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  • World of Warcraft
  • 916 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 350,863 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/12/2014
  • Created 05/17/2011
  • 268 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: MageManaBar 1.8.3
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About MageManaBar

This is the ultimate Mana Bar for Mages. Arcane Mages specifically will find many of MageManaBar's features invaluable in helping to manage Mana optimally.

  • Marker at 35% Mana to show where Evocation can be used without wasting Mana.
  • Marker at (Max Mana - 12 405) to show where Mana Gem can be used without wasting any Mana.
  • Marker for Arcane Torrent.
  • Timers for Evocation, Mana Gem, Arcane Torrent.
  • Show your expected current cast mana usage in realtime on the mana bar.
  • Optional and fully customizable health bar.
  • Color settings to change the color of the mana bar based on markers crossed.
    Information panels that you can unlock and place wherever you want on the bar or the screen, change size and background. This should allow you to make the Mana bar the way you want it. Also featuring a tag list to choose whatever info you want in the style you want (Absolute Cur/Max HP, Cur/Percent mana, Absolute Cur/Max mana, Mastery, Spellpower, Time To Die and many more !!).
  • Advanced customisation options for all elements of the addon. You can change colors, textures, fonts, size, alpha, ordering of elements. Everything is optional and can be disabled to make MageManaBar what you always dreamed of.
  • Getting closer to UnitFrame replacement with the player menu when right clicking on frame and player selection when left clicking, casting bar and alternate power bar.
  • Import Export manager for settings. You can share your settings with fellow mages and import new ones. Have a look at the post below to get some new settings.


Release 1.8.3 Fix for options not registering

Release 1.8.2 TOC update

Release 1.8.1 TOC update Fix for Bazooka font

Release 1.8 5.0.5/Mop compatible Removed flame orb marker Removed Arcane explosion monitor Removed Mage armor marker

Release 1.7.4 Changed TOC version for 4.3 Fix for unknown interrupt source

Release 1.7.3 Added disable mouse option Fix when font are missing

Release 1.7.2 Fix for AE manager

Beta 1.7.1 Added correct link for MMO-C page

Beta 1.7 Added Arcane explosion manager Added autohide for mage armor marker when not present in fire/frost spec Added player menu when right clicking on frame Added player selection when left clicking on frame Added autohide mode for markers when on cd Added casting bar Added frame Strata options Added Alternate Power Bar Support Added Import/Export manager for settings Fix clickable frame not resizing Fix addon showing for other class Fix for frost armor not showing 5 second cooldown Fix for burn timer not accurate out of combat

Release 1.6.2 Fix for addon hiding upon reload when only one bar is shown Fix for info panels not retaining position upon reload Fix for OK button not working for evocation wait time

Release 1.6.1 Fix for Bar bugging upon reload Fix for Arcane Torrent marker enabling itself Fix for info panels disappearing

Release 1.6 Added Tag list for info panels Added Order list for all parts Added Autohide for warning panel out of combat Added Drums of forgotten kings support Added evocation waiting time for burn settings Added Mark of the firelord int buff to blacklist Added scale settings for timers Added configuration options to change order of frames Added color changes for the bar based on mana level Added optional health bar Added scrolling font and bar list Added more customization options for warning bar Added optional warnings Added report for wasted mana due to overflow Fix for disabling Mage Armor Fix for arcane torrent marker always showing on reload Fix for Int buff multiplier Fix for autohide enabling disabled addon Fix for warning info irrelevant in frost/fire spec.

Release 1.5 First release, that should do it. Introducing Orb phase. Warning frame filled with gameplay suggestions. Accurate info for info panels. Still one is empty, if you have ideas, go for it. Added advanced colour and skinning options. Added option for coloring pins depending of cooldown. Added buttons on all sliders for precise changing. Added autohide mage armor for all specs. Added support for glyphed frost armor. Fix for added timers when using OmniCC. Fix for autohide bug. Fix for Synapse Springs. Fix for flickering mage armor.

1.4 Beta Customisation options for main frame and info panel Added upcoming mana usage marker Added Autohide options Corrected Arcane torrent autoshow for Belf Corrected Mage armor marker

1.3 Beta Added Information panel Added Warning panel

1.2 Beta Added size and frame options Added timers some other things i don't remember because it's 3am

1.1 Beta more stuff

1.0 Beta First Beta


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  • #429

    This addon is an amazing tool for those newish to arcane dps, i highly recommend it, The Burn Phase timer is awesome, adjustable mana thresholds are great, though at this point the mana gem threshold should be removed at this point since its no longer a thing. Great addon, great tool, just great!

  • #427
    Re: 35% marker

    any way to move the 35% evocate marker to say.. 50%?

  • #428

    you should be able to, in the settings

  • #424

    THANK YOU!!! This is so helpful. I just move it to the top of my screen and it helps out a TON. 

  • #422

    This is my export, I have made it work for me. Fits very well with ElvUI. Just be sure to re-enabled the Arcane Torrent marker every reload. 

