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We Don't Wipe - Fire Mage

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,364 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 22,559 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/11/2015
  • Created 07/22/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: We Don't Wipe - Fire Mage v2.03
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About We Don't Wipe - Fire Mage

A DPS maximiser module for the We Don't Wipe AddOn.

How to Use
You will need the latest We Don't Wipe. After any AddOn instal or update always quit WoW completely. Relaunch WoW. Enjoy. See We Don't Wipe for any further information.

Other Available Modules

  • Windwalker Monks Patch 6.2!
  • Frost Deathknights 2H
  • Frost Deathknights DW
  • Arcane Mages Patch 6.2!
  • Frost Mages Patch 6.2!
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Elemental Shaman

With more to come!


Fire Mages spam Fireball and constantly monitor the Ignite DoT debuff on the target and the Heating Up/Pyroblast! player buffs.

  • Arcane or Dalaran Brilliance
  • Rune of Power
  • Prismatic Crystal
  • Meteor just prior to an instant Pyroblast
  • Combustion with high enough Ignite DoT
  • Instant Pyroblast with Pyroblast! about to expire
  • Instant Pyroblast with Pyroblast! and Heating Up
  • Living Bomb on cool down
  • Inferno Blast to proc a Pyroblast!
  • Blast Wave but if has Incanter's Flow then IF must be "5"
  • Dragon's Breath on cool down
  • Fireball spam
  • Filler icon

General Rotation Notes
The module does not assume you have chosen a "cookie cutter" talent build. No AddOn can function as a DPS maximiser for AoE fights, due to limitations in the programming API. Single target is assumed.

The default list of cool downs is merely a sample. Customise via the Cooldowns Panel, /wdw coo. You also go to here to list any rotation/queue exclusions.

Notes Specific to the Fire Mage Module

* Ignite *
We use Combustion when the target has a high Ignite DoT debuff. The exact amount varies according to buffs you have from other players, Instance buffs, consumable buffs, your gear, and your level.

The Fire module is able to "learn" or "train" itself to remember your high Ignites. Or you could suggest a value anyway. Once the threshold has been exceeded, Combustion will appear in your rotation. See below for "modifiable parameters". Naturally, Combustion needs to be off cool down to appear in position #1.

Your Ignite appears to the left of the first icon, colour coded from white through to red the closer it comes to expiring. This is useful for when Combustion is on Cooldown.

* Delayed Pyro Technique *
Your second consecutive Heating Up converts into a Pyroblast! buff. WDW delays your Pyro cast until you also have a new Heating Up and holds off for this as long as is possible. A Pyroblast drifting to the left in the queue means that the Heating Up is slow to occur and your Pyroblast! is in danger of expiring.

With Pyroblast! about to expire OR if a new Heating Up proc has occurred, then Pyroblast will appear in position #2, with Fireball at #1. Cast BOTH in rapid succession. They will both land at once. If you are lucky, ANOTHER instant Pyroblast will again be placed at #2. (Prismatic Crystal, if taken, will precede the first of these combinations and Meteor will also happen before the first of your instant Pyros).

* Living Bomb *
Apparently with an iLevel of 680+ you shouldn't be using Living Bomb. In that case, just add it to your "Exclude" list (Cooldowns Panel /wdw coo).

* Double Blast Wave Opener *
With consumable/trinket beforehand. Prior to this, a slow cast Pyroblast as the very first attack if the raid leader gives a start countdown.

* Dragon's Breath *
Exclude from the rotation if the cone will never be in range.

* Prismatic Crystal *
Requires both Pyroblast! and Heating Up to be up. Consequently, the icon slides from right to left, as normal, up to pos #4 if neither buff up and pos #3 if a Pyro! is present.

* Brilliance Buff *
Dalaran Brilliance / Arcane Brilliance will be suggested if your DB, AB, Legacy of the White Tiger or Dark Intent are about to expire or not present. Other raid buffs might be preferred. Just place your DB and AB in the "Exclude" list via the Cooldowns Panel, /wdw coo.

Modifiable Parameters New!
From the chat line, the following modifiable parameters can be adjusted by you. The values are saved between sessions.

/wdw amp amount=nnnnn
'nnnnn' is your minimum Ignite DoT from which the Fire Mage module will do its calculations.

/wdw amp percent=nn
'nn' is the percentage of 'amount' (see above) for a Combustion to be suggested. This allows for an Ignite DoT to be a little under your benchmark. 85% is the default.

/wdw amp train=x (y or n)
Your Fire Mage module can automatically 'learn' or 'train' its own 'amount'. When a higher Ignite DoT than 'amount' occurs, 'amount' will be adjusted upwards. The adjustment will be large for Ignites a little above 'amount' and very small for Ignites far above 'amount'. This avoids potential skewing due to freakish situations.

/wdw amp uptoyou=nnnnn
The spell or item ID of the queue filler icon. Use negative for an item. IDs can be found at Default is -34249, the Hula Girl Doll sold by Griftah! Relevant mostly to low level players with incomplete Spellbooks.

/wdw amp list
Will list all modifiable parameters and their current values.

How to Report Bugs & Suggest Improvements New!
Go to Tickets to report bugs. Line numbers from bug catching AddOns are useful. Lists of AddOns are of no use. The forum on this page is for suggestions and discussion.

Updates & Favourites
Why not make We Don't Wipe a Favourite and/or use the Curse Installer?

