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  • Updated 11/03/2012
  • Created 10/27/2006
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: MapNotes_v6.09.50001

About MapNotes

Allows you to add notes to the world map and minimap helping you keep track of interesting locations. MapNotes also provides a Plugin interface for other AddOns to take advantage of the note making ability. AlphaMap(Fans Update) uses this interface to allow Note creation on AlphaMap Maps of Instances, BattleGrounds, and World Boss Maps. This version of MapNotes comes with in-built support for creation of notes on Atlas maps, also using this Plugin interface. For these purpose MapNotes offers the following main functions: 1. Marking notes on the WorldMap 2. Showing one of these notes on the MiniMap (see MiniNote) 3. Allows any other AddOn to use MapNotes note creation ability to mark notes on frames within their own AddOn : - Marking notes on AlphaMap (Fan's Update) Instance maps - Marking notes on Atlas maps

"/tloc" can be used to toggle this AddOns minimap coordinates instead of Thottbott's minimap coordinates. NOTE : PLEASE still use "/mn -tloc xx,yy" to place a Thottbott marker on the map. "/tloc" ONLY toggles Minimap Coordinates.

Should be compatible with both Cartographer and MetaMap, although you may no longer be able to create notes on the map with the in-built functionality provided by those AddOns - only with the functionality provided by MapNotes (Fan's Update).

Fast Note Creation/Editing/Deleting

- <Control>+<Alt>+Right-click on a MAP/FRAME to create a Quicknote at that point

- <Control>+<Alt>+Right-click on a NOTE to quickly go to the note Editing Frame

- <Control>+<Alt>+Left-clicking to drag NOTES to new positions

- <Alt>+Right-click on a NOTE to toggle it as a Minimap note

- <Alt>+<Shift>+DOUBLE Right-click on a note to quickly delete it.

- <Control>+<Shift>+Right-click will create a temporary blue Group note on a map If created on a World map, then it will also be displayed in the Minimap for you to track If in a Raid group, then the note will be shared with other Raid members who have MapNotes installed Otherwise, if in a Party, then the note will be shared with the Party members who have MapNotes installed Otherwise, its just your own quick temporary marker ;)

Slash Commands

/mapnote OR /mapnotes OR /mn Use without any other parameters to see which version of MapNotes is installed, and access the list of available Slash Commands. Otherwise can be used to insert a Map Note by a slash command (which you can create in the Send Menu), see Readme.txt for Details

/mn -allow OR /mn -a Allows you to receive the next note, even if you have disabled receiving in the options. If invoked with no parameters, it will toggle the current state.

/mn -automini Shows the next note created (using any method) as a MiniNote and also puts it on the WorldMap. If invoked with no parameters, it will toggle the current state.

/mn -allmini Toggle all MapNotes off/on as Mininotes (Keybinding also available)

/mn -tloc tbX,tbY Sets a "Thottbot location" on the map. Use it with no arguments to toggle it off. See the Section on Formatting of X,Y Coordinates

/mn -q [icon] [name] Adds a note at your current location, icon and name are optional (icon any number from 0 to 9, AddOns/MapNotes/POIIcons/Icon#.tga) If no [name] is passed, then the Note will be named based on the MiniMap Text, and the second/third lines will be populated with more zone information and/or the default QuickNote text.

/mn -qtloc xx,yy [icon] [name] See the Section on Formatting of X,Y Coordinates Adds a note on the map you are currently on at the given thottbot location, icon and name are optional (icon any number from 0 to 9, AddOns/MapNotes/POIIcons/Icon#.tga)

/mn -s [search text] If you want to search for a note, to see if one exists, or where it is, then you can use this command, and MapNotes will print out a report in the chat window, displaying the names of all maps which have a note containing that text

/mn -hl [note name] If you have lots of notes and want to clearly identify a single one on a map, or if you want a certain note to remain highlighted, then use this command and they will be displayed with a green circle around them. If there are several notes with that name or containing that text, then they will ALL be highlighted. The note name does not have to be case sensitive, and doesn't have to be an exact match - all notes containing the [note name] text will be highlighted. If the EXACT NAME is specified (not case-sensitive), the note will also be marked as a MiniNote on the Minimap

/mn -mapc Toggle the display of Player and Cursor Coordinates on the World Map Control-Left-Click and drag the coordinates to move them to a different position on the World Map if you are not happy with the default.

/mn -minic Toggle the display of Player coordinates below the Minimap.

/mn -t [icon] [name] Creates a quicknote at the Player's current location if the Player has no target. If the Player does have a target, then it will create a note for that target at the Player's current location, icon and name are optional (icon any number from 0 to 9, AddOns/MapNotes/POIIcons/Icon#.tga)

/mn -m Creates a note for the Player's target at the Player's current location. OR Merges the details for the Player's current target in to a Map Note that has already been created at the Player's current location. MUST have targetted a Player/NPC/Mob for this to work.

