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  • World of Warcraft
  • 2,296 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 491,572 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/26/2014
  • Created 02/22/2007
  • 993 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.4.1
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About Mappy

About Mappy

Mappy is a minimap addon which changes the standard round minimap into a square minimap. In addition, it adds these features to the minimap:

  • Automatic layout of addon buttons
  • Zooming in and out with the mouse wheel
  • Combat alpha setting
  • Save and load profiles (size, position, settings, etc.)
  • Flashing nodes for better visibility (off by default)
  • Gathering overlay support for Gatherer and GatherMate

3.4.1 Changes

  • FIXED: Minimap blips no longer flicker on Macs when set to flashing

3.4 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added a setting for having the alpha change while you're moving, similar to the same feature on the main map when it's in windowed mode
  • FIXED: Updated minimap object texture for new blips

3.3.7 Changes

  • FIXED: Objective tracker detaches correctly

3.3.6 Changes

  • FIXED: Added support for Garrison Report button

3.3.5 Changes

  • FIXED: Fixed Forbidden frame errors in patch 6 (thanks to wtfwhy for the fix)
  • FIXED: Fixed position of objective tracker

3.3.4 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated minimap icons with new Timeless Isle blips

3.3.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 5.3

3.3.2 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 5.2

3.3.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated for patch 5.1
  • FIXED: Node flashing no longer temporarily becomes rapid after bring WoW back to the foreground

3.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added ability to hide border
  • FIXED: Time display should no longer sometimes have the top half covered by the minimap

3.2.1 Changes

  • FIXED: Updated minimap blip texture for MoP

3.2 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated for WoW5
  • FIXED: Fixed taint issues

3.1.7 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed incompatibility with Archaeology Helper

3.1.6 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Minimap position updates correctly when minimap is protected

3.1.5 Changes

  • FEATURE: Updated minimap blips for patch 4.3
  • FEATURE: Bumped toc for patch 4.3

3.1.4 Changes

  • FIXED: Clamped frame levels to 1
  • FIXED: Deferred minimap updates while minimap is protected (ie, in combat)

3.1.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc file to 4.2
  • FIXED: Fixed popup menu errors in WoW 4.2

3.1.2 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc file to 4.1
  • FIXED: Fixed detection of minimap buttons in the latest patch (thanks to phillshap for the fix)

3.1.1 Changes

  • FIXED: Quest watcher works correctly

3.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Added option to hide Blizzard's time on the minimap
  • FEATURE/BUGFIX: Stopped trying to attach the buff frames to the minimap (use a frame mover to re-position them)
  • FEATURE: Added support for GatherMate2
  • FEATURE: Added support for stacking the Guild Group banner
  • FIXED: Changed handling of attached frames to avoid vehicle toolbar issues

3.0.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc for WoW4
  • FEATURE: Updated flashing icon images for WoW4

3.0 Changes

  • FEATURE: Settings are now located at Interface->Options->Addons->Mappy
  • FEATURE: Profiles can be automatically selected based on dungeon/raid, battleground, and mounted
  • FEATURE: Managed UI frames (quest tracking, durability, vehicle seating, PvP balance, etc.) can be detached and moved
  • FEATURE: Minimap buttons can be started in any corner and arranged clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • FEATURE: GatherMate icons show up in "gather" mode
  • BUGFIX: LFG button stacks correctly when auto-arrange is disabled

3.0b1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Settings are now located at Interface->Options->Addons->Mappy
  • FEATURE: Profiles can be automatically selected based on dungeon/raid, battleground, and mounted
  • FEATURE: Managed UI frames (quest tracking, durability, vehicle seating, PvP balance, etc.) can be detached and moved
  • FEATURE: Minimap buttons can be started in any corner and arranged clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • FEATURE: GatherMate icons show up in "gather" mode
  • BUGFIX: LFG button stacks correctly when auto-arrange is disabled

2.4.2 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed crash during load when node flashing is disabled

2.4.1 Changes

  • FEATURE: Fixed buff location and dungeon difficulty stacking

2.4 Changes

  • FEATURE/BUGFIX: Fixed compatibility with patch 3.3

2.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: Large minimap node size

2.2.6 Changes

  • FEATURE: Bumped .toc for patch 3.2 (no compatibility issues found)

2.2.5 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed QuestHelper support so that QH icons don't end up behind the minimap

2.2.4 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Adjusted mirrored player arrow to avoid ghosting
  • BUGFIX: Mirrored player arrow fades out as minimap (and normal player arrow) fade in

2.2.3 Changes

  • FEATURE: New player arrow implementation for patch 3.1
  • BUGFIX: QuestHelper support updated

2.2.2 Changes

  • BUGFIX: Fixed player arrow for patch 3.1


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  • #81

    I have a problem with mappy. I had the fan update installed and it just disppeared today in thge middle of an instance run. I deleted it and installed the latest version of mappy (1.1.3) but I have still the same problem.