Fun Stuff™ New!
At any time you may raise your arms high and command Storm, Earth and Fire. You indeed have the power of Go'el in your hands! Heed My Call™ with '/wdw sef' or '/wdw poth' in chat. Or say hello to yourself with '/wdw sal'. Enjoy!

Cookies, Beer & Donations
It is all about the cookies & beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to Donate to lend your support! because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend".


  • Module MUST use v4.11 of main module due to show stopping bug fix for Mages with Incanter's Flow


  • Really should be using WDW v4.10 so forced to this
  • Prismatic Crystal added


  • Disallow Inferno Blast if have Pyro! and HU active as this causes the original Pyro! to be wasted.
  • Blast Wave now works in nicely with Incanter's Flow (at max) and fixed charge CD code
  • Meteor added
  • Dragon's Breath now queued as per cooldown and as it should in the queue
  • Blast Wave now appears as it should in the queue
  • Online description text changed, incl. advice, removing "beta" notice, rotation listing
  • Force WDW dependency to v4.09 due to small spellbook cache update in WDW. To support Incanter's Flow


  • Warlords of Draenor updates - totally redone. Patch 6.2


  • Version number bump for Patch 6.0.3


  • Version number bump for Patch 5.4 and updated some rotation notes


Initial release


  • #29
    Re: We Don't Wipe - Fire Mage Problems


    I have used the frost and the arcane version of we don't wipe, but for some reason the fire one doesnt show it only shows the cooldowns that i have left. if you know whats going on. please let me know. thanks


  • #28
    Incanter's Flow Bug Fixed

    But as it was hard coded in the "all purpose" main module then sadly, as it was a show stopper, I had to update THIS module to force a minimum version requirement for the main module.


    All because IF plus heaps of other stuff need special treatment or work arounds to fudge "cool down like" behaviour.

  • #26

    Not really sure why I never see LB or combustion in que.  

    The thing is constantly telling me to Dragon's breath even though I am no where near anything at all.  I found the pyro function to be extreamly fustrating as I lost quite a few Pyros do to having  pyro + "heating up" and it still tells me to cast a FB >meteor>Pyro.  Many times I have Pyro up and heating up, and it's still showing Pyro in the 3rd spot.

  • #27

    Combustion: WDW is "holding off" for a good Ignite. See notes above under "* Ignite *".

    Dragon's Breath: In the notes above I request that you EXCLUDE it from the rotation if you are never in range. Yes, WDW has range calculating logic but due to limitations forced upon AddOn authors by Blizzard, it is impossoble for WDW to know if you have one or more *potential* targets within its cone.

    Meteor before an instant Pyro? That is optimal. Please consult reliable websites for discussion on this.

    WDW does ensure your instant Pyro doesn't just expire and not get used.

    Also, WDW works with "combinations" and not just "priorities" or "rotations". Practice on a target dummy to get used to anything you think is strange. Give the rotation a try. WDW is a step way above a basic rotation.

    When you see familiar patterns of icons in the first and second positions then just do them in that order as rapidly as you can. Sometimes the third position too. Practice makes perfect.

    Last expansion WDW shipped with TWO Fire Mage rotations. One suggested to use Pyro! as soon as it happens. The other suggested delaying as per notes above. Blizzard assumes everyone delays their Pyro! now so WDW uses this technique always.

    Last edited by Taraezor on 8/29/2015 4:27:09 PM
  • #25

    Blast Wave, Dragon's Breath, Rune of Power, Incanter's Flow and Meteor properly done.

    Prismatic Crystal, for Fire Mages, is subjective. But, you must have both a Pyro! and a HU to get good advantage from it. I allow the CD to slide from right to left up to pos #4 if neither buff present and pos #3 if a Pyro! is up. This purely as a sign that PC is "ready" but you are not!

    T18 / Archimonde trinket support might also be required later.

    NOTE: Requires WDW 4.10. The module's rotation simply will refuse to run if you don't update WDW to v4.10. WDW needed to have special code to support RoP and IF talents.

    Remember: Any version change of any AddOn requires you to QUIT WoW and then relaunch after installing.

    Annoying greeting every time you reload / change zones? '/wdw greet off'

    Last edited by Taraezor on 8/8/2015 7:15:55 AM
  • #22

    At long last.

    NOTE: Beta. Missing Meteor, Prismatic Crystal and Incanter's Flow

     Comments especially needed on how well the AddOn is handling its "learning" of your Ignite amounts.

    It adjusts upwards conservatively but nevertheless it still creeps up constantly. The percentage is a help in ensuring some combustions appear in the queue. And you need to manually adjust down when you go from like a good raid to a PUG dungeon.

    Last edited by Taraezor on 8/2/2015 2:56:19 PM
  • #23

    YES!!!! Fianlly!!! Thank you Taraezor!!!!

    Last edited by Thewolfofwow on 8/2/2015 11:19:13 AM
  • #24

    Yeah sorry. Obviously come back here or use the Curse client as there will be updates. Meteor, P Crystal, etc.

  • #11

    Having just chnged over from a frosty one stop shop, to using arcane and Fire, I'm finding your Arcane addon a real help, cant wait for the Fire to come out.

  • #9
    WTB 6.1 update :D

    I know you had a couple of curve balls thrown at you that put this on the back burner, but I just made an acct on curse just to let you know theres another dying for this!! 

    Best of luck and ty for your works!

  • #8

    When the 6.1 update is coming for Fire Mage? o.O

  • #7

    not updated yet?

  • #6

    Just discovered We Don't Wipe for Arcane, but would really love an update to Fire!

  • #5

    Heya!Any chance on updating fire spec soon?thx

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