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  • World of Warcraft
  • 20,714 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 1,434,852 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/23/2013
  • Created 11/09/2008
  • 838 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: LoseControl 5.41

About LoseControl

LoseControl makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells by displaying them in a dedicated icon onscreen.


  • Displays duration of all CC spells and abilities on your player, pet, target, focus, party, and arena enemy frames.
  • Automatically displays the most important buffs/debuffs first.
  • Integrates directly with Blizzard unit frames.
  • Icons can be moved, resized, and made transparent.
  • Compatible with OmniCC.

New in 5.41:

  • Added Turn Evil (Evil is a Point of View) [Paladin]

New in 5.4:

  • Fixed Entrapment [Hunter]
  • Added Bloodbath [Warrior]
  • Changed Warbringer to root instead of CC [Warrior]

Known issues:

  • Unlocking frames does not show arena enemy frames if they are anchored to Blizzard frames (because they don't exist unless you're in an arena).

To Do:

  • Options profiles.
  • Button skinning.
  • Improve OmniCC support to work with all strata levels.
  • Blizzard raid frame support.
  • Pitbull support.
  • SUF support.
  • Italian support.

Here are some demonstration videos:

Here is a video that shows you how to edit the LUA file in order to add custom spells:

And here is a setup tutorial that shows you how to unlock the icon frames and move them around:

Added Turn Evil (Evil is a Point of View) [Paladin]

Fixed Entrapment [Hunter]
Added Bloodbath [Warrior]
Changed Warbringer to root instead of CC [Warrior]

Added Ring of Peace [Monk]
Added Hand of Protection [Paladin]
Fixed Storm Bolt [Warrior]
Added SyncFrames support

Added Web Wrap (Shale Spider) [Hunter]
Fixed Fists of Fury [Monk]
Added Blood Horror [Warlock]
Removed Seduction (Grimoire of Sacrifice) [Warlock]
Added Warbringer (Snare) [Warrior]
Fixed issue with pet icon not hiding after pet is dismissed
Added option to hide arena enemy icons in battlegrounds

Re-added support for Perl, XPerl, and LUI unit frames.
Added Bash (Force of Nature - Feral Treants) [Druid]
Added Entangling Roots (Force of Nature - Balance Treants) [Druid]
Added Lock Jaw (Dog) [Hunter]
Removed Beastial Wrath [Hunter pet]
Added Fists of Fury [Monk]
Added Fear (Glyph of Fear) [Warlock]
Added Infernal Awakening [Warlock]
Added Seduction (Grimoire of Sacrifice) [Warlock]
Added Spell Lock (Grimoire of Sacrifice) [Warlock]
Added Optical Blast (Observer) [Warlock]
Added Sluggish (Glyph of Hindering Strikes) [Warrior]
Added Storm Bolt [Warrior]
Improved the way unit frames register for events for better performance.
Added text labels to unlocked frames.
Added option to disable party icons while in battlegrounds. It is located on the "Party" options menu.

Added Entangling Roots (Druid, Nature's Grasp)
Fixed Petrifying Gaze (Hunter pet, Basilisk)

Added Pounce (Druid, Incarnation)
Added Lullaby (Hunter pet, Crane)
Added Paralyzing Quill (Hunter pet, Porcupine)
Added Petrifying Gaze (Hunter pet, Basilisk)
Added Holy Word: Chastise (Priest)
Added Dark Bargain (Warlock)
Fixed Fear (Warlock)
Fixed Arcane Torrent

Updated for patch 5.0.
Now matches on spellId instead of spell name.
Added "Other" spell category.
Removed older PvE content spells.
Added spell priorities.
UNIT_AURA events now only generate one update call total instead of one per unit frame.
Reworked options menu.
Party and Arena Enemy frame settings can be changed for all frames in the group simultaneously.
Improved slash command parsing.
Added debug slash commands.
Temporarily removed support for non-Blizzard unit frames.

Updated for patch 4.3.
Added pet frame support.
Added Portuguese language support.
Added LUI support (credit: Zerotorescue)

Fixed spellID for Hungering Cold.

TOC bump for patch 4.2.

Updated for patch 4.1.
Added Bad Manner (Hunter pet).