    1.8.3-mageX{'MageManaBarBgFrame',true,false,0.87999999523163,148,40,{0,0,0,1},true,10,1,true,1,false,1,true,true,true,false,3,false,false}X{'MMBInfoFrame1',true,false,7,83,9,{0.25,0.25,0.3,1},true,41.142857142857,10.5,true,25,false,'MageManaBarGlobal'}X{'MMBInfoFrame2',true,false,7,83,9,{0.25,0.25,0.3,1},true,41.142857142857,10.5,true,26,false,'MageManaBarGlobal'}X{'MMBInfoFrame3',true,false,7,83,9,{0.25,0.25,0.3,1},true,41.142857142857,10.5,true,2,false,'MageManaBarGlobal'}X{'MMBInfoFrame4',true,false,7,83,9,{0.25,0.25,0.3,1},true,41.142857142857,10.5,true,27,false,'MageManaBarGlobal'}X{'MMBInfoFrame5',true,false,7,126,9,{0.25,0.25,0.3,1},true,61.714285714286,10.5,true,18,false,'MageManaBarGlobal'}X{'MMBInfoFrame6',true,false,7,126,9,{0.25,0.25,0.3,1},true,61.714285714286,10.5,true,17,false,'MageManaBarGlobal'}X{'MMBevocation',true,false,50}X{'MMBmanaGem',false,false,11200}X{'MMBmageArmor',true,true,103,false,true}X{'MMBArcaneTorrent',true,false,93}X{'MMBOrb',true,true,80}X{'MageManaBarInfoFrame',false,true,24,'xx','xx',{0,0,0,1}}X{'MMBspellcost',true,0.39999997615814}X{'MageManaBarFrame',true,{1,0.2,0.2,1},{1,0.4,0,1},{1,0.8,0,1},{1,1,0,1},{0.41176470588235,0.8,0.94117647058823,1},'Interface\\AddOns\\ElvUI\\media\\textures\\normTex2','ElvUI Norm','Fonts\\FRIZQT__.TTF','Friz Quadrata TT',true}X{'MageManaBarOverflowFrame','xx','xx','xx','xx','xx',{1,0.3,0.3,0.5}}X{'MageManaBarWarning',true,false,true,140,18,{0.41176470588235,0.8,0.94117647058823,1},'Interface\\AddOns\\ElvUI\\media\\textures\\normTex2','ElvUI Norm','Interface\\AddOns\\ElvUI\\media\\fonts\\Homespun.ttf','ElvUI Pixel',11,true,{0,0,0,1},true,{0.76470588235294,0,0.10588235294118,1},20}X{true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true}X{'MageManaBarHealth',false,true,15,{1,0.3,0.3,1},'Interface\\AddOns\\MageManaBar\\Images\\combubarblack','CombuBar'}X{'MageManaBarWarning','MageManaBarBgFrame'}X{'MageManaBarCastFrame',false,true,true,20,false,{0.6,0.5,0,1},{0.4,0.3,0.7,1},true,'Interface\\AddOns\\MageManaBar\\Images\\combubarblack','CombuBar','Fonts\\FRIZQT__.TTF','Friz Quadrata TT',8}X{'MageManaBarAlternate',false,12,{0.6,0.5,0,1},'Interface\\AddOns\\MageManaBar\\Images\\combubarblack','CombuBar','Fonts\\FRIZQT__.TTF','Friz Quadrata TT',8,true}

    Last edited by SecretPancake on 3/25/2015 7:13:38 PM
  • #423

    I really want to make this work, but the UI for the addon just sits there in the middle of my screen completely screwing with my ablility to even play.    Unlocking the window has no effect whatsoever.   

    SecretPancake, you mention some changes for ElvUI that you made - I use ElvUI too and I wouldn't use another UI - where do you put these changes and did it make the AddOn movable for you?   For now I am just going to have to do without it.   Please answer soon man!

  • #421

    When I disable a bar (health or warning panel) and then reenable it, the bar is positioned to the bottom. Reset Panel does nothing. I thought I found a good arcane addon, I guess I was wrong. Uninstalling, this is just too buggy to be worth my time.

  • #420

    Why do you have mana gems part of this addon? Are you aware mages haven't had mana gems since MoP? UPDATE YOUR ADDON BROTHA!

  • #419

    Arcane Torrent wont save after log off still.

  • #418

    For some reason when I logout or exit the game my arcane torrent marker will disable. It will save the position and the "Enable Arcane Torrent icon/timer" option. My evocation marker is not having this issue and my mana gem is staying disabled. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need the export.


  • #414

    Another update coming, seems blizz changed the way buttons are registered between the previous version and the last one. Keep me in touch if anything is wrong again.

  • #417

    Nvm it worked! Curse didn't actually update it to the 1.8.3 so I had to delete the whole thing and redo it. Thanks!

  • #416

    Still having the same problems. I can move the position of the evocation and mana gem markers, but I can't disable either of them. I can't enable the arcane torrent marker either.

  • #415

    Seems to be working. Thank you so much! Love this addon, hate to play Arcane without it.

  • #408

    Why does it seem like none of the config options work on this? It won't let me disable the mana gem, I can't unlock the info panels, nor can I actually lock the bar. Every time I check or uncheck a box to to lock/unlock placement, nothing happens, and if I go to a difference option, it just resets the box back to default.

    I loved this addon in MoP, am I missing something? I really want this to work.

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