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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.3.3
  • 42,551 Total Downloads
  • Updated 04/06/2012
  • Created 12/24/2006
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 1.7.0

About MailTo Next

My wife loved MailTo's ability to right click on items... Now that is more-or-less gone, she whined me into coming up with alternatives.

This version adds a new window when you open mailbox, trade, auction house, that function as a condensed version of your inventory.


Mailto has no way of determining the recipient of a mail is your alt or not, unless you have checked mail with that character (thus Mailto has their inbox record) at the time of sending mail.


MailTo Next can filter items in inventory to display. for filter types, refer to item types (NOT sub-types) here


   	when mailbox is open,
   		left click in the mailable item to attach it to mail.
   		right click in the mailable item to mail it to current recipient
   	when trade is open,
   		left click in the tradable item to add it to trade.
   		right click in the tradable item to accept trade.
   	when auction house is open,
   		left click in the auctionable item to enter the name into auction search
   		right click in the auctionable item to create auction.

   	shift-left-click on item while chat is open will link the item
   	shift-left-click on the item when chat is not open will split stack
   	shift-right-click on the item will pick up the item.
   	    	You can drop picked up item in the empty slot.

for complete command list:

/mailto help

/mailto ?

/mailto ??

    1.7.0    Re-worked the soul-bind item scan for extra window.
            Dropped support for keychain


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  • #339
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
    I was able to duplicate it with all other addons disabled.
    I wondered if perhaps I had corrupt saved variables, but I was able to duplicate it with new saved variables as well.
    I do notice that I did a poor job above of describing how to duplicate this error.

    Type /inbox.
    If you have mailbox data saved for characters on more than one server, there will be a check box labeled "Server." Check this box.
    There is also a pulldown menu with your character's name in it, normally you use this pulldown menu to change which character's mailbox you wish to view. With the "Server" box checked this will present a list of servers that you have mailbox data saved for with an arrow next to each server name. In times past I was able to mouse over the arrow to get a list of characters on that server to select a character to view their mailbox data. Now, when I attempt to mouse over the server name, instead of getting the list of characters, I get the error I posted above.
  • #340
    That did the trick.
    I think I have fix, please try 1.6.6 when it's uploaded.
  • #341

    Many thanks
  • #333
    How do I disable the "extra" MailTo Next window? It did not used to appear and now, since the latest update, it is back again. :(
  • #350
    This is how you disable the inventory windows.

    Turn of the Mail window:

    /mt click

    Turn off the Auction window:

    /mt auction

    Turn off Trade window:

    /mt trade

    In the description devilcat tells you how to get a complete command list.
  • #335
    Is that "extra" window the one that pops up while at AH? If so, I asked about it months and months ago and never got a response....
  • #330
    Also, is it me or does shift clicking an mail in the inbox no longer moves all of the items from the mail into the players bags? Perhaps something that MailTo could work around?
  • #337
    I had the same problem with not being able move all my items from my mailbox. since the last update. I've been hoping for a fix or at least some info about the problem.
    I know authors have lives and are playing wow as well but, a short note would be nice.
  • #332
    I will look into these.
  • #334
    Thanks :)
  • #329
    It would be handy if there was a button on the MailTo item frame that would move the top 12 items in a players backpack into a send mail. That is, something similar to this macro:

    /script if SendMailFrame:IsVisible() then for slot = 1,12 do UseContainerItem(0,slot) end else print "Select the mailbox send tab first" end

    This would make it much easier to forward lots of items with one click. Obviously MailTo would need to check each of the 12 slots are empty first.

    Perhaps, left-click to move items, right-click to move items and send,
  • #324
    If I wrote a patch to accept specific items names for the filter, would you be interested in adding that to your addon? If not, would you mind if I created a local fork?

    I love the one-click sending but I'm too clumsy to deal with the chaotically-ordered tiny-icon grid without accidentally losing things I want to keep, so I'd like to be able to filter specific items.
  • #325
    Humm. The order of items in the Mailable should be the same order in your inventory.
    But, filtering specific item is a good idea.
    Have you started work on it? if not, I can see what I can do about that.
  • #327
    I haven't done any coding yet. I just poked through your existing type filter to see if it was plausible to add a name filter without upsetting the rest of the addon (and it looks like it is).
  • #331
    Wow. You're all over this new filter. Thanks a bunch -- I really appreciate it.
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