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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,643 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 519,296 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/27/2015
  • Created 02/22/2007
  • 1,005 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.4.2
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About Mappy

About Mappy

Mappy is a minimap addon which changes the standard round minimap into a square minimap. In addition, it adds these features to the minimap:

  • Automatic layout of addon buttons
  • Zooming in and out with the mouse wheel
  • Combat alpha setting
  • Save and load profiles (size, position, settings, etc.)
  • Flashing nodes for better visibility (off by default)
  • Gathering overlay support for Gatherer and GatherMate

3.4.2 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 6.1
  • FIXED: Mouse wheel passes through correctly

3.4.1 Changes

  • FIXED: Minimap blips no longer flicker on Macs when set to flashing

3.4 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added a setting for having the alpha change while you're moving, similar to the same feature on the main map when it's in windowed mode
  • FIXED: Updated minimap object texture for new blips

3.3.7 Changes

  • FIXED: Objective tracker detaches correctly

3.3.6 Changes

  • FIXED: Added support for Garrison Report button

3.3.5 Changes

  • FIXED: Fixed Forbidden frame errors in patch 6 (thanks to wtfwhy for the fix)
  • FIXED: Fixed position of objective tracker

3.3.4 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated minimap icons with new Timeless Isle blips

3.3.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 5.3

3.3.2 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 5.2

3.3.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated for patch 5.1
  • FIXED: Node flashing no longer temporarily becomes rapid after bring WoW back to the foreground

3.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added ability to hide border
  • FIXED: Time display should no longer sometimes have the top half covered by the minimap

3.2.1 Changes

  • FIXED: Updated minimap blip texture for MoP

3.2 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated for WoW5
  • FIXED: Fixed taint issues

3.1.7 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed incompatibility with Archaeology Helper

3.1.6 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Minimap position updates correctly when minimap is protected

3.1.5 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated minimap blips for patch 4.3
  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 4.3

3.1.4 Changes

  • FIXED: Clamped frame levels to 1
  • FIXED: Deferred minimap updates while minimap is protected (ie, in combat)

3.1.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc file to 4.2
  • FIXED: Fixed popup menu errors in WoW 4.2

3.1.2 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc file to 4.1
  • FIXED: Fixed detection of minimap buttons in the latest patch (thanks to phillshap for the fix)

3.1.1 Changes

  • FIXED: Quest watcher works correctly

3.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added option to hide Blizzard's time on the minimap
  • FEATURE/BUGFIX: Stopped trying to attach the buff frames to the minimap (use a frame mover to re-position them)
  • FEATURE: Added support for GatherMate2
  • FEATURE: Added support for stacking the Guild Group banner
  • FIXED: Changed handling of attached frames to avoid vehicle toolbar issues

3.0.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc for WoW4
  • FEATURE: Updated flashing icon images for WoW4

3.0 Changes

  • FEATURE: Settings are now located at Interface->Options->Addons->Mappy
  • FEATURE: Profiles can be automatically selected based on dungeon/raid, battleground, and mounted
  • FEATURE: Managed UI frames (quest tracking, durability, vehicle seating, PvP balance, etc.) can be detached and moved
  • FEATURE: Minimap buttons can be started in any corner and arranged clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • FEATURE: GatherMate icons show up in "gather" mode
  • BUGFIX: LFG button stacks correctly when auto-arrange is disabled

3.0b1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Settings are now located at Interface->Options->Addons->Mappy
  • FEATURE: Profiles can be automatically selected based on dungeon/raid, battleground, and mounted
  • FEATURE: Managed UI frames (quest tracking, durability, vehicle seating, PvP balance, etc.) can be detached and moved
  • FEATURE: Minimap buttons can be started in any corner and arranged clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • FEATURE: GatherMate icons show up in "gather" mode
  • BUGFIX: LFG button stacks correctly when auto-arrange is disabled

2.4.2 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed crash during load when node flashing is disabled

2.4.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Fixed buff location and dungeon difficulty stacking

2.4 Changes

  • FEATURE/BUGFIX: Fixed compatibility with patch 3.3

2.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Large minimap node size

2.2.6 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc for patch 3.2 (no compatibility issues found)

2.2.5 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed QuestHelper support so that QH icons don't end up behind the minimap

2.2.4 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Adjusted mirrored player arrow to avoid ghosting
  • BUGFIX: Mirrored player arrow fades out as minimap (and normal player arrow) fade in

2.2.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: New player arrow implementation for patch 3.1
  • BUGFIX: QuestHelper support updated

2.2.2 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed player arrow for patch 3.1


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  • #761

    You see more of the map.  WoW generates the square minimap image internally, then applies a mask that trims it into a circle.  Mappy changes that mask to a square, which reveals the stuff normally cropped out at the corners by the circle.

