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Masque: Renaitre

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,484 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.7
  • 479,406 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/11/2014
  • Created 04/28/2010
  • 304 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 5.4.7
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About Masque: Renaitre

Some shaded skins I created for various UIs. Each skin except for Fade and Fade Circle have a Light version.

  • Circle
  • Circle Pro
  • Rounded
  • Beveled
  • Square
  • Square Thin
  • Thinnerest
  • Fade
  • Fade Circle

All colors and gloss opacity can be further customized via Masque's GUI.

Masque: Renaitre v5.3 requires, and is best used with Masque v5.3.394 or newer.

Fans of the "Fade" skin should check out Sexymap for the "Faded Square by Renaitre" preset. Also check out SharedMedia: Renaitre for bar textures, borders, and chat bubbles which complement these skins.

Also check out Tidy Plates: Renaitre, currently in beta.


  • updated "Push" color for higher visibility
  • updated Masque version number


  • update TOC


  • fixed typo


  • update TOC


  • update TOC, minor tweaks


  • update TOC pending changes which I'm still testing


  • added Fade Circle


  • fixed typo, version update


  • update TOC


  • code cleanup, version update


  • update TOC


  • transitioning to Masque, revised code accordingly


  • revert Blendmode on "Light" skins to BLEND
  • update TOC


  • update TOC


  • addressed Light code typo as reported by LimeAndSugar on WoWI
  • revised Thinnerest Gloss
  • revised Circle textures and code
  • added Circle Pro skin


  • adjust Hotkey and Count text positions
  • fixed equipped border coloring for "Light" versions
  • revise all textures except "Circle" (still revising)
  • Square Thin is slightly wider
  • added Thinnerest for "so thin i can barely see it fans"


  • recode all skins to comply with and take advantage of the new LBF_Version data table
  • revised all textures for Beveled, Rounded, Square, Square Thin
  • changed Gloss texture
  • all skins are dark by default with added "Light" versions
  • added Fade skin for testing


  • merge Cataclysm Beta changes with live
  • removed XL, XXL, Dark skins
  • Rounded XL renamed to Rounded
  • fixed Pushed and Highlight sizing for Square skin
  • Normal colors set to white due to new border highlighting

v4.0.3.13117 (Cataclysm Beta)

  • revised textures for Backdrops and Overlays
  • revised Square Thin Normal and Border textures
  • revised Normal and Border textures (Beveled, Circled, Rounded) to address pixlation
  • revised code
  • removed shadow under Circle Normal texture
  • submitting for public testing with Cataclysm Beta and ButtonFacade 3.3.333


  • revised Backdrop and Overlay textures for Beveled XL and Square Thin
  • revised Pushed, Highlight and Flash colors for Beveled XL and Square Thin


  • added Square Thin skin
  • renamed "Limb0 XL" to "Beveled XL"


  • added Limb0 skin


  • revert to grey Backdrop (the skull that appears on empty buttons) for users wishing to recolor as requested by Nevyr28
  • v0707 will remain available for awhile for those who prefer the purple skull Backdrop until the next revision


  • revised Backdrop textures


  • removed solid skins
  • revised Round skins
  • revised Square skins
  • revised some Circle skins
  • revised code to work with new ButtonFacade (still issues with Satrina Buff Frames though)


  • revised RoundedSquareShade Gloss


  • cleaned up code
  • added "SquareShadeDark" skin
  • renamed "Circle" to "CircleShade"
  • renamed "Circle2" to "Circle"


  • resized all textures
  • revised RoundedSquareShade Gloss
  • added "SquareShade" skin


  • added "RoundedSquareShade" skin
  • recode to fix equipped and disabled border colors not showing up
  • darkened a few textures
  • added "RoundedSquareShade2" skin for a darker feel


  • revised RoundedSquare Gloss
  • revised default Circle Normal color to white
  • revised Circle2 Normal texture
  • revised Square Normal texture
  • default "border" of buttons will now be a lighter grey, Circle border will be white to emphasize the additional shading of that skin
  • initial release on Curse


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  • #70

    Hi Renaitre, do you plan to update this Mod, great work, be a shame to see it dissapear :)

  • #71


  • #68

    Hey, I'm really digging your "Circle Pro" style, as I've recently transitioned to using an XBOX controller.  My only issue is that all my spellflashses still appear as squares around the circles.  I know its petty, but is there any work around to this?

  • #69

    I was not aware of this, and will check it out in game through the week. Thanks for the heads up.

  • #65

    Hi, i just downloaded your awesome looking addon, using curse client, but when i recently logged into wow, it just says "Dependency missing" any ideas what i can do to fix it? 

  • #66

    The "Dependency missing" is Masque, which you can download at the following link,, or through the Curse Client. Masque: Renaitre is a plugin addon which makes these skins available through Masque.

    Thanks for checking out these skins and hope this gets everything working for you in game.

  • #61

    Hello, and thank you for some wonderful work. I use your skins throughout my UI and use the Sexymap profile you created as well.

     Logging in today this was reported to my chat window: (I have errors turned off)...

     "AuraFrames: The Masque skin used for container "Player Buffs" is using a wrong type of blendmode for the border. Please contact the skin author and request him to use "ADD" or "MOD" as blendmode for the border. Because of this, buttons can show up black."

     I am using Masque skin: Masque_Renaitre to skin Aura Frames containers.  I have not noticed any problems yet but tbh I havent done much =P At any rate I thought I would post in case it became an issue.

  • #62

    Hi and glad you're enjoying them.

    I get the same message but have no skinning errors, never did.

    I'll have to do some testing for multiple addons if I change the blendmodes that I use. I don't often get feedback from users of my skins, so I am not currently aware of any errors. I'll look into the issue and work on a solution within the next few days.

  • #64

    Thank you =) Good to hear

  • #63

    I've spoken with Beautiuz, author of Aura Frames, and we've concluded that there are no issues with the blendmodes that I utilize for the skins in MSQ: Renaitre v 5.1. Look for an update to Aura Frames within the next week which should nullify the chat message warning which pops up while using these skins.


    5.2 is almost upon us which means that MSQ: Renaitre 5.2 will be uploaded in the next few weeks with some minor updates and improvements.

    Last edited by Renaitre on 2/15/2013 9:10:07 AM
  • #58

    Anything should be done for 5.1?

  • #59

    I have a few things planned for the next version which will be uploaded in a few days. 

    -edit ..Updated TOC in the meantime

    Last edited by Renaitre on 12/1/2012 10:54:32 AM
  • #60

    Thank you!

  • #57

    If you're using the Fade skin, you can check out SexyMap for the "Faded Square by Renaitre" preset.

  • #53

    Hello Renaitre,

    I really like the skins you make for Masque, but I have always longed for an updated version of simpleSquare ( which works 100% correctly with Masque + the addons.

    Sadly, it doesn't skin bags properly, and since the recent update of Masque, some of the text options are off. I was wondering, would you perhaps consider updating this? The original is here ( and is no longer updated by anyone. I feel that if you at least gave credit to the original author, no one would have a problem. I'm not really sure what the problem with it is, I tried to update it myself to a Masque layout skin, and it still doesn't seem to work correctly.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you would consider adding this old skin to your pack :) Thanks

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