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We Don't Wipe - Fire Mage

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
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  • Updated 10/16/2014
  • Created 07/22/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Mage Fire v1.02
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About We Don't Wipe - Fire Mage

A DPS maximiser. Displays a sequence of icons from left to right, representing the order in which you should use your abilities so that maximum DPS may be achieved. You 'plug in' modules for your class/specialisation into a single AddOn, ensuring a consistent and familiar interface across the range of your characters.

Presently being updated for Patch 6.1

This file is a module for the We Don't Wipe AddOn. Included with this download is the very simple procedure for adding this module to We Don't Wipe. No file editing for v3.01 of WDW!!!

See We Don't Wipe to download and for full information.

Other Available Modules

  • Windwalker Monks
  • Frost Deathknights 2H
  • Frost Deathknights DW
  • Arcane Mages
  • Frost Mages
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Elemental Shaman

With more to come!

Rotation (Basic)

  • Molten Armor
  • Arcane or Dalaran Brilliance
  • Tier 6 talent of choice
  • Tier 5 (Bomb) of choice (refresh)
  • Pyro if Pyroblast is up (a follow up Combustion is suggested)
  • Inferno if have a Heating Up buff
  • Fillers: Fire Ball, or other suggestions

General Rotation Notes
Sometimes, if you are unable to follow the rotation closely, certain abilities will just not be suggested in the queue. This is probably because preconditions to establish optimal use of the ability were not met.

(It is possible to exclude abilities from a rotation, and yet still display their CD/availability.)

Notes Specific to the Fire Mage Module

* Ignite *
It is impossible to forecast the best time to combust your Ignite. No player will share the exact same threshold amount of Ignite to trigger a combust. To assist, this module uses the 'charge' mechanism provided in WDW for other class/specs (such as Arcane/Windwalkers/Frost DKs/Shamans) to display the current Ignite amount. Only YOU can know the correct time to blow your Combustion or Alter Time.

The colour of the Ignite, just like any other charge in WDW, will change from white to yellow through to red the closer it comes to expiring. A big Ignite should never get to 'red' or else it might be wasted!

You will sometimes see Combustion appear in position #2 of the queue and then disappear. This is merely a reminder that your Combustion is available.

* Delayed Pyro Technique *
As well as the basic rotation, listed above and found on any good website, I have included a 'Delayed Pyro' technique rotation. This is what the pro-raiders use (along with very precise Ignite usage and general Raid smarts).

If ever you see a Pyro drifting to the left and then stop at the second position it means that you must cast the first ability (perhaps a Fireball) and then the Pyro straight after without any delay. This is a means to generate (with luck) an extra proc. I think the Icy Veins website does a good job at explaining how this technique works. (A Pyro as the first icon means that unfortunately, this time you delayed the Pyro as long as possible but alas no Heating Up happened, so use it up now before it expires!).

With this much said it should be clear that the module is always aware if you have a proc, it just doesn't think that the proc should always be used right away!

* Tier 16 2pc/4pc Bonuses *
At this stage the rotation should remain 'as is', whether or not you are packing T16 gear. The author will continue to monitor this situation.

* Alter Time *
Alter Time is difficult to include in a rotation because there is a certain amount of subjectivity or raid synergy involved in any decision. For Fire Mages it is particularly difficult due to the extremely subjective question "Is my Ignite big enough yet?" It is strongly suggested that Alter Time be included in your list of displayed CDs.

* Brilliance Buff *
Dalaran Brilliance / Arcane Brilliance bring a +10% Spell Power buff and +5% Crit buff to groups. This is better than a Shaman's Burning Wrath buff and does NOT overwrite the +10% Stamina of a Warlock's Dark Intent. If a BM Hunter is present then it shouldn't be choosing a pet to give the Still Water buff. Similar logic with respect to Crit buffs such as LotWT, LotP, FH, etc. Thus: Always cast AB/DB if it is not present (on yourself - to save checking everyone).

I encourage others to suggest their own ideas, perhaps even upload your own module if you have some LUA skills. I am happy to assist.


  • Version number bump for Patch 6.0.3


  • Version number bump for Patch 5.4 and updated some rotation notes


Initial release


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  • #20
    Here We Go

    Presently coding the Fire Mage module for the redone WDW main AddOn. Don't even bother downloading this until it is done.

    The AddOn will be similar to the Arcane AddOn in that you can tell it how to "learn" the optimal Ignite enemy debuff for which to suggest a Combustion.

    This is my solution to how to handle the Ignite DoT dilema of when to suggest Combustion. I.e.: you suggest a ballpark damage amount yourself or else tell the AddOn to "learn" an optimal amount, given a couple of parameters to guide it.

    The Arcane module in particular delivers outstanding DPS for single target fights so Fire should be up there too.

    I have completed the coding for the "learning" aspect as discussed. I am just rounding out the rotation as I type this. Then I need to test of course. I will rush this out rather than wait for me to get suitable gear for 6.2 raids.

    Last edited by Taraezor on 7/26/2015 7:10:42 AM
  • #17

    So this looks like it is a dead project. Am I correct?

  • #18

    it would seem like it, but there are other modules that have been updated, arcane mage is one of them :( x

  • #16
    Any chance on this being updated before 6.2 or will you just update for then? Many thanks x
  • #15

    LOL should have read the description.

    download manualy and extract into the Module folder.

    Working perfectly, cant wait for the 6.1 version.

  • #14

    Cant download :(

  • #13

    Cannot Download

  • #11

    Having just chnged over from a frosty one stop shop, to using arcane and Fire, I'm finding your Arcane addon a real help, cant wait for the Fire to come out.

  • #10

    I cant get this to download...ive tried multiple times


    someone help


  • #12

    The rotation hasn't been updated for 6.1 yet, so the dependency is missing if you have the newest version of We Don't Wipe. The author is working on a current version, so be patient! :)

  • #9
    WTB 6.1 update :D

    I know you had a couple of curve balls thrown at you that put this on the back burner, but I just made an acct on curse just to let you know theres another dying for this!! 

    Best of luck and ty for your works!

  • #8

    When the 6.1 update is coming for Fire Mage? o.O

  • #7

    not updated yet?

  • #6

    Just discovered We Don't Wipe for Arcane, but would really love an update to Fire!

  • #5

    Heya!Any chance on updating fire spec soon?thx

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