/mn -scale [0.5 - 1.5] The size of MapNotes Menus and Frames are now fixed no matter what the scale of the World Map or other AddOn Map being used. This command can be used to change the default size of MapNotes Menus and Frames if the user finds it too small or large. The default value is 0.7 Therefore "/mn -scale 1.0" will make the Menus and Frames appear larger than they do by default.

/mn -undelete Will undelete the last deleted MapNote.

Key Bindings


Creates a quicknote at the Player's current location if the Player has no target. If the Player does have a target, then it will create a note for that target at the Player's current location. -OR CLICK MINIMAP COORDINATES- If you are NOT targetting anything, then ALT-Left-Click on the Minimap Coordinates to create a QuickNote. If you are targetting something, then ALT-Left-Click to create a Target note with details about the current target at the PLAYER'S current location - you will be warned if you are too near to an existing note to create a new note. (Slash Command "/mn -t" also available)


Creates a note for the Player's target at the Player's current location. OR Merges the details for the Player's current target in to a Map Note that has already been created at the Player's current location. MUST have targetted a Player/NPC/Mob for this to work. -OR CLICK MINIMAP COORDINATES- If you are targetting something, then you may also ALT-Right-Click on the Minimap Coordinates if you wish to create a note for your Target at the PLAYER'S current location. However, if a MapNote already exists at Player's location, then the details will be merged with the existing note. (Slash Command "/mn -m" also available)


All of the functions below are mainly designed for people who have just installed MapNotes (Fan's Update). If you have been using this version of MapNotes for some time already, and have your own notes, then these functions may overwrite your existing notes. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

/script MapNotes_ImportCarto() NOTE: only works with English localisation currently If you want to move from Cartographer 2 to MapNotes, then log in to the game with both AddOns enabled, ust the above command, after which you will receive notification in the chat window on how many notes have been imported.

/MapNotes_Import_MetaMap If you want to move from MetaMapNotes to MapNotes, then log in to the game with both AddOns enabled, use the above command, after which you will receive notification in the chat window on how many notes have been imported; Then log out, and disable MetaMap. Don't try to use MapNotes at the same time as MetaMap for any other purposes, as the results may be unpredictable

/MapNotes_Import_AlphaMap If you have AlphaMap installed, and want to convert the in-built Instance and World Boss notes in to MapNotes notes, then use the above command, and you will see a message in the chat window informing you of how many notes have been imported in to MapNotes. This does NOT import Battleground notes by default, as AlphaMap's in built Battleground functionality works best without MapNotes overlaying the BG Objectives. NOTE: You don't have to import notes from AlphaMap, to make MapNotes on AlphaMap Instance/Battleground/WorldBoss maps. You can create any notes you like manually.

/MapNotes_Import_AlphaMapBG As mentioned above, the basic "/MapNotes_Import_AlphaMap" command does not import Battleground notes by default. If you do want to import AlphaMap Battlegournd map notes, then use this command to do so.

/MapNotes_Import_CTMapMod If you want to move from using CTMapMod to MapNotes (Fan's Update), then log in to the game with both AddOns enabled, use the above command, after which you will receive notification in the chat window on how many notes have been imported; Then log out, and disable CTMapMod.

Release notes for MapNotes version 6.09.50001 Mists of Pandaria - 4 November 2012

There were three tickets raised for v6.08 within hours of release. Once of them
involved non-persistence of MapNotes options across a reload (thanks Dridzt) and
I thought that so important that I should release a fic as soon as possible.

These are the fixes

- Some of the values set with the Options dialogue were not properly being
  restored after logging out. This was because of the design of the options
  data whereby a missing entry indicated that that entry was 'enabled'. I have
  changed MapNotes so that *all* options how have an entry that says explicitly
  whether it is enabled or disabled

- Zooming the World Map out to the World view showing the whole of Azeroth caused
  the addon to crash (thanks sykopat). This was because there is no map information
  available from either LibMapData for this map, and Astrolabe forces an exception
  if it is asked to provide it. I have made it impossible to add notes to either
  the World map or the Cosmic map (Azeroth plus Outland)

- sykopat reported a crash on trying to delete note by creator. I haven't been able
  to reproduce this, but see that it was executing code in the Yatlas addon that
  hooked a function in MapNotes code, so the problm may be there instead. I have
  made the parameter checking more robust and added some diagnostic code to this



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  • #685

    New instructions for selecting alpha builds in Curse Client

    I have come across a far better way to set Curse Client so that it shows you alpha or beta builds of an addon as well as release versions

    In the My Addons tab of Curse Client, select MapNotes and right-click on it to bring up the context menu. Mouse over Preferred Release Type and a menu offering Release, Beta, and Alpha will appear to the right. Select Alpha and the menus will close, leaving only MapNotes set to download alpha versions

    This is way better than my original directions, which left all of your addons set to alert you at alpha level

    At the time of writing, five hours after my alpha release, there have been nine downloads. I reckon that's pretty good given that no one will even see the alpha release

    Keep telling people that MapNotes is back, and keep me informed of any problems you encounter, as well as any enhancements you'd like to see


    Last edited by Cortello on 9/18/2015 7:16:26 AM
  • #687

    Is there a chance for putting the alpha build somewhere? I'm not using Curse Client.