  • #759

    How do I bring the clock to the forground of the map?  I only see the bottom half, the top half of the clock is cut off by the map, and the minimap buttons are cutting them off too.  Must be something simple to setup that I'm forgetting to do.  please help.

    By the way great addon!  I was really getting tired of the circular map, seems like such a waste of space.

  • #762

    Have you updated lately? I think I've already fixed that bug.

  • #755

    Hello there,

    Long time user and I love this addon.

    Thing is, recently I reworked my entire UI and got my mini map down close to my action bars.

    I detached the quest watcher UI frame to keep it on the right side of my screen but everytime I enter in combat (actually when i get hit) the quest watcher automaticaly go to under my mini map.... making it go out of my screen, consequently impossibilitating me to use the quest itens, etc...

    When I leave combat, the watcher will go back to it's place on the left side of my screen again by itself.


    Nothing I tried ever worked, no matter what I do the quest tracker will go out of my screen, it's annoying to say the least!


    Do you have any suggestion, is it a know issue?


    please help, great addon and thanks!

  • #757

    I had to make it put the quest frames back under the minimap because my hooks will taint it otherwise and those very same quest items become unusable.  So out of combat I put it where you want it, but in combat I put it back where the game wants it.

    You may want to try something like MoveAnything.  I haven't used it in a long time and don't even know if it's updated for MoP, but it may be better suited to getting the behavior you're looking for.  Be sure to turn off the "Detach quest tracker" (or whatever I called it) option in Mappy in order to use another addon to control the position.

  • #758

    Ok Mundocani,

    Too bad we can't do that too, i'll try your suggestion and I appreciate the quick awnser.



    edit. Done deal, 'MoveAnything' worked exaclty as I wanted, thank you again.

    Last edited by Holybitx on 10/18/2012 8:58:14 PM
  • #754

    love this addon but seem to have trouble tracking nodes as it seems fish pools and beast all flash the same colour on the mini map : by the way all flash yellow

    is there a setting to stop this or a fix ?

  • #756

    The flashing can be turned off using the settings for Mappy under Interface->Options->Addons

  • #748

    Just downloaded and LOVE this addon .. just one problem I am experiencing and its driving me nuts. I install it and it works fine at first. Only change i have made to it .. made it a tad bigger. It looks good .. all buttons are there and then either i log out and then log back in or after a certain amount of time .. all my buttons dissappear from the map (tracker, zoom in/out, world map). I can uninstall it .. and then reinstall it .. and its good again .. and then bam .. it all dissappears again. Any ideas?


  • #752

    I was playing last night and may have found another potential cause.  If I turn off the minimap border in Mappy's settings, then the extra buttons disappear leaving just the clock and one other button (I don't remember which one).  Turn the minimap border back on if you have it off and that may fix it.

  • #753

    thats exactly what it is .. i remove the border which was one of the options i loved and it causes it to bug out . even does it when i move the wow folder to public dir ...

  • #749

    My best first guess would be that WoW isn't saving the settings for some reason.  There have been issues in the past with directory permissions getting munged in WoW sometimes which can result in WoW being unable to save settings.  Check the web for stuff about WoW not saving addon settings under Windows (I'm assuming you're on Windows as I've never heard of the problem occurring on other platforms).  I ended up moving my WoW install into C:\Users\Public\Games or something like that to get it to work, but there are probably other wasy like manually setting directory permissions in your WoW folder.

  • #751

    Obviously I don't know the actual cause of the problem you're having because I can't actually play around on your computer to find out.  This sounds like either settings not being saved or interference with another addon.  Try running with just Mappy *and nothing else* enabled and see if the settings stick.  If they do, another addon is conflicting.  You can enable your addons in groups until you find the one that's interfering.

    If the settings still don't stick even with just Mappy running, then WoW isn't saving them for some reason.  Forcing WoW to quit would cause settings to not save (ie, closing WoW with alt-f4), as would WoW crashing.  More commonly it's because WoW tries to write settings to the Program Files folder where it's installed and Windows security messes with its ability to do so.

  • #750

    thats weird .. ive never had any problems with any other addons not saving settings and i have over 50 installed and they all save and work .. went into a dungeon tonight and went to teleport out and couldnt bcause the teleport out of dungeon button wasnt even showing .. had to log out and completely disable the addon and got my button back

  • #747

    Best feature of Mappy, nifty analog clock :D.  Thanks for the addon.

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