    Kroax: Thanks for reporting this bug. The problem with getting more than one translation is new to me, so I will have to investigate it further before I know what may be causing it.

    The fact that translations are sometimes different (if they come multiple times) is understandable. It has to do with the way 'partial translation' works. Generally words are always translated the same way, so if 'am' is translated to 'do' you shouldn't get 'an'. I assume that your example is not a real life example, but 'an example'. Anyway, I will explain what's happening so you know why the translations are different:

    Let's assume our language is called "Chaotic" and the speaker speaks it perfectly, but you (the listener) don't. What happens is that when you hear someone talk in [Chaotic], THEY don't know (their Lore/client/whatever) doesn't know) what your level of understanding is. When they get the Translation Request from your lore, they will send the original test as-is. But at the moment that arrives back on your end, your Lore will apply the scrambling depending on what your skill level is in that fluency. If you receive the text three times, it will also do this 'scrambling' three times, which results in three different translations (e.g. "I am baflar", "O am hungry" and "I yo baflar"). That is normal, but you should have not gotten three translations in the first place, so this wouldn't have been an issue if the former bug was not there.

    I don't expect that your addition of alt/key words in the original dialects.lua file could have caused this problem. It's in the code, I'm quite certain about that.

    One last thing (if you read back here), could you tell me what language you were using when you found this? I'd basically like to know if it was a custom language or one of Blizzard's default languages.

    Oh, by the way (as you can see in the screenshot above), translated words and spoken words are not always the same in original languages, unfortunately, but this has to do with the fact that the 'scrambling' provided is only a simulation of the real language (to which I don't have access).

  • #388

    Ah, good to know you're on it. :)

    I'm using an expanded version of thelassian. if you want to check it out yourself it's at:

    Also, thanks for exlpaining how the 'scrambling' works. ;)

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