  • #689

    Thank you. I will be checking it. I opened two tickets.

    Can you please add the regular yellow icon (displayed for minerals - fish on minimap) to the default icons?

    Also, I would personally prefer not to have the continent - zone name at the bottom of the note (e.g: Outland - Terokkar Forest). Is there a reason for adding that location info? When you open a map it already shows the zone name, so why need it? I will try to find the line of code to remove it.

    Another thing, I would prefer not to have character name on the notes. Again, why need it? I know it's optional but it's tedious to delete everytime I create a note. If I for some reason need to make a note that is important for one character then I can mention it in the note. I will try to find the line of code to remove it too.

    Thanks for resurrecting the addon. I just hope the next expansion will not break it because after spending so much time into creating/organizing notes, it will be a shame to see all gone waste like it happened after 6.0 launch.

    Last edited by Eommus on 10/3/2015 3:44:04 AM
  • #688

    Hi Eommus

    Sure. I could just give you a link, but even better I'll tell you how to get there for future reference

    All the builds ever uploaded are available on the Project Site, which is also linked in orange text at the top of this page. Go there and choose the Files tab, and you'll see a list of all the releases with the most recent at the top

    The link in the Name column takes you to a page with the release notes and various facts and stats about the release, and the link under Filename downloads the archive directly

    I trust that you understand how to install an addon from its zip file? If not, then it is explained in detail in Curse's own guide to Manually Installing AddOns

    I hope this helps. Please write about your experience here, including any features you'd like to see added. Or raise a ticket — also on the Project Site — if you find any errors or bugs

    Best regards,


    Last edited by Cortello on 9/18/2015 7:06:37 AM
  • #684

    MapNotes alpha version will release this weekend

    The code is basically ready. It mostly works and doesn't crash the client, at least for me. I just need to do some tidying up and set the version numbers and release notes, that sort of thing, and I can post it as an alpha version here on Curse

    To be able to see alpha versions of addons you will probably need to set your Curse Client options. Go to Tools / Options and select the Games & Addons tab. About half-way down you will see a Release Preference option which is probably set to Release. Change it to Alpha, and you will be alerted to all addon versions, including alpha, beta, and release, and you will be able to see when I put this code up

    Please note

    If you have any old notes that you value, keep them backed up, as I can't guarantee that this release won't damage your data beyond repair. And if you do have any old data I'd be really grateful if I could use it to get MapNotes back on its feet again

    You mustn't rely on any notes that you take using the software in this state. I've prepared something that works as quickly as possible, and the format of your personal database of map notes may have to change

    I'm sorry it's been gone for so long, but MapNotes is coming back! So do spread the word

    The beta version will be a few weeks, and a full release shortly afterwards. I'll post some notes on what works and what doesn't when I upload the software

    Thank you for your endless patience and support


    Last edited by Cortello on 9/18/2015 7:10:26 AM
  • #686

    Good to hear :)

  • #682
    Re: MapNotes Crashes

    This still crashes the game if the following is applied:

    When you have the MapNotesForAtlas checked and it says Dependency Missing, if this is check marked in the AddOn List it will cause a fatal error in game. Everytime you bring the Map up in game the following pop up box is displayed:

    It says "This application has encountered a critical error:

    ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal exception!

    Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe



    The instruction at "0x000000013fbfd97c" referenced memory at "0x0000000000000010". The memory could not be "read".

    Press OK to terminate the application

    So therefore this needs to be fixed or that particular part of the addon shouldn't be able to be check marked.

  • #683

    Thanks Kaspar

    Yeah there's a whole bunch of stuff wrong with MapNotes since the Warlords of Draenor patch, but I didn't know about this one so I'll put it on my list

    I very much doubt if the Atlas interface is still in use from the Atlas side. I asked the Atlas maintainer a few years back if he still supported it, and I got a promise to let me know the answer but no more

    Could you please help me by writing up a ticket on the CurseForge ticketing system? I want to keep all fault reports there from now on as it#s a better way to keep track of the problems, and it keeps this page tidier.



