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Mage Nuggets

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  • Supports: 6.2.2
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  • Updated 10/05/2015
  • Created 08/08/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 4.5.3
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About Mage Nuggets

Mage Nuggets

Mage Nuggets is a utility with many useful nuggets to make the lives of mages easier.

USE: "/magenuggets"


  • Purge Monitor: Displays purgeable buffs on your current target. Lets you know what spells you have purged in a linkable format.
  • Hex Monitor
  • Hibernate Monitor
  • Eclipse Monitor and Cast Boxes added (See Mage Nugget Options > Moonkin)
  • Cooldown Monitor for Starfall and Treants added (See Mage Nugget Options > Cooldowns)
  • Custom Treant sounds and the stat monitor also works for Moonkin. The stat monitor includes all Moonkin talents, auras and procs and will display your actual stats in real time. You can use the default sound for your Treants or use your own. Simply copy a sound file such as a mp3 to your mage nugggets/sounds/ folder. Trim your sound to 30 seconds so it stops playing when your Treants expire.
  • Dispel Monitor: Displays dispellable buffs on your target. Lets you know what you dispelled in a linkable format
  • Shackle Undead Monitor
  • Customizable Power Infusion notify message
  • Customizable Guardian Spirit notify message
  • Customizable Pain Suppression notify message
Mage Procs:

You will be notified when you acquire a Mage proc via a proc monitor and combat text. The proc monitors track the duration of the proc and help you never miss a proc. Examples: Hot Streak, Arcane Missile, Brain Freeze, Fingers of Frost

Portal and Teleport Menu:

Click the mini-map button to display portals, teleports and hearthstone. Teleports and portals can take up tons of bar space and this will fix that. If you do not wish to use the mini-map button simply make a macro with "/magenuggets ports" and drag it to your bars. This will give you all of your ports, teleports, and hearthstone on one hotbar button.

Stat Monitor:

Right clicking the stat monitor will bring up a menu to select which stats to display.

Works for all classes and specs.

This is not just a generic stat monitor showing your basic stats. It is a powerful raid utility and will help any class maximize their DPS. Staying in range of buffs and auras, timing cooldowns and procs and many other uses that the stat monitor provides are all vital to maximizing your DPS.

  • Spellpower
  • Attack Power
  • Crit%
  • Haste
  • Mastery
  • Multistrike
  • Leech
  • Versatility
  • Spirit
  • Mana Regen
Frost Bomb \ Nether Tempest:

Tracks your frost bomb cooldown, allowing you to know exactly when to cast it. Tracks the Nether Tempest on your current target.

Mirror Image Timer:

A timer will be displayed showing exactly when your Mirror Images expire. Your threat is neutral while your images are active and the timer helps manage when to drop your aggro.

Proc and Mirror Image sound

Customizable sounds for procs and mirror images. Add your own sounds or songs or use the default. Also works for Moonkin Treants. This option is off by default. Go to the sound tab in the Mage Nuggets options to add your own sounds or songs. Simply copy your sound file, such as a mp3 or wav, into the magenuggets/sounds/ folder. Trimming your sounds to 30 seconds is advised as it will stop playing the exact time your Images or treants expire.

Cauterize Cooldown Tracker:

Tracks the cooldown on your Cauterize ability, allowing you to know when you can be safe from insta death.

Living Bomb Counter:

Displays the number of targets you currently have Living Bomb on, the name of the last target you applied Living Bomb on and the status bar and timer showing the duration of that living bomb

Slow Fall:

When Slow Falling a party member a editable message will be sent to notify them that they have been Slow Falled. Hardly anyone notices when you slowfall them. Why let such a wonderful spell go to waste.

Arcane Blast Monitor
  • Displays the count of arcane blasts currently up and a status bar showing the duration of the stack.
  • Arcane Blast Cast Time Tracker, Will display your Arcane Blast cast time and will display "Capped" if you manage to get your Arcane Blast cast time lower then your global cool down.
Polymorph Monitor:

The Polymorph Monitor shows your current Polymorphed target and the duration of the spell. You will be notified when someone breaks your Polymorphed mob.