    Is there a method to reset the position of mappy? Or any other idea how I could fix this problem. I really love mappy and would hate to have to to go back to the normal minimap

  • #83

    Everytime I drag Mappy to the spot that I want it. It moves to a pre-arranged position. Is there way to switch off the "Auto position" thing? I am like the guy below. I don't want to have to go back to the regular minimap.

  • #84

    great mod, but when I click on it (in a instance for ex.), it doesnt show this point(

    edit: the "point" works in the latest version, but I get another problem:

    thanks in advance!

  • #85

    having same problem as Ormsby
    cant move it without it moving to a preset postion...

  • #86

    Hello all :)

    I have a small problem with Mappy and thats the fact that the Zone Name disapears every time i relog. I can get it back by right click on map and check and uncheck Hide the Zone Name. Why does it refuse to save my setting? The Mappy.lua file or the directory is not write protected. Anyone who can help me with this problem. Ither how i change so it's persistent during relogs or change strata or what ever the problem might be with something else covering the Zone Name.

    Thanks in advance

  • #88

    Delete Mappy.lua in your SavedVariables folder and it should show up in the correct place.

    World of Warcraft\Wtf\Account\<account name>\SavedVariables\Mappy.lua



  • #87

    yeah my map is also snapping to wierd positions, and now it has snapped to a position off the screen and i dont see any way to reset it

  • #89

    Great addon. My only wish is that it didn't force my minimap buttons and buffs to a certain position. I have another mod for them (Detached Minimap Buttons & Morganti's Buff Bars respectively) and I would prefer that those mods had control over their respective positions.

    If there is a way to turn this docking system off, I seem to have missed it. Great mod nonetheless!

  • #90

    I got a problem with the arrows that show up on the mini map to show close villages and players in my group. When I mouse over the arrow nothng shows up to tell me what that arrow is. I dunno if this has been addressed or anyone else has this problem but it is kinda anoying. Other then the samll problem I love this add on!

  • #91

    first - thank you for your addon.
    second - add a new function to it = "refresh the minimap", please. cause sometimes i see a black space there with notes.:(
    thank you.

  • #92

    please please please please please please please god update this i love the way mappy looks but with it snapping all around the place i cant do anything and thats like the last piece to my ui that i need soo ya an update would be much apreciated ty :)

  • #93

    Great Addon, but i have the same Problem as Scosski.

  • #94

    I should check here more often -- I'm such a slacker. I have a new version I've been working on for a while, I'll post a beta in a minute once I double-check it.

  • #95

    New in 2.0

    - Configuration sets let you save and load different minimap configs for different situations

    - Automatic button stacking can be disabled (not currently working, still under development)

    - Minimap can be 'ghosted' so that clicks pass through it

    Here are the new commands for controlling this:

    /mappy ghost Makes clicks on the minimap pass through to whatever is behind it
    /mappy unghost Makes clicks on the minimap work like normal

    /mappy default Loads your normal Mappy size, position, transparancy, etc.
    /mappy save mysettingsname Saves your current configuration for future use
    /mappy load mysettingsname Restores the saved configuration

    I've included one built-in set which gatherers may find useful (I know I do). Try this:

    /mappy load gather

    and Mappy will change your minimap to a big transparant HUD where only the little yellow node dots and other minimap markers show up, but not the map itself. This is great when flying/riding around looking for herbs, fish, metals, etc. You'll have to adjust the size and position for your screen -- the current default values are for my own screen, and I'll fix it up before 2.0 final to be more intelligent about those defaults, but for now that's how it is.


    P.S. You'll see that there's an option for turning off the automatic button stacking -- it doesn't work, don't play with it or weird things may happen. I'm still working on that feature.

  • #96

    The gather mode is a little wonky to set up right now, so here's some quick setup instructions:

    /mappy load gather
    /mappy unghost

    At this point you will see your minimap buttons and probably your player arrow floating on the screen.

    Use your mouse to drag the transparent minimap around until the title is centered at the top edge of your screen or until your player arrow is in the middle of the screen, or whatever you prefer.

    /mappy ghost

    Now you're all set -- you have a HUD for gathering mote clouds, mining nodes, fishing nodes, herb nodes, whatever would show up on your minimap as a dot or a ! or a ?.

    To make it even better, turn on Rotate Minimap in WoW's settings and you can fly/ride easily to the nodes. I'll be modifying Mappy to save the Rotate Minimap setting with the set so that you don't have to keep changing it back and forth, but for now you'll have to deal with the hassle if you want to do this.

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