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Magnet continued

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 93 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 23,083 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/13/2012
  • Created 05/10/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v1.50

About Magnet continued


Magnet is a loot helper, so you can keep your bags clean and only loot the things you want. You can specify which items to magnetize so they'll be attracted by Magnet and which items you want the polarity to be reversed so they'll be repelled by Magnet.

"Magnet continued" is a continuation of Magnet, created by DARKGuy.

Type /magnet config or use a LibDataBroker display to configure.


  • Attract money and currency
  • Attract any ingredient for your green/yellow/orange tradeskills for easier farming and leveling of your tradeskills. Set the reagent threshold to the value you want (0 = grey, 1 = green, 2 = yellow, 3 = orange, 4 = red). Uses LibPeriodicTable. You need to open you tradeskill window before this works.
  • Attract items based on skills
    • Skinning
    • Mining
    • Gathering (Herbalism)
    • Disenchanting (Enchanting)
    • Prospecting (Jewelcrafting)
    • Milling (Inscription)
    • Fishing
    • Pick Pocket
    • Engineering (Mechanical units)
    • Archaeology
  • Attract items that have a higher vendor value than a specified minimum. Overrides any repel settings.
  • Attract items based on quality. You can specify different quality options for solo, party and raid play. Will, hopefully, not attract over the loot threshold set by the party/raid leader.
  • Automatically confirm looting of Bind On Pickup items (only works for items looted by Magnet)
  • Attract quests items for quests that are active in your questlog
  • Ability to attract specific items not covered by the other features. Simply type /magnet attract <item name or item link> to add an item to the attract list.
  • Attracts all loot in a battleground
  • Farm mode: Loots all items, but afterwards scans your bags and destroys any items that should have been repelled. Caution: May have some unintentional side-effects!
  • Attracts all items if you can skin/mine/salvage/etc the creature
  • Repel items based on quality
  • Ability to repel specific items. Type /magnet repel <item name or item link> to add an item to the repel list.
  • Repelled items are made transparant in the loot window for easier recognition. Currently only works with the standard loot window, XLoot and Butsu, provided the buttons are not rearranged when looting an item.
    Repelling comes before attracting (unless when the would-be repelled item has a higher vendor value than specified)
  • Adds a few lines in the item tooltip stating if an item is attracted or repelled
  • You can type /magnet remove <item name or item link> to remove a previously added items from either the attract or the repel list

Wish-list / Todo

  • Autoloot rogue's Pickpocket skill (in v0.2b)
  • Add a few more options for some features that are always on
  • Attract any ingredient for your green/yellow/orange tradeskills for easier farming and leveling your tradeskills. Including any sub-ingredients. Perhaps I can use an other addon to get the information? (in v0.3b)
  • Itemtype and itemsubtype implementation. Perhaps even a distinction between health potions and mana potions...

tag v1.50
eddie2 <erik@erik-desktop>
2012-09-13 09:51:56 +0200

Tagging for release


    - Updated for 5.0.1


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  • #64

    i know this addon has not seen much love in a long time but it still is the best looting addon i have every used.  Trust me i tried alot of them... Hope this addon gets an update to the current 5.4 version of wow

  • #62

    Whenever I open up a profession I get the following message in chat:

    Magnet: Not skilled-up or 600 is not divisible by 5.

    All of my professions are 525 or higher and are divisible by 5. 

    I've tried disabling various options with no success.  I've tried disabling all my addons except Magnet and I would still get the error.  So it doesnt seem to be conflicting addons.  Don't know if Im missing something or not.

    I know I can turn of Verbose Messages and it wouldn't see the message in chat but then I'd miss the other messages as well.

  • #61

    the addon is not working here and he is up-to-date and all nice but dont delete the "junk"


    dont have any way to help u with this :S, they just dont work with farm mode enablede repel items add the name and quality nothing work :s


    folow 3 SS with setting ok and items on bag :S,3NDBE,0isBt

    Last edited by alemaomh on 10/3/2012 12:35:03 AM
  • #63

    ty for the help very nice 

  • #57

    This addon looks cool, a bit overcomplicated but yea, its nice that you taken over.

    So I spent a good half hour to set it to a level I want to use while questing in the world but coudn't get rid of a few things. For example the most simple: how could I manage to pickup clothes but leave other white stuff in the mobs (foods/ useless things, etc). Tried to enable professions and disable Whites but it doesn't pick up the material.

    I read some replies below that the order of how the addon handle things causes this, or something like that. So you mean the script first tells to loot the clothes / volatiles / other white materials then the next script just deny it as we set up solo/party/raid to repel Whites.

    I need my white materials looted but don't need any other trash. Whats the solution? How can I set up Magnet?

    Last edited by Voxxel on 9/23/2012 1:19:05 AM
  • #58

    You should be able to use professions (maybe adjust the slider a little bit) as long a you don't repel any whites. The tooltip of the item should have a line of "Magnetized as reagent for..."

  • #60

    Don't repel the whites :) As long as you're not on farm mode, it will not loot everthing by default so there should be little need to repel items.

  • #59

    The cloth has the line in its tooltip "Magnetized as reagent for..." and "Repelled by Solo". the cloth has not been picked up.

    As I said I don't want common white trash to loot but I need some specific white items, like cloths, volatiles and such. What should I do?


  • #54

    Any update for 5.x.x? :)

  • #55

    Haven't had the time to check 5.x out yet, but when I do and run into any issues I will ofcourse fix it and update the addon :)

  • #56

    cool :)

  • #52

    Any chance to add the option for the /magnet repel & other /magnet cmnds  to allow multiple item links at once instead of slowly doing one at a time.   like  /magnet repel [coal][milk]    

  • #53

    That is a good suggestion. I'll see what I can do.

  • #51

    euhm if i putt silk cloth in  /magnet attract silk cloth
    should it not auto. pick it out of corpse?
    because it dusnt and it dusnt delete it olso if farm mode is active


    Last edited by untergang0 on 12/25/2011 2:06:59 PM
  • #50
    Things should be working again.
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