SpellSteal Monitor:
  • Displays stealable buffs on enemies that you have targeted. Some buffs were just ment to be stolen and this helps you find them. If you don't have Spellsteal on your bars, you will.
  • Notifies you when you successfully steal something via combat text and the chat console and tells you what you stole in a linkable format.

Displays who Innervated you and sends them a editable message thanking them for their kind deed. Druids need love to.

Time Warp and Bloodlust:

You will be notified which Mage or Shaman's bloodlust you are affected by.

Camera Zoom:

Allows you to zoom the camera out past the default range for maximum situational awareness.


Certain parts of Mage Nuggets require that the in-game combat text be enabled to fully function but it is not required for the addon the work. Only the core component of the in-game combat text is required for these parts of the addon to function.

Interface > Combat Text > "Enable Floating Combat Text".

All sub-categories below this option can be unchecked

Check out my android game Mini Mage

Download "Mobile Energy" addon for a movable mana\energy bar.


If you are unable to get options to stick after logout, please make sure you have the latest version and delete the two mage nuggets files in the folder:

World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<AccountName>\<ServerName>\<CharName>\SavedVariables\

  • Fixed issue with the Spell Steal Monitor not showing.


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  • #1658

    great addon, only the spell is missing

  • #1672

    Hrmm, interesting. 

  • #1649

    There is a bug on the stat monitor window for Hit on gnomes. Gnomes racial called Shortblade Specialization which gives us 1 expertise when using a sword/dagger ((which translates to +1% hit) is not being calculated/counted. So while im at 15% hit cap on the character screen, the stat monitor shows me at 14%.

  • #1656

    *shakes fist at gnomes. 

    Always trying to cut my knees ;)

    I will see what I can do sir, I currently do not have a gnome but should be able to figure it out. Does this passive show as a buff with your other buffs?

  • #1647

    Old (but still cool):

    Still not possible to click throug invocers frame. Box in options is checked :/.

    It woulb be very very nice if you add an extra setting to change background transparency and/or general opacity of every "bar/timer" best if for each seperatly. <- even more wanted now *g*


    Maybe a bug only at my PC (wow, german localisation). Cooldowns shows me only the cooldowns of mirror Image. No Icy Veins or Ice Barrier and so on :/. They are checked in options and Cooldown monitor is not disabeld.

    Anyone with this problem?


    Last edited by Knakriktsur on 10/21/2012 5:38:36 AM
  • #1655

    The next version has the fixed click thru of invokers, I will upload it soon, sorry I have been away. I would love to get some free time to implement more customization for the UI of mage nuggets. Been very busy.

    I will look into the localization bug, I think I might know the problem there, thanks for pointing it out.

  • #1646

    I am having trouble with whenever I seem to "DC" or logout all my positioning resets and this is frustrating... If there is somthing I am doing wrong please tell, if not please add it! All in all great addon keep up the good work!

  • #1654

    When you get disconnected from the server all mage nuggets frames reset position? Is it every frame, or only certain ones. Get back to me, you should not be experiencing this.

  • #1661

    Similar to this Problem: The Position of some Frames have changed when i'm logging in. Also after Charakter change on the Server.
    Not every time, can't reproduce situtations, sometimes it appears, sometimes not.

    Sorry for my english, its not my native language. :)

  • #1645

    can you program it to show when we are gaining the buff for our level 90 talents like either when were standing in rune or the proc from invocation is active or when we get the buff from the shield one that would be verry usefull to have like an icon on our stat moniter

  • #1653

    Invoker's energy monitor is already implemented, as far as the rune, I find that the blinking it does prior to disappearing is sufficent, though a cooldown bar would be handy. 

  • #1644

    Here is my mana cookie. Could you add an extra setting to change background transparency and/or general opacity of every "bar/timer" best if for each seperatly? That would be very very nice :D.

  • #1652

    That would be great but there are alot of frames in mage nuggets. I admit I am no ui designer \ artist, I will try to give the customization portion of the addon some love soon, thanks for the suggest and thanks for using mage nuggets.

  • #1643

    Sorry, can you do something about fonts in indicators? Specificaly, spellsteal indicator. The problem is, spellnames are localized, but the font don't contain local characters (russian characters for me).

  • #1651

    What font is suitable for the localization? Get back to me, I will see what I can do.

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