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MayronUI Core AddOns only!

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 07/05/2015
  • Created 01/24/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v4.7.9.3
Support development! **

About MayronUI Core AddOns only!

WARNING! (Please Read):

This Download is just a folder containing the Core AddOns found in the MayronUI Gen4 UI Pack. Please Download the UI pack instead of this AddOn if you have not already done so because using the AddOn's in this Download folder on their own is strongly not recommended! (You would be missing many important AddOns that control Unit Frames, Action Bars, and more).

AddOns included:

  • MayronUI
  • MayronUI_ReskinUI
  • MayronUI_SetupData

For all other AddOns shown in the screen shots (such as Shadowed Unit Frames etc..) you need to download the MayronUI Pack from WoWInterface in the link below:

Download MayronUI Gen4 here: MayronUI Gen4

  • Works for Patch 6.0.2+ (WoD) ONLY!
  • Currently Works for ALL Resolutions!

Preview Video (Using Blizzard Raid Frames instead of Grid Raid Frames):

The Butcher Heroic using MayronUI

German (Deutsch) Video UI Tutorial (by Sofa Gaming):

Info | MayronUi Gen 4 | Mein Interface in World of Warcraft [deutsch]

Change Log (
  • Updated the Glyph Frame
  • Fixed a bug where ItemTextFrame font colours were not changing to white correctly
  • Fixed mui config menu check boxes
  • Cleaned up some code.
Change Log (4.7.9)
  • Fixed a major bug with the SpellBook which caused a MayronUI_ReskinUI Lua error to block interaction with buttons
  • Fixed TalentFrame issues
  • Reskinned only a few elements when the MasterPlan AddOn is enabled.
  • Attempted to fix the Character Frame tooltips issue for stats
  • Tweaked the TalentFrame reskin slightly.
Change Log (
  • Fixed green square issues
Change Log (
  • Updated to support 6.2.0
Change Log (
  • Fixed the volume slider option for the LeatrixPlus mod when used with the ReskinUI module
  • Heavily altered the appearance of the Spell Book Frame and fixed bugs with it
Change Log (
  • The UI should now support Reskinning for the AddOn TradeSkillDW
  • Fixed issues with frames not aligning and being reskinned correctly
  • Fixed a small issue with the BottomUI module and Core.lua file
Change Log (4.7.8)
  • Fixed the Side bars issue (hopefully) to stop buttons disappearing
  • Fixed a problem with the Compact Raid Frame Manager not showing if the player has not enabled the top left chat box
  • Reskinned the entire Archaeology Frame to look very different
  • Fixed many smaller bugs
  • Fixed bugs in the config menu and how the install process works
Change Log (4.7.7)
  • Attempted to fix strange lua errors caused by compatibility issues with other AddOns (Auctioneer)
  • Reskinned missing textures
  • Fixed the Compact Raid Frame Manager and altered how it works with the UI to act differently
  • Attempted to fix the Side Bar issue where buttons to expand and retract the side bar disappeared
  • Tweaked with the Reskin of the class trainer window.
  • The compact Raid Frame Manager will never again block your Chat Frame Window!
Change Log (
  • Removed a Lua error from occurring for tooltips
  • Reskinned some status bars and tweaked a few other things with the Achievement Frame
Change Log (4.7.6)
  • Fixed many ReskinUI bugs
  • Fixed AFK Window options in the MUI config menu
Change Log (4.7.5)
  • Fixed bugs with the tooltip
  • Fixed bugs with the Character Frame
  • Reskinned missing elements with the GarrisonUI Frames
  • Tweaked the Reskin for tooltips
  • Reskinned more buttons to the newer style

Older Change Logs can be found on the MayronUI Gen4 Home page on wowinterface!


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  • #88

    Been having a problem with certain actions being blocked- it says it is due to MayronUI_ReskinUI. These are anything from clicking guild bank icon in general spellbook to applying poisons with the popout button menu.

  • #89

    Sorry for the late reply. Just fixed htis bug in the latest update!

  • #87

    mate the raid frame the one that we use (I) hotkey to access it which contain premade group and raid finder it's still not working and I updated it till V

  • #84

    I updated it to 4.7.8 and still can't find the raid control list which is (I ) hotkey

  • #86

    Does the left arrow button on the left side of the screen show it when you press it?

    Do you actually mean the raid frame manager? Or maybe you mean the frame that shows all your raid group members which is joined to the Friends, Who, and Chat frames?

    Last edited by MayronEU on 5/10/2015 11:33:10 AM
  • #83

    After updating Mayron to 4.7.8, I lost Bartender bars 3 and 4 - Alpha is set to 0 and Visibility sets to Always Hide.  Even after changing the settings, it always resets these two bars on login/reload.

  • #85

    What happens when you expand the bars with the Right arrow Expand button? Do you have the Side Bars module enabled?

  • #81

    after I downloaded the update 4.7.7 still faceing the same problem can click(i) for raid finder I only can hear it but it never show up

  • #82

    If you mean the compact raid frame manager then it should be fixed in 4.7.8

  • #79

    Luv the UI.. Lately, for some unknown reason I can no longer open the raid control tab on the left side of the ui.. HELP !!!

    Last edited by Dewmaus on 4/26/2015 2:32:54 PM
  • #80

    Sorry this tooK a while to fix. I've redesigned how the compact raid frame manager now works and should be working in update 4.7.7 which I just uploaded. 

    Last edited by MayronEU on 5/5/2015 1:41:24 PM
  • #76

    Love the addon pack!

    Are you able to put the change log on here too? It seems like it would be a simple copy and paste when you upload a new update over here.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  • #77

    Yeah I can do this if it makes it any easier. I wasn't sure why putting all the change logs in the same area was a bad thing. The main reason I don't do this is just because on WoWInterface there are no way of formatting text in the change log so I use "--" for bullet points but curse changes that to this instead which is a pain but that's not enough of an excuse to be lazy! 

    Last edited by MayronEU on 4/21/2015 1:48:06 AM
  • #78

    You are awesome I just use curse for everything and yours is the only one on wowinterface, so its part lazy on my side too.

    Thanks for doing it anyways tho!

  • #75


    I like the new update, especialy the afk feature. It looks real nice and when u click on your character is reacts as if he/she is being knocked back. Very nice.

    Last edited by MarrikV on 3/29/2015 7:05:43 PM
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