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Magnet continued

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 92 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 23,090 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/13/2012
  • Created 05/10/2009
  • 52 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v1.50

About Magnet continued


Magnet is a loot helper, so you can keep your bags clean and only loot the things you want. You can specify which items to magnetize so they'll be attracted by Magnet and which items you want the polarity to be reversed so they'll be repelled by Magnet.

"Magnet continued" is a continuation of Magnet, created by DARKGuy.

Type /magnet config or use a LibDataBroker display to configure.


  • Attract money and currency
  • Attract any ingredient for your green/yellow/orange tradeskills for easier farming and leveling of your tradeskills. Set the reagent threshold to the value you want (0 = grey, 1 = green, 2 = yellow, 3 = orange, 4 = red). Uses LibPeriodicTable. You need to open you tradeskill window before this works.
  • Attract items based on skills
    • Skinning
    • Mining
    • Gathering (Herbalism)
    • Disenchanting (Enchanting)
    • Prospecting (Jewelcrafting)
    • Milling (Inscription)
    • Fishing
    • Pick Pocket
    • Engineering (Mechanical units)
    • Archaeology
  • Attract items that have a higher vendor value than a specified minimum. Overrides any repel settings.
  • Attract items based on quality. You can specify different quality options for solo, party and raid play. Will, hopefully, not attract over the loot threshold set by the party/raid leader.
  • Automatically confirm looting of Bind On Pickup items (only works for items looted by Magnet)
  • Attract quests items for quests that are active in your questlog
  • Ability to attract specific items not covered by the other features. Simply type /magnet attract <item name or item link> to add an item to the attract list.
  • Attracts all loot in a battleground
  • Farm mode: Loots all items, but afterwards scans your bags and destroys any items that should have been repelled. Caution: May have some unintentional side-effects!
  • Attracts all items if you can skin/mine/salvage/etc the creature
  • Repel items based on quality
  • Ability to repel specific items. Type /magnet repel <item name or item link> to add an item to the repel list.
  • Repelled items are made transparant in the loot window for easier recognition. Currently only works with the standard loot window, XLoot and Butsu, provided the buttons are not rearranged when looting an item.
    Repelling comes before attracting (unless when the would-be repelled item has a higher vendor value than specified)
  • Adds a few lines in the item tooltip stating if an item is attracted or repelled
  • You can type /magnet remove <item name or item link> to remove a previously added items from either the attract or the repel list

Wish-list / Todo

  • Autoloot rogue's Pickpocket skill (in v0.2b)
  • Add a few more options for some features that are always on
  • Attract any ingredient for your green/yellow/orange tradeskills for easier farming and leveling your tradeskills. Including any sub-ingredients. Perhaps I can use an other addon to get the information? (in v0.3b)
  • Itemtype and itemsubtype implementation. Perhaps even a distinction between health potions and mana potions...

tag v1.50
eddie2 <erik@erik-desktop>
2012-09-13 09:51:56 +0200

Tagging for release


    - Updated for 5.0.1


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  • #18
    I've made a ticket on curseforge. I keep getting an error. Please look.
  • #19
    Sorry for the wait. I was under the impression that I was getting a e-mail when a ticket was created. Apparently this is not the case...

    Could you please check the latest alpha over at curseforge?
  • #13
    Is there anyway you can clarify this for me... I've ticked the box where it will ATTRACT Quest items but for a pure and simple example, the Red Bandanas quest in Northshire (Human Starting point) Because i had the Gray items and White items set to 'Repell', i would have thought the option of Attracting Quest Items would over-ride that Repell list and if it is a quest item, regardless of rarity (I know 99% quest items are 'Common') it should loot it.

    Is this the case or is this maybe somthing you could implement? I love the Farm Mode, i've also tried creating a macro using the build in command lines to enable / disable it. I think the command is /magnet farmMode - when i type this in manually or macro it, it comes up saying and invalid argument - I know it literally has just been released and i think it's a mint idea, but just thought i'd tell you of that little problem :-D
  • #16
    At the moment I'm not checking if you're repelling a Quest Item and have 'Attract quest items' enabled. Sounds like a good idea to put in though :)

    As for the command line, try /magnet general farmMode :)
  • #17
    Magical... I should have thought of that lol but never mind :oP
    Thanks for the help bud. Looking forward to future updates! :-D
  • #15
    Just read someone elses post with the quest item problem so ignore that :-P But maybe any ideas on the Farm command line?
  • #11
    New version uploaded!
    Be very, very careful with the new experimental "Farm Mode" setting, as it may also destroy, for example, your Hearthstone, scrolls, potions, foods, etc, if you've set Magnet to repel "Common"-quality items... :)
  • #12
    Version 0.7b solves the issue by only checking the looted items in your bags.

    But still be careful with it. If, for example, you have set Magnet to Repel "Healing Potion" and already have a Healing Potion in your bags, when Magnet loots/farms another Healing Potion it will destroy all Healing Potions in your bags.
  • #8
    I seem to have a problem with the autoclose loot window option, it always throws up an error window with the error attempt to index local 'button' a nil value
  • #9
    Do you by any chance have an addon that changes the default lootwindow? If so, could you please try disabling it and see if that helps? Please post the name of that addon so I can make the necessary changes to support it.

    If you do not use such an addon... well, I guess I'll look into it? :)
  • #14
    I had this problem for like 2 seconds... Until i realised the Blizzard AddOn is also trying to Auto-Loot which conflicts with the Auto-Loot and LootWindow Handling functions within Magnet.

    Solution: Untick the 'Auto-Loot' box within the Blizzard Interface options within game.
  • #5
    As a druid with severely limited bagspace, I love this addon. There's just one thing that doesn't seem to work correctly: I disabled common items when soloing, and have "Attract quest items" enabled - yet it doesn't loot any quest items, at least not from dailies. I had to add those manually.
  • #7
    This is a known issue. Somehow getting the required items / quest objectives from the quest information is troublesome. Also, when you need to combine several other items into one (which is stated as the quest objective, for example the cooking dailies) the other items are not recognized and therefore not attracted.

    It should, however, attract the majority of quest items you need while levelling.
  • #4
    I like using this when farming but there seems to be a few issues. First like TheVyse said it dose not automatically close the loot frame after looting, and second it dose not auto confirm on BOP items. I thought I might have had an out of date version so I removed it and had the same problems.

    Also as a farmer of Strath and other large pull instances it would be nice if it not only attracted items but looted and deleted other items like with a farm option. There is an add on that auto destroys grays but it only dose that to grays so I still find my inv full of useless white items.
  • #6
    Do you have the name of that addon for me, so I can check how they destroy the item? I can't seem to find any standard methods of programmatically destroying items.
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