  • #681
    Re: MapNotes -- 24 August 2015

    I fear I have very little to encourage you with this week unless you are familiar with the software development process

    I have been stung too many times with lax source control on this project. Several times I have had to back out to a very old version because I have coded myself into a corner, and so have spent most of this past week building a git repository of all the source that is available -- mostly from the Curse Forge archives

    I am sure that this will make further changes and fixes much faster, as it is far easier to revert a recent change that has proven to be misguided

    This repository will soon be uploaded to github, so I don't have to rely on Curse Forge to keep an archive of my releases any longer. If anyone is interested in accessing that repository (perhaps you have your own ideas for changes that you would like to code and submit yourself?) then let me know and I will give you the details when it is live

    In the mean time I have had no offers at all of historical MapNotes test data. If anyone still has a MapNotes.lua file in their World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<account>\SavedVariables directory then it would help me enormously with getting this latest version working properly. Email me at [email protected] if you're able to help

    More positive news next week I am sure

    Best regards,


    Last edited by Cortello on 8/24/2015 1:52:23 PM
  • #679
    Progress Report 16 August 2015

    As promised, here's the weekly report on the progress of MapNotes

    I have located and fixed the problem that others have found where MapNotes crashes the entire game. I'm now working on finding a way to make frames on the World Map draggable, as the Warlords of Draenor expansion has changed something that prevents the old method from working

    I managed to create an ordinary child frame of WorldMapFrame that was draggable yesterday, and now have to apply that to the real addon frames -- the World Map coordinates display and the Points of Interest themselves

    I'm planning to release an alpha version once I have the addon generally working. Note that that will mean you have to either download it manually or enable alpha downloads in the Curse Client

    Expect another update around next Sunday, and I'm hoping for an initial release within the next two weeks

    Remember to pass the message on thet MapNotes is being worked on again, and please let me know of any wished-for functionality. Pretty much top of my list is to make the MapNotes Browser a bit nicer and get rid of that awful spinning arrow. I also want to add a library of fixed Points of Interest, for example for mailboxes so that they show up on the World Map. But that will need some extensive data gathering over a number of days

    Hang in there and have fun in Outland!



    Last edited by Cortello on 8/16/2015 10:22:10 AM
  • #680

    Thanks for the update! Will be looking forward to the alpha version.

  • #676
    The Fall and Rise of MapNotes

    I always intended to get this addon working again after the Warlords of Draenor expansion finally broke it completely, but I didn't expect my life to take the convoluted turns that it has, leading to a three-year gap since my last update

    I can only apologise to all of you who carried on hoping for a fix, but who finally had to resign themselves to the death of MapNotes.

    The good news is that it will be back, and hopefully fairly soon. I have a version that doesn't crash, and allows me to add and delete notes on the Valley of the Four Winds map, and they're shown correctly on both the large and the small world map as well as the minimap -- both rotating and non-rotating. Thats as far as I have got, but it's major progress from an addon that died every time you log in

    I shall need your help to test further. One of the happy events in the last few years was that my PC was destroyed, and with it all of my MapNotes data and code. I retrieved the code from SourceForrge, but I don't have a data set that I can use to test with. I'm hoping someone out there will be good enough to send me their user data. The file I want is

        World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<account name>\SavedVariables\MapNotes.lua

    If someone could help me with this it would be awesome.

    I'm still unsure whether I'll release an alpha or beta version early on (so that you have to have the Curse Client Release Preference option set accordingly to be able to download it) or work on it longer until I think I have a solid version. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this

    Also, while I'm hacking the code, I'd like to hear of any requests for features. Of course there's no guarantee that the way the code is structured will let me include your favourite wish, but I'll certainly do my best

    I'll update here at least once a week, so keep watching

    Thanks everybody for your patience


  • #678

    Best news I got today! Thank you so much for coming back and continuing to put effort on this addon. It was easily the best addon I have used in WoW (taking map notes is crucial for me) and I was so sad to see it not working after a previous patch. Tried so many addons but none was as good as MapNotes.

    Definitely looking forward to the new release!

    EDIT: I checked my WTF folder in detail but couldn't see the file you need, must have deleted some time ago :(

    Last edited by Wormos on 8/11/2015 5:21:36 AM
  • #675

    I've been getting hit or miss attempts creating notes, but my real problem has been usually when I try to right click on a previously created note in order to link it with TomTom for a waypoint/arrow, one of two things USUALLY occur.

    1. Sometimes it won't let me right click for any options whatsoever. Right click - nothing happens.

    2. When I am able to right click and access the options drop down menu and choose the TomTom integration for the waypoint, it's always pointing me in wrong directions. 

    Makes me sad I don't know how to write LUA code. This addon was short and sweet. With no word from the author and no capabilities to update it myself, going to go ahead and remove this addon. *wipes away a tear*

  • #677

    It's coming back!

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