Added Ring of Frost (Mage).
Added Smoke Bomb (Rogue).
Added Shadowsnare (Glyph of Shadowflame) (Warlock).
Added Dispersion (Priest).
Updated German translation (credit: Morbis).
Updated Chinese translation (credit: 狂飙).

Fixed Solar Beam (Druid).
Removed Ravage (Hunter).
Updated Chinese translation (credit: fatalerror).

Added Axe Toss (Felguard).

Added Grounding Totem to spell immunities.

Added Unstable Affliction silence (Warlock).

Fixed Seal of Justice (Paladin).

Fixed settings not saving.
Removed Skull Bash (Druid).
Fixed Avenger's Shield (Paladin).

Updated for patch 4.0.1 compatibility.
Added spell immunity tracking.

Added Freezing Arrow Effect (Hunter)
Added Ferocious Butt (Icehowl)
Fixed: Unlock option only shows enabled frames.

Fixed bug on startup when updating settings from older version.
Fixed possible bug with tracking options on non-English clients.
Immunity tracking no longer tracks self.

Fixed bug on startup when settings file doesn't exist.
Fixed bug where a buff could appear as a debuff (Impact).
Turned off immunity tracking by default (consumes less CPU time).
Small performance improvements.

Updated for patch 3.3 compatibility.
Graceful upgrade from 3.22 (settings won't reset).
Removed Improved Fire Nova Totem spell ID.
Changed Target and Focus portrait frame references to match Blizzard's.
Added immunity effect tracking (Bladestorm, Divine Shield, Ice Block, The Beast Within).
Removed strata options (too buggy atm).
Fixed frames not hiding at start.
Added basic command line options:
/lc reset
/lc lock
/lc unlock
/lc enable <unit>
/lc disable <unit>
where <unit> can be: player, target, focus, party1 ... party4, arena1 ... arena5

Changed versioning scheme to match WoW client's.
Added Cobalt Frag Bomb to spell list.
Added support for Perl and XPerl unit frames.
Added arena enemy unit frame support.
Fixed bug where debuff icons would sometimes not overlay the unit portrait correctly.
Improved performance when unit frames are hidden.
Reworked options menu.
Added settings for individual frame strata.

Fixed Wyvern Sting to no longer show dot effect.
Fixed Freezing Trap not displaying.
Added Nature's Fury (Freya) to PvE list.
Added Mark of the Faceless (General Vezax) to PvE list.

Fixed a bug with icons not hiding after changing targets/focus.
Removed Psychic Horror disarm effect (horrify effect still remains).
Better integration with the standard Blizzard UI.
- Target, focus, and party icons will now display within their appropriate unit portrait.
- Note: You can manually adjust their position to bring them out of the portrait. You should do this if you want to use LoseControl with non-standard UI frames. However, the only way to undo this is to reset LoseControl to its default settings.
Updated German and Russian translations.
Consolidated all localization files into one for easier translation.

WoW 3.1 patch support.
Support for Target/Focus/Party frames.
Removed Min/Max debuff duration options.
Death Knight:
Glyph of Blood Boil is now Glyph of Heart Strike.
Added Desecration snare.
Added Typhoon snare.
Removed T.N.T. stun.
Removed Improved Wing Clip root.
Added Fiery Payback disarm.
Added Frostfire Bolt snare.
Added Shield of the Templar silence.
Removed Blackout stun.
Added Psychic Horror (horror + disarm).
Added Earthgrab root (Storm, Earth and Fire talent).
Added Freeze root (Frozen Power talent).
Removed Pyroclasm stun.
Added Aftermath snare.
Added Gravity Bomb and Light Bomb (XT-002 Deconstructor)

Added hunter pet abilities, Chilblains, Frost Grenades.
Added PvE debuffs: Mutating Injection (Grobbulus), Positive/Negative Charge (Thaddius), Detonate Mana (Kel'Thuzad)
Added minimum and maximum debuff duration options.

Converted to spellIds.
Added random proc CCs (Impact, Blackout, etc).
Added tracking for silence, disarm, root, and snare effects.
Added slash commands to access the options menu.
Settings saved per character instead of per account.
Fixed bug with overlapping the same CC effect.
Fixed bug with Wyvern Sting DOT component.

Added option to disable CooldownCount/OmniCC text.

Added Korean support (credit: sayclub).

