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  • World of Warcraft
  • 76 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 22,782 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/12/2014
  • Created 08/26/2012
  • 15 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: MageBombTracker 1.1.2

About MageBombTracker

This addon track all the new mage bombs and flamestrike cooldown. Previously bundled with CombustionHelper, it's now available as a stand alone addon. It show them with a list which feature :

  • current target marker
  • target name
  • raid marker
  • time remaining

Other nice features are :

  • Alert when missing a bomb
  • Alert when overwriting a bomb
  • End of fight report

Fully customisable and lightweight, all you need to monitor your bombs !
Available in English and French for now, submit your translation for more.

Release 1.1.2
Fix for autohide

Release 1.1.1
Wod update

Release 1.0.12
Updated Toc version to 5.2
Fix for bomb type not updating sometimes

Release 1.0.8
Updated Toc version to 5.1

Refresh alert disabled for refresh just before last tick

Fix for the previous fix

Fix for potential bug

Fix for bomb talent missing

Fix for first frame positionning

Added autohide option when no bomb is present

Toc update
Cleaned unused files

First release.


  • #8

    Does this not work for Frost bomb???

  • #9

    apparently, it is not working for frost bomb.. poor frost mages in WoD :(

  • #7

    Small update for WoD compatibility

    Unfortunately i won't have time to develop the requests asked, interesting ones nethertheless

  • #6


    I think it would be very nice if the add-on could make a snapshot of the spellpower at the moment which the dot is applied. This way, it would be easy to decide if the dot is worth to reapply even before its natural end.

    This is because many trinkets apply temporary buffs that heavily improve the SP. A proc of Kardris together with Isharj could nearly double the spellpower at given times, and if the dot is applied tempestively the damage can dramatically grow. But in a frenzy fight, not always I remember if the current dot was applied when SP was high or not, thus not knowing if it's worth to be refreshed even in case of a heavy proc.... comparing current SP with the original one would make the decision way easier.

    Thank you!

  • #5

    Could you possibly include a font color function for those perfect UI freaks among us?

    Thanks in advance,
    The Perfect UI Freak

  • #4

    Somehow this addon reliably tracks debuffs on targets which you havent targeted (just mouseover or /tar macros) whereas other addons fail, great job!

    Just like you added a target arrow, could you also add a focus indicator? I'd like to be able to distinguish the target from focus. Additionally, it would be nice if we could modify the bars other than just increasing the scale, and also the font size would be nice if it were changable.

  • #3

    Here's a suggestion, why not have all the bars that are tracking mage's dots on targets to turn red when you target a player/mob that doesn't have any dots on them.


  • #1

    I'm not sure if this "issue" is the result of changes in 5.0.4 or not, but Living Bomb (and Fire Blast - which extends lava bomb to other units), lasts 13.29 seconds, but the "tracker' disappears after about 7 or 8 seconds.  The result is that I lose "tracking" of my living bombs long before they go off.

    Please advise if a fix is coming, or an undocumented configuration item is available to fix this.


  • #2

    please excuse my prior comment, after raiding with this addon enabled today, I've come to realize that the problem I reported yesterday, applies only to the training dummies in Stormwind.  The addon works as describd.


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