Added Chinese support (credit: 饺子).

Added German, Spanish, French, and Russian support.

Added Cower in Fear and Gnaw for Death Knights and removed Glyph of Frost Strike.
Added a few fringe case spells like Turn Evil and Shackle Undead that can work on players under certain effects (i.e. Lichborne, Metamorphasis).
Made frame movable, resizable, and added adjustable transparency.
Options can be configured in the AddOns Interface Options.


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  • #295

    Is is possible to prevent Smoke Bomb to overlap real cc like KidneyShot, DeathCoil etc. Smoke Bomb must have lower priority than any other cc. Or please add option to disable SmokeBomb at all. Thanks.

  • #291

    To help out the Addon Auther I changed/added/removed spells in the LUA file

    There is only a few problems I have but limited to what I can do since I don't have beta and can only test in the PTR.

    1) I searched throughtout wowhead and can't find the right Spellid for the "Clash" Specialization Ability for the monks.

    2) Not too sure if I have the correct spellids for the "Zen Meditation" Ability which gives the monk 90% damage immunity but a Spell reflect for party/raid members.

    If there is any other spells missing or an incorrect spellid was used for an ability let me know. It will be helpful if the beta testers can test out and see if this is correct in displayign the right CCs for the addon.

    [I take no credit in the making of this addon. I am simply helping out the author update this addon with the updated spells I added to the LUA file.]


    Last edited by IXBillyXI on 8/11/2012 6:00:18 AM
  • #293

    Isn't the one from wowhead right?

    Haven't tried it yet on beta (haven't got much time lately). But I definitely going to test it during the next week and I will check how is it working there.

    Last edited by Olena on 8/16/2012 8:25:22 AM
  • #292

    I appreciate the help. I'll review your changes and see what needs to be updated. Thanks,

  • #289

    Can you please confirm plans for MoP? Cant play without this great addon. Thanks

  • #290

    No promises. I wasn't planning on buying MoP but I'll see what I can do with a starter edition account. I haven't been following the beta at all so I don't know what spells I would need to add or remove. If anyone wants to help me with this that would be cool.

  • #288

    Can anchor to blizzard frames work with the blizzard raid frames, or is that not possible?

    In general, I seem to be getting a lot of conflict between the raid frames and this mod.  They don't seem to get along.

    I really love the mod tho, so I hope these issues can be worked out. :)

  • #287

    Hi and thanks for this addon.

    I am having a small issue: I am using LUI and saw that you currently implemented support for this interface pack. However, when my Losecontrol icons are anchored to the LUI frames, they appear under the bars and not on top of them (actually, the cooldown with OmniCC engaged appears on top of the bar, but the icon and spiral below). Is there a way to fix it by setting the strata level in the lua? I haven't found it myself.

    Thanks in advance.

  • #286

    Hi Kouri - thank you for this great addon.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer use it as the raid frames taint makes it cause more problems than it solves. There are many addons that are causing raid frame taint at the moment and I just have to disable them all. As a healer in raids/BGs it's such a pain to have to constantly reloadui to fix broken frames.

    Is this the UIDropdownMenu issue you have referenced earlier? I am testing all of my addons one by one to find out which cause the raid frame taint and so far it's: Altoholic, Power Auras Classic, LoseControl.

    I'm sure there are many more...quite a shame to have to stop using some of my favorite addons.

  • #284

    This add on messes with the blizzard raid frames so bad when people enter or leave a 5 man. and its even worse in the Lfr.

  • #285

    True. Raid frames always bug out because of this addon....

  • #283

    How do you make this addon work with cooldowncount? i have 'disable omnicc/cooldowncount support' unticked so the timer should show up but it doesn't. i enabled omnicc and it works but i dont wanna use omnicc because you cant turn off omnicc support with buffs, it looks horrible, so i need cooldowncount to work with losecontrol, please make it work :p your addon rocks by the way

  • #282

    Any chance you could make it work with Shadowed Unit Frames so it displays CC timers on my portrait?

  • #281

    Any plans to add the option to only show certain things per frame?


    For instance, I would like to only show CC on player frame, but I'd like to show Immunes on target/focus.

  • #277

    how can i remove the silver border/backdrop from the icons? i messed up about with the code for a good 30 minutes and i can't get rid of the blasted thing, please help.

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